Undefeatable – Ch89

Chapter 89 – Who Do You Think You Are?

Feng Lei roared out and the surrounding area became silent.

Almost everyone was staring at him while feeling that his body was giving off the aura of a fierce wild beast. Their minds were even slightly trembling from it.

At the same time…

The fierce beast on the back of Feng Lei’s head was glimmering a red light as an even stronger aura of ferociousness blasted out.


He was like a demon Buddha that had escaped from hell!

Zhu Changfeng felt the aura coming from Feng Lei and was hiddenly surprised. But he then coldly smiled: “What kind of shit do you think you are? Scram for this daddy! Luo Tian, you come the f*ck out.”

Feng Lei’s aura was quite fearsome.

But there was no fear from Zhu Changfeng due to his peak Profound Master 9th rank cultivation

He merely glanced at Feng Lei before completely ignoring him.

“Your granny, this daddy…” Feng Lei was pissed and was about to curse out a tirade when Luo Tian came forward.

Luo Tian looked at Feng Lei and half smiled and half lectured: “Stop showing off.”

No matter what, Feng Lei’s personality was to rush out ahead first. And as long as someone insulted Luo Tian, his temper would become like an artillery shell exploding out.

Feng Lei scratched his head and foolishly grinned before taking half a step back.

Luo Tian faintly smiled as he looked at the somewhat pale Zhu Changfeng and said: “You’re directly calling me out to challenge me?”

Zhu Changfeng coldly smiled, “You scared?”

Sitting on top of the huge beast, Zhu Changfeng had the higher ground so his eyes of ridicule completely pissed off Luo Tian.

In addition…

When Luo Tian walked forward, the huge beast under Zhu Changfeng was giving off low growls. Its pair of eyes glared at Luo Tian in hatred while its nostrils snorted out mist almost hitting Luo Tian’s face.

An Chunchun pouted her small mouth with an unhappy look: “Chunchun really dislikes him.”

“Big brother, you need to send out Little Dragon.”

Without waiting for Luo Tian to agree…

An Chunchun all of a sudden whispered: “Little Dragon, smash all of them down for me.”

As her voice faded…

A spatial plaque descended from the sky.


A dragon surrounded by a deathly aura appeared in the sky. And the ferocious Ghost Dragon with its entire body made of white bones began roaring loudly.

Its entire body gave off a black starry sheen of dominance while its two black hole like eyes released an intense deathly aura.

A single dragon paw moved and the earth shook.


The huge beasts below Zhu Changfeng and Chen Zhong started groveling on the ground. Their whole body was shaking while they tucked their heads in not daring to open their eyes.

They were completely curled up and didn’t dare to make a single movement!

The entire crowd present was all scared out of their wits!

Luo Tian lightly leapt up onto the back of Ghost Dragon, and now it was his turn to be at higher grounds. His momentum changed as he stopped smiling and coldly shouted: “You directly called me out to challenge me? Zhu Changfeng, what qualifications do you have? You are merely a son of one of the elder’s of the Zhu family, the highest title you have is only a disciple of the Zhu family. This daddy is the Patriarch of the Luo family. What status do you have and what status do I have? What qualifications do you have to challenge me? You aren’t even f*cking qualified to speak with this daddy! F*ck man, you mix-breed dog needs to scram aside for this daddy!”

Luo Tian then pointed at Zhu Yaozong and cursed out: “Patriarch Zhu, you need to properly teach this mix-breed dog of yours or else I will discipline him in your stead.”

Zhu Changfeng couldn’t hold back the raging flames of his anymore. His whole body was shaking and his jaws were cracking from clenching so hard. What he wanted to do right now was immediately stomp Luo Tian to death below his feet.

Zhu Yaozong had an extremely ugly look on his face.

He too wanted Luo Tian to die already, but he was someone that had dozens of years of experience on Zhu Changfeng, so his temper was much more stable.

Zhu Yaozong coldly smiled and said: “Patriarch Luo, there’s no need to keep running your mouth. Today we’re not competing with words; we should go meet each other on the stage and compare our strengths.”

After saying that, Zhu Yaozong made a “please” gesture towards the stage.

Zhu Changfeng started laughing crazily: “Just wait a bit and I will directly rip off that mouth of yours on the stage.”

If the entire Zhu family joined in by running their mouths and scolding, they still wouldn’t be an opponent to Luo Tian.

Zhu Yaozong didn’t bother with any superfluous words and directly went up onto the stage.

No matter how sharp your tongue was or how well you could scold people, no one can escape the suppression from true strength. So what if you could dominate others with words? Keep talking and a single punch can smash your mouth in!

Everyone in the Zhu family became stern as they loudly shouted: “All you Luo family trash, go up onto the stage and fight! Let’s see how you guys can continue being arrogant!”

The surrounding spectating crowd had also become impatient and started yelling.

“Hurry up, I’ve waited so long that even my flowers have wilted.”

“Are you guys fighting or not? My mother is yelling for me to go home to eat.”

“Quickly start already, stop making us wait around.”

The crowd started causing a loud ruckus and the originally quite central square started boiling up. When the crowd noticed no one in the Luo family said a word, many people started screaming again.

“The Luo family may have a sharp tongue, but when it comes the real deal, they’ve all backed away and no one dares to accept the fight.”

“The Zhu family has Zhu Changfeng and they also have the support of the Azure Cloud Sect. Even if the Luo family had an extra hundred guts, there’s no way they’d dare to accept the fight.”

“Once Luo Jianshan died, it looks like the entire Luo family has become wasted.”

“The current Luo family is temporary short of talents so they aren’t able to send out any elite disciples. How much can their cultivation increase by training in the Ghostly Mountain Range for a month?”

The Luo family disciples already couldn’t hold back anymore from hearing these discussions. They all had menacing looks and killing intent about them as they were just waiting for Luo Tian’s command.

Luo Tian coldly swept his eyes past the crowd while standing on top of Ghost Dragon. He then lightly smiled and said: “Fellow brothers, the Zhu family wants to die earlier so we can only fulfill their wishes.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian jumped onto the ground and waved his arm, “Get onto the stage!”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~…”

The crowd in the central square started boiling up as the drums at the center of the stage started pounding.

The Zhu family took the lead by getting seated first. Every one of them was coldly staring at the Luo family with looks of disdain. It was almost as if the Luo family had owed them a bunch of money and refused to pay it back.

Luo Tian took his seat. To the left of him was An Chunchun and to the right was Li Xue’er. The last two places were for the two elders of the Luo family.

Feng Lei and the rest of the Luo family disciples stood in the rear like steel soldiers. Their eyes were like torches as they completely ignored the Zhu family.

The inter-family competition was for the Jade Mountain City’s four major families.

But now only two families came.

The Zhou family didn’t show up while the Song family…

There weren’t many people left from the Song family so they were unable to participate. But within the crowd, Song Yannan’s eyes were filled with bloodlust as he glared at Zhu Changfeng. His fists were clenched tightly and the nails piercing his palm causing fresh blood to drip down.

Luo Tian stood on his chair and looked around before asking: “How come that old fogey Zhou Tairan still hasn’t arrived? It can’t be that he still hasn’t woken up yet right?”

Zhu Yaozong lightly smiled and said: “I forgot to mention it to you but the Zhou family has already withdrawn from this inter-family competition.”

“I haven’t seen that floundering dog Song Yannan these past few days so I assume he won’t be participating either.”

“This is fine as well. It will just be your Luo family and my Zhu family deciding who is superior or inferior.”

The Zhou family withdrew from the competition?

Luo Tian smiled since the Zhou family withdrawing was well within his expectations. This was good too since he could focus his efforts on dealing with a single Zhu family.

“Stop bullshitting with him and let’s start the fight.”

“Why bother talking to a guy that’s about to die soon?” Zhu Changfeng impatiently said.

Luo Tian coldly glared and scolded: “Patriarch Zhu, please control you mix-breed dog properly. Who does he think he is? When is it his turn to speak around here?”

Zhu Changfeng was pissed! If it weren’t for him wanting to kill Luo Tian on the stage, he would’ve already stomped Luo Tian to death.

Zhu Yaozong’s face twisted as he stood up and said: “Luo Tian, cut the bullshit and start the fight!”

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