Undefeatable – Ch861

Chapter 861 – Kneel Down And Sing Conquered

Not enough damage!

Errors in calculation!

His health bar didn’t change because Devil Monarch Veil took a medicinal pill!

Devil Monarch Veil wasn’t a person with a system, but he took pills that allowed his health to be restored. A deadly existence that could refill their life was something Luo Tian never imagined.

This was something that had never happened before!

A drug user!

What a bastard!

Luo Tian frowned as he watched Devil Monarch Veil’s health go down slower than expected. He then looked up at the sky where his heavenly flames were decreasing after being used. “I have no other choice. I can only throw my life on the line since any kind of damage is of the utmost importance.”

Luo Tian pretended to walk over toward Devil Monarch Veil, full of confidence. “Devil Monarch Veil, aren’t you an expert from the highest realm? Weren’t you acting full of yourself in front of me? Why have you been smashed to such a sorry-looking state now?”


“Come on and counterattack!”

Luo Tian spread his arms wide open like he wasn’t putting Devil Monarch Veil in his eyes. But deep inside, he was super cautious and didn’t dare to use Haki on the guy. He was afraid that Devil Monarch Veil might sense what he was planning.

The most important part was that Devil Monarch Veil didn’t know what kind of damage the heavenly flames at the rear were capable of inflicting. That guy was feeling fear since he didn’t know if he could handle them all. Even if he could handle all the remaining heavenly flames, what if Luo Tian casts another round of them?

Devil Monarch Veil’s face was pale, and his expression extremely unsightly.

He started feeling more fear when he watched Luo Tian walk over without putting up a defense.

Would Luo Tian dare to walk close to him if he didn’t have 100% confidence?

He shouldn’t dare to since a normal person would never take such chances.

At this time, Devil Monarch Veil’s heart was filled with fear. When someone is afraid, it is very easy to tell that from their eyes.

When Luo Tian saw the fear in his eyes, he jumped for joy internally. “Now you’re scared? Devil Monarch Veil, I will give you a chance and see if you will cherish it. You should now understand that an expert from the highest realm is nothing in my eyes, right?”


“That’s not right. Calling you garbage is insulting garbage.”


“That’s not right either. Are you even as strong as an ant?”

“Then what should you be? Let’s just say you’re a trashy ant, the trash of all ants. That sounds pretty fitting. You are only the trash of all ants in my eyes, hahaha…” Luo Tian laughed with madness. His gaze was similar to the condescending look that Devil Monarch Veil previously had.

The more Luo Tian acted like this, the more fear Devil Monarch Veil felt.

He was under the complete suppression of the heavenly flames and didn’t dare to move.

His injuries were intensifying. It was nothing at first, but the power of the heavenly flames became stronger and stronger. He was now on the verge of being unable to handle it. His wounds were gushing with blood, and his anger rose when he looked at Luo Tian’s smug expression.

Hatred filled him up, but he didn’t want to die yet!

He really didn’t want to die!

Even though he was a soul clone of the original Devil Monarch Veil, he was still afraid of death. He had lived in the Tianxuan Continent for tens of millions of years and thought of himself as invincible with eternal life.

Now, he was afraid.

It was like he was staring at the God of Death with a scythe resting on his neck, about to reap his life.

Devil Monarch Veil’s expression suddenly changed, and his voice sounded like he was begging: “Luo Tian, please spare me! I will give you unimaginable benefits and let you be the King of the Tianxuan Continent. No, I will make you the King of the Ancient World. As long as you spare me, I will give you everything you want!”

“Killing me will not net you any benefits.”

“You have already killed the clones of eighteen experts so far. You ruined their business, so they won’t let you off. So now, there will be people in the Ancient World and people in realms higher than the Ancient World who won’t let you off. As long as you agree to my request, I will guarantee that they won’t dare to touch a single hair on you.”

He was afraid, so he had to find ways to protect his own life.

Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a domineering smile, “Devil Monarch Veil, are you scared? You want to keep your life?” Luo Tian was sure that Devil Monarch Veil was afraid, but he still asked these questions.

Devil Monarch Veil didn’t admit it, but his eyes had betrayed him. He said through clenched teeth: “Me? Afraid? Luo Tian, there’s no way you can kill me, so why would I be scared? I’m just suggesting that you know what’s good for you unless you want to be chased around by dozens of experts.”

“This place is an origin continent, so even if I’m not here, some other expert will come. The Tianxuan Origin Essence is a power that you cannot control. If you stop attacking me, I will teach you a way to harness it. You will then become extremely strong and maybe become an invincible existence.”

Luo Tian smiled and repeated: “Devil Monarch Veil, it looks like you’re afraid.”

“You want to keep your life?”

“Beg me. Kneel down and beg me.”

Devil Monarch Veil instantly became enraged and wanted to swallow Luo Tian alive. With hatred filling him up, his ugly-looking face gave off intense killing intent. “Luo Tian, I’m trying to give you face, but you aren’t accepting it. You want an expert like me from the highest realm to kneel down and beg you? You are practically dreaming…”

Without letting him continue, Luo Tian shouted: “Broad Ice Flame, smash!”



Devil Monarch Veil had just straightened himself out but was smashed to the ground once more. He sprayed out a mouthful of blood, and his body trembled in pain. The original killing intent he was exuding was now replaced with fear.

Luo Tian said with a smile: “I’m exactly someone that doesn’t want face when given it. If you have the guts, you can get up and come bite me. Come, come bite me. You damn dog thing; you want to fool this daddy?! With the strength you’re showing, this daddy doesn’t give a crap what you’re saying! Dozens of experts chasing and killing me? Tell them to come so that this daddy can kill them all! Would I be scared of them? Devil Monarch Veil, did shit somehow enter your brain?”

“If you want to keep your life, kneel down and kowtow to me!”

Devil Monarch Veil had an ugly look while lying on the ground.

If eyes could kill, who knows how many times Luo Tian would be dead?

He wasn’t able to vent all the rage inside his heart.

But he was all out of options. When he saw those heavenly flames floating above, his heart shivered. He wasn’t able to hang on for much longer. At this time, he shuffled to a kneeling position and begged: “Luo Tian, please spare me.”

He was afraid.

He was truly afraid.

His body shivered whenever he watched a heavenly flame smash down.

At this time, the defense around his body was at its lowest point.

Luo Tian’s palm was covered in a cold sweat as he was filled with anxiety. He had to deal enough damage personally because his remaining three heavenly flames weren’t enough to kill Devil Monarch Veil. Once there are no more heavenly flames, and the guy isn’t dead, that’s when Luo Tian will be the one to end up dying.

Luo Tian took another step forward and came very close to Devil Monarch Veil’s face. “Kneel down, kowtow, and sing Conquered for me!”

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