Undefeatable – Ch862

Chapter 862 – Strongest Attack, Kill

This was a tense moment.

Luo Tian was pushing out his Best Actor of the Academy Awards performance, so he didn’t look anxious on the surface.

In reality, he was feeling extreme fear, just like Devil Monarch Veil.

If Devil Monarch Veil doesn’t die, Luo Tian will be the one who ends up dying.

How could one not be afraid?

Luo Tian was just a normal human, so he, too, was afraid of death at times. The only exception was that he would usually choose to gamble at the brink of death and see if he could change a three-wheel tricycle into a two-wheel motorcycle!

He had An Chunchun, the Goddess of Luck, on his side.

Luo Tian believed he would definitely win the gamble.

Devil Monarch Veil was developing in the direction Luo Tian wanted. All he was waiting for was to have Devil Monarch Veil kneel down and relax his defenses. He would then summon Annihilate out and use the strongest powers he could muster to give that guy a vicious slash!

Devil Monarch Veil was unwilling to submit. When he looked at how arrogant Luo Tian’s sneer was, he felt extreme rage inside.

He was an expert from the highest realm!

Even a God wouldn’t dare to act this arrogant in front of him!

Now, he was being suppressed to the point of kneeling by a human on a lower realm, so it was considered a great insult. This was probably the greatest insult ever in his life! But being insulted was mere fleeting clouds in the face of death. As long as you’re alive, anything can happen in the future.

When Devil Monarch Veil was hesitating, Luo Tian put on an unhappy expression and shouted: “Since you’re not kowtowing as I’ve asked, you can go to hell!”

“Nihility Devouring Flame, smash!”

The twenty-ninth heavenly flame smashed down.


The flame struck the back of Devil Monarch Veil and forced his body to lower. His expression turned fierce, and a cold glint briefly flashed in his eyes before disappearing. He then revealed an ingratiating smile: “I’ll kowtow! As long as you spare my life, I will kowtow to you!”

Devil Monarch Veil’s heart was filled with killing intent as he said to himself: “Luo Tian, you just wait for me. I will make you pay the price for today. I will kill you. All the living creatures in the Tianxuan Continent will also die because of you. I will make this origin continent a dead world!”


Devil Monarch Veil slammed his head into the ground.


After kowtowing, he immediately raised his head with a smile and said: “I kowtowed to you, so you can spare me now, right? As long as you spare me, I will immediately leave the Tianxuan Continent and never dare to come back ever again.”

A smile was plastered on his face like he really meant what he said.

Luo Tian didn’t give him any face and just slapped him. Devil Monarch Veil’s mouth was bloodied, and his front teeth fell out, but it didn’t cause any damage because his health bar didn’t decrease.

At this moment, Luo Tian shouted in anger: “Did this daddy allow you to look up?!”

“The thirtieth heavenly flame, smash!”




Devil Monarch Veil was smashed into the ground once more.

His health went down by a chunk instantly. Devil Monarch Veil was so angry that he could eat a person alive, but he didn’t dare to move. There was still a heavenly flame floating above, and presumed it should be the strongest one. He really didn’t know if he could handle this last one.

He was even more afraid of how arrogant Luo Tian was acting.

Luo Tian was depressed inside, “I never expected my greatest strength could knock out his front teeth but not do any damage. This is equivalent to a MISS for me. This guy’s defense is simply too strong!”

This slap was a test.

It was also a slap for Luo Tian to vent his anger.

Through this slap, Luo Tian turned even more worried inside, but his face became even more arrogant. “Kneel properly and kowtow again! If this daddy doesn’t allow you to get up, you stay down! Otherwise, the heavenly flame above you will come down and instantly take your dog life away!”

Devil Monarch Veil clenched his teeth and cracked several of them in the process. He assumed the kneeling position and slammed his head to the ground once more.

He didn’t reserve any strength and caused a hole to crack open in the ground.

He was filled with rage but could do nothing about it.

He was like a character in a tragedy drama under the control of Luo Tian. In reality, Luo Tian was filled with anxiety and even more fear than Devil Monarch Veil. This fear was multiple times stronger because Luo Tian understood if Devil Monarch Veil didn’t die soon, he would suffer the consequences and be thousands of times worse off.

At that time…

When Devil Monarch Veil was still kneeling, Luo Tian started laughing like crazy. He took half a step back and didn’t give off any fluctuation of power. “Now that’s what I call obedient. Keep kneeling for me so that this daddy can enjoy the feeling of having an expert of the highest realm kowtow to me, hahaha…”

In an instant, Luo Tian roared internally: “Level 9 Berserk!”

“Nine Dragons and Elephants!”

“Four divine beast bloodlines!”

“All twelve energy pillars!”

“One billion and eighty million profound energy!”


“All powers come out and explode…”

This was all of Luo Tian’s powers!

He released all his powers into one slash!

This slash of his blade would determine his life and death since he had no way out. If he doesn’t kill Devil Monarch Veil with this move, he will be the one that ends up dying. Even a God wouldn’t be able to save him.

When Devil Monarch Veil sensed Luo Tian step back, he relaxed a bit and thought Luo Tian was really going to spare him. He then viciously said to himself: “Luo Tian, once I recover my profound energy, I will have you die a horrible death. Hahaha…”

The moment Devil Monarch Veil relaxed was the moment he lowered his defense.

At this time, Luo Tian shouted ferociously: “Critical Strike Mode, Shocking Heaven Slash!”

“Devil Monarch Veil, you can go to hell now!”

Annihilate was raised high into the air.

Hegemonic blade spirit had fused with Annihilate.

Critical Strike Mode activated.

All the powers Luo Tian had were stacked together. He was basically throwing out a last desperate move!

The blade aura raged about and caused the molten rock level to shake.

An extraordinary blade strike chopped down.

Annihilate’s powerful and domineering blade qi came down like a punishment from God. The blade then smashed right onto the top of Devil Monarch Veil’s head.




The impact shook the sky and the entire Tianxuan Continent like a magnitude ten earthquake. At this moment, the whole continent, including Arcane Dark King, was shocked into silence.

Luo Tian felt his body drained of strength.

The power was way stronger than he could control, so he could only bear the brunt of it.


Luo Tian’s arms went numb, and the webbing between his thumb and forefinger had ripped apart. He fell limply on the ground and started gasping for air.

Devil Monarch Veil didn’t die! His powers instantly went berserk in rage!

“Luo Tian!”

“You sinister and despicable brat! It’s time for you to die!” Devil Monarch Veil pounced at Luo Tian in rage. His godly powers surged out as he planned on smashing Luo Tian into powder this instant.

However, Luo Tian didn’t move out of the way and only smiled. He pointed at the enraged Devil Monarch Veil’s head before saying: “Die!”

Devil Monarch Veil was dumbstruck in mid-motion.

“Teacher Sola Aoi!”

“I don’t want anything but the Mirror of Divine Void! Let it explode out!”

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