Undefeatable – Ch866

Chapter 866 – I’m Here

People would start assigning blame when they think they are about to die.

Many people came to Mount Hua Immortal Sect just for the dense immortal force. Now that the Arcane Dark King’s army was at the base of the mountain, people started blaming others for their predicament.

Han Hua was too lazy to say anything to them.

Fatty Lei and the others didn’t have time to deal with these people.

Wild Blade was the one to address them: “For those that want to stay, can stay! Those that want to leave can scram! I won’t persuade you or stop you! But there is one thing I need to make clear – once you leave the sect, we are no longer allied but enemies!”

After hearing these words, the expressions of those people instantly changed, and they stopped talking.

With their cultivation levels, they were no match for Wild Blade and the others.

Fatty Lei then added: “You guys are free to go, and no one will try to stop you with force. We won’t kill you for leaving, but I can’t guarantee what will happen in the future. You guys need to think carefully about it because staying here means you need to fight on the frontlines and stop absorbing immortal force to cultivate.”


“I want to leave!”

“The Sea Sky Sect is leaving too!”

“The Barbarian Sect is leaving as well!”

“What’s the difference between going to the frontlines to fight the Arcane Dark King and committing suicide? We can’t absorb any more immortal force? We came here just for Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s immortal force. What are we doing here then if you are not allowing us to absorb it? Accompanying you guys to the burial ground?”

“I’m leaving too.”

“This place has already been designated as a dead territory. Staying here is equivalent to waiting for our deaths.”

“Luo Tian still hasn’t appeared at such a time, so I think he had long run off already. We are being used as cannon fodder! What a sinister person!”


Before more people could complain, Fatty Lei’s figure had struck out and landed a punch on the chest of that last person who spoke. After instantly killing that person, he harrumphed: “Leave if you want, but if you dare to insult Luo Tian, this daddy will splatter the ground with your blood!”

What he hated the most was people insulting Luo Tian.

He already couldn’t endure the insults thrown by Murong Wanjian, so how could he stand a sect leader from a tiny little sect saying something like that?

Fatty Lei glared at the crowd, who were in shock. He then released his ancestral demon aura and shouted: “Scram!”

Those people quickly left the main hall.

Only when they left the main hall did those people angrily say: “You guys are all idiots who have been cheated by Luo Tian! The Arcane Dark King has come specifically for him! There’s no way we will accompany you all, so you guys can wait for your death here!”

“What’s so good about staying here anyway?”

“So what if you killed Murong Wanjian? Murong Wanjian is now insulting you guys in arrogance! Go fight him if you have the guts! Why are you taking it out on us?! Mount Hua Immortal Sect, you guys are nothing but a dog’s fart! Humph~!”

Fatty Lei’s rage surged into the sky as he shouted: “Your granny! You guys are courting death, right?!”

He was just about to rush out when Wild Blade stopped him. “Why are you stooping down to their level? They will die even if they leave, so it’s not worth wasting your time talking to them. What we need to do right now is to come up with some countermeasures.”

“Ten minutes!”

“We only have about ten minutes before the Arcane Dark King’s army charges up the mountain. Murong Wanjian and the others aren’t scary; it’s those Arcane Dark Beasts that we should be afraid of. And there happens to be eight of them with powers of resurrection. Even though it’s not a real resurrection, they can summon and control others like a puppet. The people we currently have is less than ten percent of theirs, so this is going to be one tough battle.”

The faces on everyone fell.

Suddenly, An Chunchun looked at Xin Er, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground. “Big sister Xin Er, how long will it be before big brother Luo Tian comes back?”

A sheen of sweat appeared on Xin Er’s forehead, and her face was faintly pale looking. Her countenance clearly showed that her body had become weaker. She had been using her power of fate half a month ago in order to make changes to Luo Tian’s fate and to give him more favorable encounters. She was hoping she could change his fate for the better, but the only feedback she could sense was that Luo Tian was still alive.

She didn’t know how Luo Tian was currently faring, and she couldn’t predict his future.

She was also afraid of looking and being unable to handle the results.

She looked over at An Chunchun and shook her head, “I don’t know. I can’t see through his fate, and I… I… I don’t dare to. I’m scared!”

Xin Er didn’t hide her thoughts.

An Chunchun also pouted her small mouth while her eyes reddened a bit, “I’m scared too.”

“Big brother Luo Tian, where are you right now? How come you’re still not back yet?”

“Big sister Xin Er and the others are in danger.” An Chunchun muttered to herself while looking up at the sky covered in a red glow.




Cracks could be seen on the array that covered the mountain in a dome of light. They slowly grew larger, and power started seeping to the outside.


“So what if it’s the array of the Gnome tribe?”

“It can’t stop the footsteps of mine, Murong Wanjian! Luo Tian, just wait for your death! This time, I will let you experience how strong I’ve become! I will make you die without a burial ground! Hahaha…” Murong Wanjian started laughing like crazy.

“Explode for me!”

“I’m going to smash this dog’s fart array into pieces and then take over Luo Tian’s women! Hahaha… They are all stunningly beautiful and are the best of the best! I won’t let a single one off! Hahaha…”

Murong Wanjian started getting excited when he thought of this. He then said to himself: “Luo Tian, this daddy will pay you back ten thousand times for what you did at Shattered Sky City! You want to fight with me for a woman? I’m going to show you what I’m capable of! Humph~!”

Around the same time, the Arcane Dark King was coldly smiling ten thousand kilometers away. “Origin continent? The so-called origin continent is simply too weak. Once I control this continent, I’m going to absorb all of its origin essence!”


“That way, I can instantly become an overlord when I enter the Ancient World! Hahaha…”

The Arcane Continent was a world slightly higher than the Tianxuan Continent.

The Arcane Dark King didn’t know why a powerful force had attracted him to this world. The only thing he knew was the heavens had given him a big gift, a huge springboard to ascend to the Ancient World.

As long as he absorbs the origin essence power, his cultivation will rise up exponentially and make him an overlord of the Ancient World.

Seeing how the last peak of Mount Hua Immortal Sect was about to be captured, he started laughing like crazy. “The Tianxuan Continent is mine! The Tianxuan Origin Essence is also mine! Arcane Dark Beasts, go ahead and crush everything for me!”




Eight Arcane Dark Beasts roared in unison and almost shredded the sky apart.

They moved ten thousand kilometers in a single step and charged toward Mount Hua Immortal Sect from eight different directions.

They struck at the same time!


The Mountain Protecting Array was instantly shattered.

The light dome broke apart, and a powerful aura from the Arcane Continent surged into Mount Hua’s peak like a tidal wave.

Murong Wanjian waved the sword in his hand and led the charge. “Kill them! Kill them all! Hahaha…”

At this moment, a teleportation portal opened up in Mount Hua’s main hall.

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