Undefeatable – Ch867

Chapter 867 – The Power Of The Arcane Dark Beasts

After the array was broken, Luo Tian came out from the molten rock level.

But when he walked out from the teleportation portal, there wasn’t anyone in the main hall.

He couldn’t hear anything in the vicinity either.

Luo Tian’s expression instantly changed, “Shit, I’m late!”

He was instantly wracked with anxiety.


One minute before the array was broken.

“The Arcane Dark Beasts are coming!”

“There’s no way the Mountain Protecting Array can resist them!”

“What should we do?”

“Boss, why are you still not back yet?!”

“It’s no use calling the boss back. He’s definitely being held up by something, or else he would already be back. The only thing we can do right now is to go fight.”

“Why are we hesitating? In my view, we just go out and fight it out with them. There are no other choices to make. We don’t even have a place to fall back to. I’m going to go crazy if I have to keep hearing Murong Wanjian talk crap. This time, I’m definitely going to beat the shit right out of him!” Fatty Lei said in anger.

“Then let’s fight it out!”


Everyone’s battle spirit was ignited in an instant as their blood started boiling.

An Chunchun clenched her little fists and said: “I’m going too! Big brother Fatty, you can’t stop me this time. I want to help you all.”

All the girls stepped forward and said: “There’s also us!”

“My sisters-in-law, can you guys wait here for now? You can step forward after we die or something,” said Fatty Lei. He promised Luo Tian that he would take care of them once he left the molten rock area.

No matter what, nothing bad can happen to the girls.

But Qin Yue’er said: “We don’t need you to protect us. Now that Mount Hua Immortal Sect has reached such a juncture, one more person is equal to one more point of strength. We are not flowers in a greenhouse, and our strength isn’t that much lower than you guys. If we need to fight, we shall fight together. If we need to die, we shall die together!”

“That’s right!”

“What big sister Yue’er said is right! We want to go too!”

When women bickered, even a God wouldn’t be able to endure.

Now, there was a big group of women bickering. Each one was fiercer than the next, so Fatty Lei wasn’t able to handle them. None of the other guys could, either.

In the end, Wild Blade said: “Then let’s fight to our heart’s content!”

Fatty Lei’s brow sank after hearing that. He realized that it was useless to try to stop them. He exhaled a breath of air before laughing, “What are we waiting for? Let’s go kill to our heart’s content! None of you are stronger than me, so Murong Wanjian’s life is mine!”


“Brother Fatty, we’ll have to see if your speed is faster than mine.”

“Damn it!”


Before they finished the conversation, there was no one left in Mount Hua’s main hall because everyone had to charge out to kill.

“Disciples of the ten great immortal sects, listen to my order!” Han Hua’s voice was like a huge bell being rung.

She started waving a colored flag in her hands before shouting: “Disciples of the ten great immortal sects will protect the south! Stop them at all costs!”

“Devil sect disciples, listen to my order!”

“You will be responsible for the west!”

“Disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect, you will protect the east!”

“The remaining disciples, you will protect the north! No matter who you encounter, go ahead and kill them all!”



The sound of battles started as the dark swarm of the Arcane Dark King’s army killed their way over.

Sounds of shouting and killing were heard as blood started flowing like a river.

The horrendous scene around Mount Hua’s remaining peak was just like a huge battleground.

Murong Wanjian was floating in the air as he waved the sword in his hand. “Kill them! Kill them all! Hahaha… Keep on charging forward! Luo Tian, your brothers will all end up dying today! Your women will become playthings below my crotch! Hahaha…”

“You’re courting death!”

Fatty Lei flew up straight at him in a berserk state!

His ancestral demon figure had turned even more hideous looking after absorbing the essence blood from the Nightmares. The aura coming from him instantly made Murong Wanjian’s face pale to the point where he couldn’t speak anymore!

Fatty Lei roared in anger: “Murong Wanjian, let me see how many times a damn dog thing like you can resurrect!”

After yelling that, he slammed his leg down and shot toward Murong Wanjian in a red blur.

Murong Wanjian forced out a sneer and burst forth with his true dragon’s bloodline powers. As he watched Feng Lei charge toward him, he said with disdain: “You want to fight me just based on yourself?”

“You’re nothing but a thing that doesn’t know how high the heavens are or how vast the earth is.”

“Lord Arcane Dark Beast, please kill him.”

As Murong Wanjian’s voice faded, one of the Arcane Dark Beasts appeared from the void. Its sturdy body blocked in front of Murong Wanjian like a huge mountain. Unshakeable power kept rippling out from its body.


After howling, the huge beast shot forward without waiting for Feng Lei to reach it.

Trailing behind the beast was a blur with streaks of power. The power looked like it was ripping space apart!

“Ancestral Demon Rift!” Fatty Lei shouted as a powerful force surged out from him.



A human and beast collided and caused an explosive impact force. A fiery, powerful energy swept out from the center of the impact, and the blast of air sent many people flying away.

This power was too fierce and rocked the entire battleground!

Dust was scattered everywhere.

That Arcane Dark Beast swayed as it staggered back several steps. Blood could be seen on the corner, and there was a large wound on its chest. The wound was so deep that its bones could be seen. But the Arcane Dark Beast suddenly erupted with power, and the wound quickly healed.

Fatty Lei sprayed out a mouthful of black-colored blood while his face paled. His eyes showed how shocked he was as he said to himself: “This guy’s defense is quite strong. Its injuries only reached such an extent, and it can heal itself.”

At this time, Feng Lei also had a partial rip on his chest, and blood was coming out from it.

Several Healing Hall disciples ran over to heal Feng Lei. After using a dozen or so spells, there was no improvement in Feng Lei’s injury. It looks like a low-level Healing Art spell were useless for this situation.

Perhaps, the power from the Arcane Dark Beast had special properties to them so that normal healing abilities wouldn’t work.



“Hahaha… Acting arrogant in front of this daddy? You stupid fat bastard, why don’t you act arrogant again? Weren’t you going to kill me? Come! Come kill me! Try it again if you have the guts! Hahaha…” Murong Wanjian had a despicable look on his face as he said those words.

Murong Wanjian became even more arrogant as he continued: “Lord Arcane Dark Beast, just go ahead and kill this damn fatty. We can then use him to kill the other brothers of Luo Tian. It will definitely be a great sight to behold! Hahaha…”

Murong Wanjian was sinister to the max!

The Arcane Dark Beast instantly moved.

Fatty Lei’s expression sank as he shouted: “You think this daddy is scared of you?!”

Murong Wanjian smiled in arrogance, “Kill him. Go kill him…”

Just when he wanted to laugh in satisfaction, a voice exploded in his mind!

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