Undefeatable – Ch868

Chapter 868 – Directly Screw Them

Murong Wanjian’s expression changed while his body shivered.

His expression then changed once more to that of ferocity as he shouted: “Luo Tian, you’re finally here!”

Up in the air, Luo Tian was like a monarch surveying the world. He looked at the Arcane Dark King’s army that seemed to have covered the entire earth. His anger exploded when he saw the Mount Hua disciples lying in pools of their own blood.


“Yes, boss!”


Eggy flicked his tail and swept those resurrected disciples flying for hundreds of meters. He then flew into the air with an excited expression before saying: “Boss, you’re finally back! Hahaha…”

“The boss is back!”

“Big brother Luo Tian is back!”

“The sect leader is back!”


“Dogs of the Arcane Dark King, your doomsday has arrived! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian’s appearance made the whole battle scene change.

The atmosphere had completely changed.

Each person’s aura became sharper, and their combat power soared. They felt like some inexhaustible power had entered their bodies. In reality, Luo Tian had activated his War Leader’s System so that his people had their abilities enhanced.

Luo Tian’s figure blurred before appearing on top of Eggy’s dragon head. He then shouted: “Dragon’s Prestige, shock!”

“Die for me!”



Luo Tian’s powers started moving into the deepest part of Eggy’s bones. The moment the dragon god’s power combined with Luo Tian’s power, a burst of energy sounded out, followed by Eggy roaring.

Heaven and earth shook when the dragon’s might went rampant.

Ring after ring of sound wave attack surged outward.



Within a thousand meters, all enemy martial artists below the Profound God realm were shattered into powder.

Outside the one thousand meters, those martial artists were either stunned or had fainted.

This kind of power was too fierce!

The previous offensive by the Arcane Dark King’s army had been dissolved by Luo Tian with one move.

The surrounding area was instantly emptied out, and outside of that were some Profound God realm experts scattered about. When they saw Luo Tian floating in the air, they looked like they had seen a ghost in broad daylight. Luo Tian stood on the dragon’s head like a monarch surveying the common citizens. The aura flames on Luo Tian’s body was something they had never seen before!


Too strong!

Those resurrected people had become scared.

But for Murong Wanjian, he was rather annoyed because he felt that his thunder was being stolen by Luo Tian. His hatred for Luo Tian had surpassed everything as his teeth started cracking from being clenched too hard. He pointed his sword at Luo Tian and said coldly: “Luo Tian, a damn piece of trash like you have finally appeared! It has been a bitter wait for this daddy! Hahaha… You can now go to hell for me!”

“Arcane Dark Beast, let’s attack together!”

“Let’s kill him!”

Luo Tian faintly frowned before glancing at Murong Wanjian. He then scoffed: “How is it that you have the guts to act arrogant in front of me? Who gave you the courage? In my eyes, you’re nothing but a pile of shit! Wait, I don’t dare to step on shit. You are just a motherf*cking bedbug!”

Luo Tian didn’t bother killing Murong Wanjian because that guy was too weak now.

He was no longer a character that could get on the same stage.

Luo Tian’s gaze was locked onto the Arcane Dark King, who was ten thousand kilometers away.

When he felt the aura coming from the Arcane Dark King, sweat appeared on the palm of his hands. He then muttered to himself: “So strong!”

Why would he call the Arcane Dark King very strong when he could kill off Devil Monarch Veil?

Devil Monarch Veil was an expert from the highest realm, while the Arcane Dark King was an expert from a world slightly higher than the Tianxuan Continent.

The differences between those two experts were completely different.

The reason being Devil Monarch Veil was only a clone that had a portion of the original body’s strength, and he was also restricted by the laws of the Tianxuan Continent.

The main thing was that the health bar above the Arcane Dark King was way too long. It was even longer than Devil Monarch Veil! Luo Tian wasn’t sure if his 108 heavenly flames were enough to kill the Arcane Dark King. The feeling he got from this guy was completely different from Devil Monarch Veil.

His opponent was really strong!

The Arcane Dark King looked at Luo Tian and couldn’t sense any danger. He then sent a sound transmission into Luo Tian’s mind: “You are the supreme expert of this Tianxuan Continent? Too weak. I have completely lost all interest in you.”

Total disregard!

Luo Tian sent back a sound transmission: “I am very interested in you, though! I will definitely explode you! Hahaha…”

The last boss on the Tianxuan Continent!

A boss that would give a system reward, so Luo Tian was very interested in this boss. The most important thing was that he was very interested in the Arcane Dark King’s ability to resurrect living beings! If this kind of power could really resurrect people, then he wouldn’t have to worry about the soul poison in Li Xue’er anymore.

But a true resurrection should be impossible since this kind of power was something that even an expert in the highest realm didn’t possess.

“Luo Tian!”

“Who the hell do you think you are?!”

“Exploding Lord Arcane Dark King?! Why don’t you take a piss on the ground and look at your own reflection! Only then can you see what kind of thing you truly are!” Murong Wanjian was pissed after being ignored by Luo Tian. He could also feel the power coming from Luo Tian, so he knew their strength comparison was too far away now.

He wasn’t a match at all!

Not to mention Luo Tian, he might not even be a match for Fatty Lei or Xuanyuan Yi.

But Murong Wanjian didn’t have an ounce of fear and maintained his arrogance. The reason was that the Arcane Dark Beasts were invincible in his mind. Within the Tianxuan Continent, there was no one that could take on the joint attack of all eight Arcane Dark Beasts. Luo Tian was no exception!

This was why he was arrogant. The Arcane Dark Beasts were his capital to show off!

Murong Wanjian loudly ridiculed: “Trash from the Jade Mountain City! Sinner of the Tianxuan Continent! It was all because of you that the Tianxuan Continent became like this! Why hasn’t a piece of trash like you died yet?!”

“You’re still trying to snatch this daddy’s woman? Li Xue’er has been infected with the soul poison and has already become a vegetable! You can forget about getting a woman that I cannot have! Hahaha… Luo Tian, so what if you’ve gotten stronger? You still can’t protect the people around you! Hahaha…”

Crazy laughter!

Loud and crazy laughter echoed through the area.

Many people were angry upon hearing this.

Murong Wanjian had a despicable and smug look on his face. His eyes were filled with disdain as he said: “Fighting with me? Can you even compete with me?”

Luo Tian suddenly disappeared from on top of the dragon’s head.

Murong Wanjian’s heart sank as he immediately shouted: “Arcane Dark Beasts! Now’s the time! Kill him!”

Eight Arcane Dark Beasts from eight different directions charged over.

Murong Wanjian started laughing, “Luo Tian, just go ahead and die!”

Just after the word “die” was uttered, there was an explosion in the sky. The eight Arcane Dark Beasts were sent flying by a certain power! Luo Tian’s oppressive pressure was now holding them down, and they couldn’t move!

Right after that, Luo Tian walked over to Murong Wanjian with an icy cold smile.

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