Undefeatable – Ch875

Chapter 875 – Arcane Dark King, Explode


Everyone’s mind flinched when Jingang asked that question.

That’s right! They all knew about Luo Tian and how he made his breakthroughs. After killing the Arcane Dark King, would he ascend to the Ancient World right away?

Everyone was thinking about this matter momentarily.

Fatty Lei raised his head and started laughing out loud. “Profound God Sovereign ascension? The Tianxuan Continent hasn’t had one for over ten thousand years. The boss is too fierce! Hahaha… If I was a woman, I would definitely fall in love with him!”


“There’s no way the boss would like a woman weighing 250 jins!”


Everyone started laughing to mask their hearts’ tensing up.

Fatty Lei’s gaze was especially sharp as he said to himself: “Boss, I will definitely do my best to follow in your footsteps. Only you can give me a life where my blood constantly boils. I am definitely following you wherever you go in life!”

Xuanyuan Yi was repeating four words to himself: “Profound God Sovereign ascension? This shall be my new goal. I will definitely enter the Ancient World. Boss, you need to wait for me!”

Everyone was thinking of the same thing – entering the Ancient World.

Even Leng Hanshuang and the girls.

Qin Yue’er then said: “We also want to enter the Ancient World, or else that bastard Luo Tian will definitely start tricking other girls into his fold. Who knows what else he’ll do without someone managing him? Fellow sisters, we need to go into secluded cultivation starting tomorrow. We have to reach ascension so that we can watch over him in the Ancient World. There aren’t many good men, so we need to seize the day.”

Tang Tang immediately added: “What big sister Yue’er is right. We need to raise our cultivation so that the smelly scoundrel cannot go all over seducing girls. He might even throw us all away at that time. We can’t let that happen. The man that I, Tang Tang, sets her eyes on can forget about running away! Hee hee…”

Black Widow sighed, “Sire, you are such a bad person. This one hasn’t even slept with you yet, and you’ve made this one lose interest. I need to focus all my time on cultivating so that I can quickly ascend and become intimate with you in the Ancient World.”

She was the spiciest out of all of them and had no shame in directly saying it out loud.

In fact, those words all echoed the thoughts of Luo Tian’s girls.

Apart from Leng Hanshuang, Yun Ling, and Yun Yi, the other girls had never been intimate with Luo Tian yet. They were all hoping to give their bodies to him and experience the ritual of being sexually intimate.

Simply put, they were in heat!

Leng Hanshuang and the twins wanted it even more after having a taste of it.

“Hee hee…”

“Chunchun also wants a good man! Big brother Luo Tian is a good man, and Chunchun wants him too! Hee hee…” An Chunchun didn’t know what a good man really meant, but a seed had been planted inside her heart where Luo Tian was the best for her.

At this time, Leng Hanshuang looked at Li Xue’er’s dull eyes that had tears coming out from the corner. She muttered: “Young miss, Luo Tian will definitely find a way to detoxify you. I believe in him.”

“I also believe in him!”

“Big brother Luo Tian will definitely come back.”

“We won’t spare him if he doesn’t come back. We won’t let him get onto the bed with us!”

“You’re in heat, hahaha…”

“Isn’t it the same with you? Heeheehee…”

The girls were chatting harmoniously, and they all looked like they were very happy.

Murong Bai couldn’t help sighing when he listened to those girls talk about Luo Tian.

Jingang patted his shoulder and said: “Eldest senior brother, don’t be discouraged. Next time, I will introduce you to some village girls. You cannot compare yourself to the boss, but you can definitely get yourself some clueless villager.”

Murong Bai was speechless and even had thoughts of committing suicide.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

“The ninety-sixth heavenly flame, smash!” With Luo Tian’s thought, a heavenly flame smashed down like a meteorite. It streaked through the sky, bypassed the Heaven and Earth Net, and then exploded onto the Arcane Dark King’s head.

“Keep acting arrogant! Who is the trash now lying on the ground?!”

“You want to touch my women?!”

“Kill my brothers?! Arcane Dark King, you should take a good look and see who I am!”

“The Ninety-seventh heavenly flame, smash!”


The Arcane Dark King was covered in blood while lying in a pit. He couldn’t move and could only gasp for air. He had an unsightly look on his face as he said: “Luo Tian… spare, spare me. I will immediately leave the Tianxuan Continent. I promise I will never ever come back here. I have a lot of treasures in the Arcane Continent. There are even some treasures that are kind of valuable in the Ancient World. You cannot have status if you don’t have money in the Ancient World. I will give them all to you, so just spare my life.”

The Arcane Dark King had prepared his whole life to enter the Ancient World.

He had basically killed all living beings on the Arcane Continent and hoarded all the spiritual treasures.

Some of them were powerful treasures left behind by experts who had already ascended in the past. He was going to bring some of the most valuable ones with him to the Ancient World but now… All his preparations seemed to have been prepared to be given to Luo Tian. He was about to lose his life, so why would he care about treasures at a time like this?

Luo Tian smiled, “Do you think I would agree to that?”

The Arcane Dark King immediately replied: “As long as you spare my life, I will do whatever you want me to! Let’s immediately sign a contract where I will be your slave forever! My potential and my talent are the best! I can help you after we enter the Ancient World!”

There was a trace of fear in the eyes of the Arcane Dark King as he spoke.

Behind this trace of fear was actually hidden killing intent!

He was building up his strength!

He was waiting for Luo Tian to drop his guard and then instantly kill him!

Except, his thoughts were seen through by Luo Tian. Haki was a God skill by Divine Origin Celestial Venerable, easily capable of seeing what the Arcane Dark King was thinking. And no matter how attractive the words spoken by the Arcane Dark King were, sparing the guy was equivalent to getting himself killed.

There wasn’t much time left for the day.

If the Arcane Dark King doesn’t die, Luo Tian will be the one to end up dying.

Luo Tian was moved when he heard about the treasures of the Arcane Dark King, but when comparing that to his life, it didn’t mean anything.

“The hundredth heavenly flame, smash!”


The Arcane Dark King’s body sank deeper as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. He then said weakly, “Luo Tian, I’m dying soon. Can you at least satisfy my request before I die?”

Luo Tian smiled, “Arcane Dark King, don’t waste your time. I can tell what you’re thinking. You want to sneak attack this daddy? Wake up and look at your situation!”


The Arcane Dark King’s eyes turned fierce as he became enraged.

Since his ploy was discovered by Luo Tian, there was no need to hide anything.

The Heaven and Earth Net hadn’t fully come down yet, and he didn’t have time to wait for it.

He was going to throw everything on the line!

The Arcane Dark King instantly focused all his strength and pounced over, determined to kill Luo Tian with a single strike!

Except, his expression turned dumbfounded. “It’s that move again!”

Mirror of Divine Void!

Luo Tian had used it very early on, “Hahaha… Go to hell!”

“All eight heavenly flames, smash together!”

“Teach Sola Aoi, it’s okay for no loot to explode. I just need experience points! Please give me at least two billion experience points! Amen!”

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