Undefeatable – Ch876

Chapter 876 – My Fate Is In My Hands And Not The Heavens

No one was willing to admit defeat.

It was even more unlikely for an ambitious person like the Arcane Dark King.

Luo Tian had always been guarded for his sneak attack.

After all, he was the strongest expert of the Arcane Continent. Once that guy exploded forth with full power, Luo Tian would definitely be instantly killed, so he had to be guarded.

That’s why the moment the Arcane Dark King closed his eyes while being smashed by the heavenly flame, Luo Tian used the Mirror of Divine Void to create a clone while disappearing off to the side.

Sure enough, the Arcane Dark King made his sneak attack.

Luo Tian immediately smiled, “All eight heavenly flames, smash together!”



The sky, the earth, and Mount Hua’s mountain range shook violently. These last eight heavenly flames were the strongest when it came to power. The destructive force quickly turned the Arcane Dark King into sludge while no more signs of life came from him.

Just before his death, the Arcane Dark King roared at Luo Tian: “A piece of trash like you will be killed the first day you enter the Ancient World! The Ancient World isn’t a place where a piece of trash with a shattered dantian can establish themselves! You will be killed the moment you appear! Hahaha… you just wait and see!”


His body burst apart into chunks, and the system gave off an alert tone.

The most critical juncture had arrived, so Luo Tian started praying in his mind.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing the Arcane Dark King. You have gained 1,888,888,888 experience points, 100,000,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Arcane Dark King’s Power. Do you wish to fuse with it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for…”

The system kept giving off alert tones.

Luo Tian had no interest in those alert tones. When he heard he only received 1.8 billion experience points, his expression darkened. “I’m done for! Screwed! This one billion-something experience point isn’t enough for me!”

“Holy crap!”

“Am I really going to die?”

“You bastard system! You want to obliterate this daddy?! If you have the guts, come out, and let’s fight!”

Luo Tian wasn’t actually too anxious and completely understood where he stood.

He wasn’t afraid either and was just thinking that 120 million experience points were quite a large number. The demonic beasts of the Tianxuan Continent were only worth one experience point each. If he had to kill 120 million of them, where was he supposed to find that number?

It would be impossible!

The only regret Luo Tian currently had was not being able to find a way to detoxify Li Xue’er’s soul poison. “How about you give me another month of time? I just want to find the antidote, and then you can obliterate me. I won’t voice a sound of complaint! I’m begging you, man!”

He didn’t know if it’ll work or not, but he still begged the system for a little bit more time to find an antidote.

Li Xue’er had the most adorable and lovely-looking smile. And her innocent expressions portrayed the beauty of youth. Luo Tian just wanted to see her smile one more time, but now…

He was feeling a lot of pain in his heart.


“Why are you doing this to me?!”

“I just want to save her!”

“I’m not even allowed to save my own woman?!” Luo Tian looked up at the sky while his heart felt like dead ashes. There seemed to be a pair of illusory eyes in the sky staring back down at him. If he hadn’t leveled up Berserk, the 1.8 billion experience points would be enough for him to level up.

But he was out of options back then.

If he hadn’t leveled up Berserk, he wouldn’t be the Arcane Dark King’s match.

The situation seemed like it had been deliberately arranged.

Was this the design of the heavens?

Luo Tian looked up at the sky, “What do you want me to do before giving me more time?!”

There was a loud “boom” before lightning struck at the edge of Luo Tian’s foot. Luo Tian didn’t move and only stared at the sky with a gloomy expression. He stared at the heavens while clenching his jaws.

At this moment, Xin Er’s expression drastically changed. Her eyes widened as she flew into the sky and shouted: “Don’t! Don’t harm him! I’m begging you! I’m begging you not to harm him!”

No one knew what was going on and stood in place dumbstruck.

“Who’s harming who?”

“What’s going on with Xin Er? What do her words mean?”

“Did something bad happen to the boss? Isn’t the Arcane Dark King dead already? Who is capable of harming him now?”

Everyone was frozen in place and didn’t know what was going on.

At this time, An Chunchun’s knitted brows suddenly turned fearful as she said: “Big brother Luo Tian! No! Big brother Luo Tian can’t die! I’m begging you! Please help big brother Luo Tian!”

An Chunchun suddenly knelt down on the ground.

She had a devout look in her eyes while staring at the sky, “I’m begging you. I will do whatever you want me to. Please save big brother Luo Tian… wuuu~… wuuu~…”

She then started crying.

Everyone became even more confused and wondered what was going on.

They had no idea what was going on.

“What is it?”

“What’s Chunchun doing?”

“Can someone tell me what’s going on? Who is trying to kill the boss?” Fatty Lei was starting to lose his mind. He could tell something was majorly wrong when he saw tears streaming down An Chunchun’s face. And he had a feeling that this matter might be beyond his comprehension.

An Chunchun continued to stare at the sky and say: “It’s the heavens. The heavens are trying to kill big brother Luo Tian. Big brother Luo Tian is defying the heavens and going against the will of the heavens. His appearance is the most heaven-defying matter of the Tianxuan Continent. Each time he makes a breakthrough or kills an opponent, those acts are against the will of heaven.”

“Also, big sister Xin Er mentioned previously that big brother Luo Tian’s fate isn’t controlled by the heavens and keeps changing day by day.”

“The God of Fate will never tolerate a person in this world where their fate cannot be controlled. Even if the person is living in the lowest realm, he will still not permit it. It’s him that wants big brother Luo Tian’s life! What should we do?! What should we do?!”

The God of Fate was in charge of the fate of every living being in this world.

No one was allowed to escape the restraints of fate. When it came to Luo Tian, he didn’t believe in fate and only believed in himself.

He believed in his fists!

He believed in his power!

He refused to believe in fate!

Moreover, he always said that my fate is in my control and not by the heavens. Those words angered the God of Fate. The appearance of the Arcane Dark King was deliberately planned by him. What he never imagined was that Luo Tian was capable of killing him. The Arcane Dark King should have given over two billion experience points, but he deliberately modified it to 1.8 billion so that Luo Tian couldn’t make a breakthrough.

Since he couldn’t manage Luo Tian’s fate, he could modify the fate of the Arcane Dark King.

Fate was something no one could escape from!

Since Luo Tian wanted to defy the heavens, then he had to pay the price.

The lightning struck down.

Luo Tian’s gaze turned firm as he sneered up at the sky, “My appearance made you unhappy, huh? God. Of. Fate!”

He finally figured it out.



Booming noises sounded off in the sky as thunderclouds covered the entire world.

At this time, Xin Er landed and knelt by Luo Tian’s side. She clasped her hand and said: “God of Fate, I’m begging you to please spare him. I am willing to be your slave for my entire life. I will pray to you at all times and do anything you need me to.”

Luo Tian quickly tried to pull Xin Er back to her feet and said: “You can kneel to the heavens, the earth, or to your parents. But you cannot kneel to him!”

Xin Er didn’t move and insisted on kneeling.

Luo Tian became angry and shouted: “Damn it! Strike me to death if you have the guts! If you fail to kill me, this daddy will one day f*ck you over!”


A huge pillar of lightning struck down!

At the same time, the system gave off an alert tone.


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