Undefeatable – Ch877

Chapter 877 – Big Sister System

It took three years for him to go from a Profound Pupil martial artist to someone at the Profound God Sovereign realm.

No one would imagine this possible.

It didn’t matter which genius from whatever realm; there was no way they could defy the heavens to this level.

Luo Tian did it, though.

He really beat the Tianxuan Continent in a heaven-defying manner.

And he was not under the control of fate.

On top of that, his fate kept changing day by day, and it was naturally not under the grasp of the God of Fate. That’s why someone out there wasn’t happy about it. He was an existence that reigned supreme, so he could not tolerate a person beyond his control.

He became angrier after the Arcane Dark King was killed.

He didn’t understand why Luo Tian was so strong. He couldn’t tell what martial skills Luo Tian was using, and he didn’t know how Luo Tian was making his breakthroughs. There were simply too many things about Luo Tian he couldn’t see through.

Therefore, Luo Tian had to die. Fate wanted him dead.

But the moment that lightning struck down, there was a sudden series of explosions.




The earth-shattering explosions caused a huge hole to appear within Mount Hua Immortal Sect. It went so deep that it somehow connected with hell. Eerie ghost-wailing sounds started echoing from the hole, causing the hearts of many people to jump in fright.


“This is the consequence of going against the heavens.”

The voice exploded above the sky and shook the entire Tianxuan Continent. As it faded away, the sky calmed down, and the deep hole toward hell gradually disappeared. Everything reverted back to normal like nothing had ever happened.

But Luo Tian was nowhere to be found!

Xin Er fainted.

Fatty Lei and the others rushed over.

Leng Hanshuang and the girls were crying.

The living beings of the Tianxuan Continent were in the midst of joy but were suddenly frozen in place from shock. Hatred started rising from within them toward the voice that came from the sky. At this moment in time, many Tianxuan Continent inhabitants developed hatred toward the heavens.

This was the first time in history such an incident happened.

Rewind for a bit; when that lightning struck, both Xin Er and An Chunchun fainted.

But there was a smile on their faces like they were in joy. Their last words were: “Big brother Luo Tian, you will be fine now.”


A painful sound that almost burst one’s eardrums.

A powerful force had suddenly sent Luo Tian into another dimension.

This was a power he was unable to fight against.

The moment he entered another dimension, an alert tone sounded off inside his mind.

“Is this the alert that is going to tell me I’m going to die?” Luo Tian questioned.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for triggering the Full Luck passive attribute. You have gained 200 million experience points. Your luck points will be reset.”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up.”


“Welcome player Luo Tian to the system’s space…”

Several alerts went off one after another.

Luo Tian was briefly stunned. “Full Luck passive attribute? How come I didn’t know such a thing existed? This… Could it be that girl, Chunchun?”

It immediately dawned on him.

An Chunchun had the power of luck inside her.

Since he was able to suddenly level up, she must have something to do with this.

Luo Tian then muttered to himself: “Chunchun, I hope nothing bad has happened as a result of you using your powers. Otherwise, I will never forgive myself for the rest of my life.”

He calmed down his complicated feelings.

Once Luo Tian’s emotions calmed down, he realized he was standing in a bright space that gave him a holy feeling. “This is the system’s space?”


There was a sudden pleasant-sounding voice within the system space.

It was like the sound of a mountain spring flowing down, capable of affecting a person’s emotions. It was a very beautiful voice that one would never forget after hearing it.


“System, so you’re a girl?” Luo Tian then said to himself: “I’ve always called it a damn bastard system, so it looks like I screwed up the sex.”

The system’s voice replied: “Welcome to the system’s space. You have ten minutes to ask any questions you want.”

Luo Tian immediately asked: “What happens after ten minutes?”

The system replied: “You will enter the Ancient World.”

Luo Tian muttered: “Sure enough, this is a Profound God Sovereign’s ascension scene. But why would I enter the system’s space? Aren’t I supposed to go through a spatial tunnel and directly enter the Ancient World?”

The system replied: “The system you are currently using is just the beginner version. Before you enter the Ancient World, the system needs to be updated. During the process of updating, the use of the system will be temporarily suspended. Of course, the updating process will be very short.”

“System update?”

Luo Tian was internally shocked. He was naturally aware that there would be version updates when a game gets new maps, new careers, or some sort of special event. But he had never heard of a potential system update inside him before.

He immediately became worried while asking: “Since there’s a system update, what’s going to happen to my strength and existing martial skills? Are they going to disappear, or is everything going to be preserved?”


“F*ck!” Luo Tian instantly swore before the system gave any more responses. “Does that mean I’m going to start all over again?! Big sister system, do you really need to play me like that? I have worked really hard for three years! It wasn’t easy for me to gain this kind of strength and martial skills! Now, just a single word from you, and it’s all gone?”

“Cough~, cough~…”

The big sister system was like a human coughing before saying: “Even though your martial skills will disappear, you just need some Ancient World powers to re-activate them. But it will be up to you whether you can find those special powers. There will only be two fused martial skills left on you.”

“How come I don’t know about it?”

“Which two is it?” Luo Tian asked.

Big sister system replied: “Power of Divine Origin and Power of Origin Essence. Those two powers can help you fuse together a new attack type martial skill and a supportive martial skill you already know. You just need to select a skill that’s in the great perfection realm, and everything will take care of itself.”

Luo Tian then asked: “What about a skill that hasn’t been trained to the great perfection realm? Can I keep it?”



Luo Tian’s heart sank. Most of his martial skills have already reached the great perfection realm, except for some he didn’t level up. For example, there was the Refining Gu Skill, Nine Dragons, and Elephants, and some more that he rarely used.

That means all those martial skills will disappear.

Luo Tian was instantly unhappy.

He then asked: “Big sister system, I want to know how I’m supposed to re-activate my martial skills in the Ancient World. Can you give me some hints?”

The system replied: Nope. You now have fifteen seconds left.”

“How did time fly by so fast?!”

Luo Tian muttered in dissatisfaction before asking: “I want to know how I transmigrated to this world and how am I supposed to get back to my old world? I also want to know who made you and why did you select me?”

“Your authorization level isn’t high enough, so I cannot answer you.”

“Can you answer things about my original world?”

“Your authorization level isn’t high enough, so I cannot answer you.”


“Ten minutes is up!”

“The system will start upgrading now…”

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