Undefeatable – Ch878

Chapter 878 – Ancient World, Here I Come

“The system will start upgrading…”

The voice then disappeared.

Luo Tian narrowed his eyes as an “ommm” sound came from within his mind. His body then felt like it was paralyzed by an electrocution. A progress bar then appeared in his mind.

“Level 2 system!”

“So I was still using a beginner’s system?”

“Then could there be a level 3, level 4, and level 5?”

Unfortunately, there was no response.

As he watched the progress bar slowly move, he made a thought: “Open system interface!”


“Operation is inoperable!”

“Sigh~… I just wanted to see which martial skills I have that haven’t reached the great perfection realm yet. Now I can’t even open the system interface up.” Luo Tian was feeling some heartache, “I wonder if my Devil Sovereign Xingtian transformation will be taken away? How about my four divine beasts’ bloodline power?”

“Lucky I leveled up Berserk during my last fight, or else I would’ve lost out big time.”

“I can only have two martial skills, so that means those two will become my capital to establish myself in the Ancient World. I have to pick the strongest ones then.” Luo Tian started thinking.

“Heavenly flames will definitely be one of them.”

“My heavenly flames is an attack type skill, so I need one supportive skill. Should it be concocting pills? Forging? Refining arrays? Or should I pick a healing spell?”

It is easy to pick an attack skill but difficult to pick a supportive one.

Luo Tian had no information on what the Ancient World was like and what he would encounter when he got there.

“My heavenly flames are definite!”

“I will decide on the supportive skill after I enter the Ancient World.” Luo Tian felt more relaxed after making up his mind. “No matter what, I need to find the antidote to the soul poison so that I can cure little sister Xue’er. This is my number one priority.”

Luo Tian’s heart started aching when he thought of Li Xue’er being in a vegetative-like state.

It was painful to see her become like this, especially when he was partially responsible for it. She was already poisoned the first time she stepped into the Soul Hall, but this matter was still related to Luo Tian.

The soul poison inside her would have never activated if Luo Tian didn’t cause so much chaos in the Tianxuan Continent.

But if Luo Tian didn’t act the way he wanted, the entire Tianxuan Continent would be controlled by the ten great immortal sects.

“I need to find out who Li Xue’er’s biological mother is. I also need to meet the Ancient King, my so-called master. There are also the two cave manors Mount Hua’s progenitor mentioned and the staff inside the Heavenly Dragon Academy. There are so many things waiting for me to do, and I haven’t entered the Ancient World yet. It looks like things are going to be very interesting for me!” Luo Tian smiled while his blood boiled. He actually rather enjoyed this kind of lifestyle.

That feeling of having brothers accompanying him, fighting tough battles, conquering the world, and reaching the pinnacle of the martial path.

This was what he pursued when he was playing online games.

Whichever game he played, he wanted to become the strongest out of everyone.

This was basically the goal of every player when it came to games.

After all of this, he would wrap his arms around a girl and do those very awesome exercises with them.

Luo Tian couldn’t help smiling when he thought of those things.

It’s unknown if the progress bar was moving too slowly or if Luo Tian was too tired. He ended up falling asleep.

Tianxuan Continent.


“Big brother Luo Tian!”

“Supremacy Luo Tian!”

Everyone went crazy, screaming for him.

They all had pale expressions on their faces.

Luo Tian saved the Tianxuan Continent and its inhabitants, but a lightning strike thrust him into the depths of hell. Even the heavens spoke, so it was very difficult for Luo Tian to keep his life.

Fatty Lei pointed at the sky and scolded: “F*ck you heavens! This daddy will not spare you! There will be one day when I will avenge my boss! You just wait for this daddy!”

“How could this have happened?”

“Luo Tian saved so many people, so why would he be killed?”

“Could it be that we deserved to die?”

No one could understand this.

Xin Er woke up after being fed a medicinal pill. The moment she woke up, she screamed: “No!”

She then suddenly stood up and looked at everyone. Tears streamed down her face as she said: “It was all my fault! I shouldn’t have let fate know about Luo Tian! Wuuu~… wuuu~…”

“Big sister Xin Er, please don’t cry!”

An Chunchun ran over with a weak look on her face, but she still tried to maintain her smile. She put on her cutest smile and said: “Big brother Luo Tian didn’t die. He should be entering the Ancient World right now. Hehe… Don’t worry; he is fine and healthy right now.”



“Kid, don’t lie to us, okay?”

Everyone looked at An Chunchun.

An Chunchun put on her serious face and said: “En~, big brother Luo Tian is alive. Chunchun didn’t lie to you all.”

“Boss has already entered the Ancient World?”

“Hahaha… I already knew my boss would live a long life! No one can kill him! Even the heavens cannot kill him! Hahaha…”

The originally dead atmosphere around Mount Hua suddenly became full of joy once more.

Around this time, Fatty Lei clenched his fists and said to himself: “Boss, wait for this one. I will definitely go through my Profound God Sovereign ascension and find you in the Ancient World.”

Luo Tian’s other brothers also had the same thought.

They wanted to follow Luo Tian and live a colorful and exciting life! This was the true meaning of living!

Time passed by quietly.

After an unknown length of time, Luo Tian finally woke up. He stretched about and exhaled a long breath. “That was a good sleep. I haven’t slept that well in a long time!”

At this time, the system gave off an alert tone.


“System upgrade has finished.”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a level 2 system!”

A brief flash appeared in Luo Tian’s eyes. “The update is done, but I wonder what a level 2 system entails? What’s the difference between it now and when it was considered a beginner system? Damn, I’m really looking forward to it!”

Luo Tian immediately made a thought and ordered: “Open the system interface!”


“Will the player please make a choice!”

“Beep~, beep~, beep~…”

A large selection of choices appeared in Luo Tian’s mind.

“Martial Skill System!”

“Store System!”

“Reward System!”

“Dual Cultivation System!”

“Lovers System!”

“Sin Point System!”

Luo Tian was nearly overwhelmed with all the choices. “Goddamn! This level 2 system is really cool! It has everything! It looks like all the functions of an online game have been fully brought over to the new world!”

Luo Tian smiled so wide that he couldn’t close his mouth. “Hehe… I should take a look at the dual cultivation system first!”

Just when Luo Tian was about to check out the dual cultivation system interface with a perverted look on his face, the sky turned dark, and everything felt like it had flipped upside down.

Luo Tian felt his body had suddenly plummeted down in a straight line from 10,000 meters up!

“Damn! Is this the Ancient World?”

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