Undefeatable – Ch879

Chapter 879 – Muggles


There was an explosion inside Luo Tian’s consciousness.

He suddenly had a feeling of being something thrown into a garbage dump.

Before he could say a word, a powerful voice was heard shouting: “Quickly stand up, you bunch of trash!”

There was a flurry of chaotic movements as the voice faded.

“Who did you call trash?!”

“Do you know who I am?!”

“What kind of thing do you think you are?! I am the Hybrid Sky Continent’s supreme expert! The strongest existence in the Hybrid Sky Continent! Those who dare to call me trash are no longer living now!”

As that person’s words were heard, and he wasn’t actually finished speaking yet, the strong, burly guy that shouted in the first place had already made his move. His body was like a gust of wind as a fist smashed forth. That supreme expert of the Hybrid Sky Continent had been directly punched to death. Blood splattered everywhere, but his mouth was still moving like he was trying to speak.

An instant kill!

This kind of strength was terrifying to a complete mess!

Luo Tian was horrified internally while his expression changed. He then said to himself: “The Soul Sovereign mentioned that a Profound God Sovereign expert was just an ant in the Ancient World. I originally didn’t believe it, but now, it looks like they are even lower than an ant.”

Luo Tian suddenly had the same feeling as when he had just transmigrated from Earth to the Tianxuan Continent.

He felt like a small insignificant existence.

This kind of feeling wasn’t good.

Luo Tian clenched his fists as he watched how a great perfection Profound God Sovereign expert was killed so easily. He checked the power within himself and felt there weren’t any changes. He stared at the burly guy who returned to his original position and said to himself: “It’s not that we’re too weak; it’s him that’s too strong. Motherf*cker, so this is the Ancient World? This is making me excited!”

Luo Tian felt no fear and only excitement.

The stronger the world, the more excited he became. This was the excitement that made his blood boil!

“Who else?!” The burly guy shouted domineeringly.

His eyes were filled with disdain as he sneered: “What I hate the most is you pieces of trash claiming yourselves to be supreme experts! Why don’t you guys open up your eyes and take a look at where you are now?! Do you think you’re still in your lowly realm?! This is the Ancient World! A higher realm! The one that rules over 108,000 lower realms! You bunch of trash better tread carefully, or else you wouldn’t even know how you died!”

As the burly guy spoke, the expression he revealed was clearly one where he was superior to the people present.

Several thousand people became quiet and didn’t dare to breathe too loudly.

A majority of the people here were middle-aged. A small portion was elderly, and the rest were young like Luo Tian.

Luo Tian looked around and said to himself: “A few thousand people… They have all come from the lower realms to the Ancient World. How can the Ancient World not be strong if experts from over 108,000 lower realms are coming here constantly?”

“Cough~, cough~…”

The burly guy cleared his voice before walking over to a house with a respectful look on his face. “My dear Elders, all the muggles that have entered the Ancient Continent this month are here. You can go ahead and make your selections now.”

“En~!” A cold response came out from the house.

Immediately after, the door opened up, and dozens of people wearing a variety of gorgeous-looking clothes came out. There were old, middle-aged men, women, and even one that looked like a child. Of course, no one would dare to look down on that child.

The burly guy ran back and shouted: “Everyone stand up properly! Come out when I call your names, got it?!”


“I can’t hear you! Haven’t you muggles eaten lately?! Shout louder! If I don’t hear your voice being louder, I will directly send you back to oblivion!” The burly guy instantly rebuked as he didn’t treat those in front of him as humans.

These people were all super experts in their respective lower realms.

They haven’t been treated like this for a very long time!

They were all unhappy, and the rage inside them could probably burn this burly guy up to a crisp. But they were very clear that when comparing their own strength to this burly guy, they were over 108,000 miles away!

Only Luo Tian had a calm look on his face.

Compared to back then in Jade Mountain City, the current treatment they were receiving was already many times better.

“Did you guys hear me?!”

“We heard it!” Their shout shook the sky.

The burly guy smiled in satisfaction, “Muggles are truly muggles, becoming so obedient that quickly. Humph~!”

He then ran back over to the group of people that looked like tourists and said: “My dear Elders, you may begin now.”

“En~, move aside.”


The burly guy was bowing left and right and didn’t dare to breathe loudly. This showed the identities of these Elders were definitely not normal.

The burly guy ran back to the large group, and his expression changed back to disdain once more. “You muggles better listen up for me! Once I call your name, step forward and release your powers. This test will determine where you will be going. Do not hold back your strength, or else I guarantee that you will regret it for the rest of your lives.”

“Sea King Continent, Chen Hao, step out here!”


A middle-aged man ran forward like a fresh soldier recruit. He then stopped in front of the ten-plus Elders and respectfully asked: “Elders, how do you wish to test me?”

“Here is a piece of jade. Just put a drop of your blood on it and then release your bloodline powers. After that, release your other powers, and that will do.”


Chen Hao stepped forward and followed instructions.

When his essence blood landed on the jade, a brief light flashed on it.

After that… nothing else happened after.

“Talent – low.”

“My fellow Elders, you guys can go ahead and select him if you want. My Soaring Sky Sect has no interest in such trash.”

“I don’t want him either.”

“His talent might be average, but there was a brief flash. That means he has reached the bare minimum qualifications. If you guys don’t want him, my Four Seas Sect will take him.”

“Hey… what’s your name again? Chen something? Stand by my side for now. We’ll head back to the Four Seas Sect in a while.”

“Ma Feng, step out here!”

“Talent – low.”

“Zhang Chengfeng, step out here!”

“Talent – low.”

One was called out after another, yet after a hundred-plus people, their talent was still rated as low. This group of sightseeing lords were all unmotivated, and some almost fell asleep. But everyone that was called out was accepted by a sect.

The testing of talent continued.

During this time, Luo Tian was smiling to himself as he said internally: “So this is the Dual Cultivation system? So awesome! It would be great if little sister Xue’er was here! Dual cultivating with her will definitely feel really good! Hahaha…”

Upon thinking of Li Xue’er, Luo Tian’s gaze faintly changed. “I need to find the antidote for her soul poison as soon as possible.”

More than two hours later.

There were only half the people left in the square.

Suddenly, the burly guy shouted: “Tianxuan Continent, Luo Tian, step out here!”


(T/N: Muggles was the direct translation, so I just kept it instead of brainstorming for a new term like ordinaries or something.)

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