Undefeatable – Ch880

Chapter 880 – Testing Twice

“Tianxuan Continent, Luo Tian, step out here!” The burly guy shouted coldly.

Luo Tian was still studying his new level 2 system because there were many new functions he didn’t understand how they worked. It was like looking at a brand new interesting thing. For example, he could buy some very powerful divine artifacts from the store system. This was a new function Luo Tian had never seen before.

Moreover, the item needed to trade for those things was this world’s currency.

That meant as long as he had enough money, he could buy all the stuff inside the store system. This was the usefulness and strength of the store system!

But the value of those things inside the store was worth quite a lot. Luo Tian unconsciously licked his lips when he saw the long string of zeros for their price.

“It’s good to be rich!”

“Once I have money, I will buy all those things! Your granny, those things are simply too tempting!” Luo Tian remembered the Arcane Dark King mentioning something about money being very important in the Ancient World.


“Tianxuan Continent, Luo Tian, step out here!”

The burly guy became impatient as his tone became colder. There was also a trace of anger as he swept his eyes around the square. He then directly scolded: “Which piece of trash is Luo Tian?! Hurry up and scram out here!”

“Who’s Luo Tian?”

“Why isn’t he coming out?”

When those Elders who had selected some disciples already heard the name ‘Tianxuan Continent,’ they were a bit surprised.

“The Tianxuan Continent hasn’t had a martial artist enter the Ancient World for tens of thousands of years, right? I didn’t expect there to be one this year.”

“The Tianxuan Continent is considered the lowest of the lower realms, so it’s very normal for something like that to happen.”

“That’s right. I’ve almost forgotten about the Tianxuan Continent. In this world, the experts from the Tianxuan Continent are the least. It’s very difficult for them to establish themselves here. Moreover, something happened that caused several overlord powerhouses to be angry. They proclaimed that they would kill any Tianxuan Continent expert they saw. If there was suddenly a disciple from the Tianxuan Continent appearing now…”

The Elders privately conversed amongst themselves.

They were surprised not because the Tianxuan Continent was strong but because it was too weak. It was so weak that it was fading in their memory and was about to be forgotten.

The crowd of lower realm experts started talking.

“Who is it? Why aren’t you going out quickly?”

“Damn, so the trashy Tianxuan Continent still exists? I thought it had already turned into a dead zone.”

“The quality of a continent truly cultivates the same quality of a person. I bet he doesn’t dare to come forward for the test.”

The people beside Luo Tian were also discussing this.

When Luo Tian finally heard their discussion, he quickly shouted: “Here! I’m here! I’m here!”

He then ran out in a hurry.

“You stupid muggle, are you deaf?!” The burly guy glared at Luo Tian with a fierce aura surging out from him.

Luo Tian’s mind sank as he felt horrified, “So strong! I can’t resist it!”

The Ancient World was truly the Ancient World!

It was different from usual!

This was the difference between realms!

Everything was different because the gap was too huge. A native of a lower realm couldn’t compare with the fleshly body and talent of a native from the Ancient World. This is due to the laws of a higher realm being stronger.

It was similar to someone being born on Earth. Earth was a relatively peaceful place that was ideal for human growth. But if someone is born in the harsh conditions of Mars and manages to survive, his or her abilities will definitely be stronger than someone from Earth. This is the difference in the living environment.

Luo Tian laughed along with the others.

There’s a saying that enduring for a bit and you shall find peace. Moreover, he wasn’t a match for the burly guy, so he could only live with his tail tucked behind.

“Ah Si, don’t make things difficult for him. Just let him come over.” An elderly person said this while stroking his goatee.

The burly guy instantly bowed and replied with a smile: “Yes!”

“Muggle, quickly go over! Don’t waste the Elder’s time!”

Luo Tian politely smiled at that elderly person who spoke up for him. That elderly person nodded and smiled back.

“Start the test!”

Luo Tian walked forward and dripped a drop of essence blood onto the jade. He then stepped back and watched if there were any changes to the jade.

The essence blood was slowly absorbed by the jade.

A few seconds later, there still weren’t any changes to the jade. Not even a flash of light.

“Talent – none!”


“Hahaha… hahaha… After so many years, I’ve finally encountered a disciple that has zero talent! Hahaha… I’m going to die laughing! I told you that no one powerful would come from the Tianxuan Continent! Tens of thousands of years later, they were able to spit out a piece of trash! Hahaha…” A middle-aged man in the large group loudly laughed and mocked.

“Sure enough… It looks like the spiritual veins in the Tianxuan Continent have been broken. It cannot produce any strong experts.”

“Take another look, guys! That kid’s dantian looks like it has been shattered! Has it been crippled? He… He… He is truly a piece of trash! How did he come to the Ancient world? How is he even qualified to live in the Ancient World?”

“Hahaha… it’s really true! I think I’m going to die from laughing too much!”

Out of the ten-plus Elders, around half of them were mocking Luo Tian.

Rage was burning inside Luo Tian, but he maintained a calm and indifferent expression on his face. He then said to himself: “My essence blood has been fused with the four divine beasts’ bloodlines, so how can my talent be this bad? What’s going on?”

Luo Tian then said: “My dear Elders, can I try one more time?”

“Try again?”

“Kid, aren’t you afraid of losing face again?”

“It must be really hard for the Tianxuan Continent to produce a disciple capable of ascension in these tens of thousands of years, yet it somehow gave us a talentless piece of trash. Hahaha… People are going to laugh themselves to death! Kid, are you actually here to make us laugh?”

Now that the burly guy found out Luo Tian’s talent was zero, his expression became even more disdainful as he said: “Damn trash! Scram as far away as you can! The testing stone will not be wrong! Even if you try ten thousand times, the results will still be the same! Stop wasting the Elder’s time!”

The words “damn trash” was like a thorn stabbing into Luo Tian.


Extremely angry!

He clenched his fists while coldly looking at the burly guy from the corner of his eyes. Killing intent was rising from within his heart.

In the end, Luo Tian managed to suppress his emotions. He looked over at the Elder who spoke on his behalf and politely cupped his hands, and said: “Elder, please give me one more chance.”

The burly guy was instantly enraged. He kicked over while saying: “Scram away!”

A very heavy kick!

If such a kick strikes Luo Tian, he would most likely be left with half a life if he manages to survive!

At this time, the Elder’s body blurred, and he appeared with a smile, “Ah Si, let him try one more time.”

A fan had appeared in his hand and gently blocked the burly guy’s kick.

The burly guy’s expression instantly changed as he bowed: “Yes! Yes! This disciple was rude! Please forgive me, Elder Heavenly Plume!”

He was an Elder from the Heavenly Plume Sect.

His name was Yao Hai.

Yao Hai waved his hand, “No problem. Little brother Luo, go ahead and test one more time.”

Luo Tian carefully walked forward and tested for the second time.

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