Undefeatable – Ch881

Chapter 881 – Blank

The moment Luo Tian turned away, a trace of killing intent appeared in Ah Si’s eyes. His eyes were directed at Luo Tian, but it quickly disappeared and was replaced with a fawning smile.

“Let him try one more time.”

“I want to laugh one more time.”

“Me too. After guiding so many disciples, I have never met a person with zero talents. Today was truly an eye-opener, hahaha…”

“Kid, don’t let us down this time.”

Seven to eight Elders had a look on their faces like they were expecting a good show. They were looking at Luo Tian like they were watching a clown perform.

They were waiting for Luo Tian to embarrass himself.

Luo Tian frowned as he couldn’t figure something out. He then said to himself: “It shouldn’t be. My four divine beasts’ bloodline surpasses the true dragon’s bloodline. Even if I can’t cause the jade to flash, it shouldn’t be that my innate talent is zero.”

Luo Tian concentrated like he had united his mind and spirit. He then dripped a drop of essence blood and watched it fall off his finger.

“Plop~!” The sound of liquid landing on the jade.

The essence blood was absorbed by the piece of jade. A few seconds later, the jade stone still didn’t give off any flash of light.

“Talent – zero!”



“Hahaha, this is too funny! Sure enough, the results didn’t disappoint me! Zero talent is still zero talent!”

Apart from the Elders, even those disciples who had been accepted were laughing their asses off.

The burly guy was the most joyous when he mocked. “Stupid piece of trash; what do you have to say now? Do you want to test again? Hahaha… trash is truly trash. Even your dantian is trash! I really don’t understand how you can make breakthroughs at this point.”

Loud laughter!

Luo Tian clenched his fists and wanted to explode in rage.

He really wanted to!

He wanted to instantly kill the burly guy, but his current strength…

He then said to himself: “You’re laughing at me today, but I might make you kneel down and call my grandpa in a few days!”

Luo Tian’s expression only faintly changed before bowing to Yao Hai and saying: “Thank you!”

Yao Hai also felt it was strange but smiled gracefully: “Don’t worry too much. The most important thing in the martial path is diligence. Even if you have the best talent, you will still become a nobody if you don’t train hard. Do not be discouraged, and continue cultivating. You will eventually find success one day.”

Luo Tian was grateful for the words and replied: “I won’t give up.”

Yao Hai could see in Luo Tian’s eyes that he was a tenacious individual. He then said to himself in a puzzled manner: “Based on logic, he shouldn’t be able to cultivate with a crippled dantian. But how did he make his breakthroughs then? He should be very clear on his own strength, or else he wouldn’t request another test. No one wants others to treat them as a joke. But he… this is really strange.”

Luo Tian gave him a strange feeling that he couldn’t explain.

Out of the few thousand people present, only he thought of this strange point?

If one cannot cultivate, how can one make breakthroughs?

Luo Tian became the supreme expert of his realm. There are no backdoors he could cheat his way through because everything was restricted by the laws. No one can go against it. If some godly expert had brought him to the Ancient World, he wouldn’t have ended up here.

Out of the 108,000 lower realms, major forces will immediately pick up the super-talented disciples they have their eyes on after ascension. They wouldn’t be gathered here today for them to select. That’s why it was impossible for Luo Tian to come here through the backdoor.

Luo Tian returned back to his position with a frown. He then asked himself: “How can this be? When the system underwent the upgrade, it never said it would seal up my bloodline. Could it be that the four divine beasts’ bloodline is considered garbage in the Ancient World?”

He couldn’t understand this.

When those disciples saw Luo Tian frown and look depressed, even more people ridiculed him.

“You guys look; someone like him even dares to enter the Ancient World? He’s practically losing face for all of us!”

“How can we be standing so close to him in the selection?”

“If it was me, I would go find a piece of tofu and smash myself to death with it.”

There were people everywhere who loved to add insult to injury.

It was like stepping on Luo Tian would make them stand taller and prouder.

Luo Tian ignored the ridicule like he didn’t hear them. He was pretty much ridiculed every day when he transmigrated to Jade Mountain City, yet what had happened to those people now?

They were all killed by him!


Luo Tian needed time to figure out everything.

There were still a lot of functions in the level 2 system he didn’t understand, so he needed time to go over them.

His original strength didn’t weaken so why was his bloodline power gone?

“Tianyuan Continent, Qin Yuan, step out here!”


The testing continued.

At this time, Luo Tian opened up his system interface to the page about his four divine beasts’ bloodline.

Bloodline: Four Divine Beasts Bloodline

Grade: One (Sealed)

Description: After the system upgrade, the bloodline has been sealed. Player needs to find the power of blood spirits.

“Damn it!”

“Sure enough, the system improved its functions and had more features after the upgrade. But it had sealed all the skills I originally had until I find a particular item to unseal it. Shit!” Luo Tian’s heart sank.

He looked around and watched one person at a time step forward to be tested and then walk away with a faint smile on their face.

The organizations with power had taken them in.

It was very important for a person to rely on an established force in the Ancient World. It was very difficult for someone alone to survive. Moreover, they could be killed off by one of the forces at any given time. The Ancient World was a place divided up by many forces. The Four Seas Sect, Heavenly Plume Sect, these forces belonged to the lowest level of forces, identified as the bronze level. Countless bronze level forces were controlled by silver level forces, and then those silver level forces were controlled by gold level forces.

The forces were divided into six levels: Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and king.

If martial artists didn’t belong to one of those forces, it would be very difficult for them to survive.

After a few thousand people underwent the test, only Luo Tian was left without a force wanting him.

He stood to the side all by himself.

There would occasionally be a sneer from somewhere.

A sudden announcement: “Talent – middle!”

“Middle level talent?!”


The whole square suddenly broke out into an uproar. Everyone was listening for a few hours to ‘low talent’ and then suddenly heard ‘middle talent.’ This was basically a crane standing out in a flock of chickens!

All the Elders stood up and stared at the male that didn’t look over thirty years old. Their eyes were clearly reflecting their greed.

“My dear fellow Elders, if you give him to me, my Sky Sea Sect will not compete with any other talents in the next decade. What do you guys think?”

“Give your mother’s fart! Give him to me, and I won’t compete with you guys for twenty years! This kid is mine! Whoever dares to snatch him from me, I will fight it out with you!”

“Wu Feng, out of the sixteen sects present, my Iron Thread Sect is the strongest. As long as you select me, I guarantee that you will be provided with the best cultivation resources!”

All the Elders started arguing loudly.

At this moment, Wu Feng glanced over at Luo Tian with a sneer on his face.

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