Undefeatable – Ch882

Chapter 882 – I Want You To Slap Him

Wu Feng looked at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian smiled bitterly and said to himself: “Do you really need to look at me to show your superiority?”

It was fine if there wasn’t a smile, but once that smile was seen, Wu Feng looked like he had just received a huge insult. He immediately jumped out and pointed at Luo Tian’s nose to scold: “Damn trash! What are you smiling at?! Is a piece of trash with zero talents qualified to smile?! You have lost all face for us! Just standing near you in this selection process has made us lose face!”

“What Senior Brother Wu said is correct!”

“It’s so funny how any random cat and dog can be mixed in with us.”

“That’s right! The Tianxuan Continent is famous for giving us trash! Hahaha…”


Many of the newly accepted disciples started laughing loudly once more.

Luo Tian only narrowed his eyes but didn’t say anything.

Seeing how Luo Tian wasn’t responding, Wu Feng became even more aggressive by saying: “Trash from the Tianxuan Continent, why are you still here?! Are you waiting for a beating?! It’s a piece of mouse shit like you that has made all of us lose face here!”

“Why don’t you just go kill yourself?!”

His tone of voice had a strong sense of disdain.

Filled with contempt and arrogance.

He acted like he was superior to all others after being detected as having a middle level talent.

Indeed, his talent was the most outstanding amongst the few thousand disciples present. His cultivation was also the best among his peers. Coupled with so many Elders fawning over him, this gave him the attitude of being superior to all others.

On the other hand, Luo Tian had zero innate talent after testing twice.

Wu Feng’s high talent originally had nothing to do with Luo Tian, but somehow Wu Feng acted like a cat that had its tail stepped on and started scolding him like crazy.

Behind Wu Feng were several Elders with their arms crossed, appreciating his actions. One of the Elders even said with a smile: “Not bad, not bad at all. A person with a middle talent should naturally have an air of superiority. Those with zero talent are mere ants in his eyes. A strong expert should always exude the air of the strong in order to show their style. This kid has a great character!”

“Elder Wang, don’t you feel shameless to say those things in order to suck up to a disciple? Do you really need to do something like that?” Yao Hai commented.

He had been paying attention to Luo Tian’s expression all this time and was very satisfied with what he saw. Luo Tian was someone that could endure!

Luo Tian was able to tolerate all the horrible words thrown at him!

This surprised him a bit.

These people were all supreme experts from their respective realms, so they were all prideful and arrogant. Since they had always been the strongest in their world, they still had an air of arrogance after their ascension.

But Yao Hai never sensed this arrogance from Luo Tian.

On the contrary, what he saw was resilience, patience, and a trace of unwillingness.

Wang Li laughed before asking: “What is it? Brother Yao Hai, do you like that trash? Why do you keep speaking on behalf of the trash? People like him won’t be able to survive for more than three days in the Ancient World. I bet he will be devoured by others in three days.”

“Many of these people come from origin continents, and I can sense there’s still residual origin powers within them. You should know how many people covet this origin power, right?”

There were many continents below the Ancient World that were origin continents, and they all nurtured origin essence.

This kind of power was mixed in with profound energy and immortal force. Whether you were able to devour origin power or not, the energy flowing within their bodies had a trace of origin power. Even though it was very weak, it could still be very powerful when origin power was ignited.

That’s why those great perfection Profound God Sovereigns who have just ascended need to rely on a major force in order to survive.

Only the living can continue to develop further.

At this time, Luo Tian suddenly stepped forward and asked: “What will you do if I manage to survive for three days?”

With this sudden question, everyone became silent and stared at Luo Tian with wide eyes.

It looked like no one heard his questions, so Luo Tian took another step forward and asked louder: “What will you do if I manage to survive for three days?”


The burly guy Ah Si jumped out and shouted: “You damn dog thing! You dare to speak like that to Elder Wang?! It looks like you are tired of living!”

Luo Tian didn’t even look at Ah Si and continued to stare at Wang Li.

Wang Li was an Elder from the Spirit Gathering Sect.

At this time, Wang Li sneered in disdain before replying: “Kid, if you manage to survive for three days, my Spirit Gathering Sect will take you in as a disciple and guarantee your safety in Martial Mountain City.”


“Surviving for three days and one can join the Spirit Gathering Sect? Elder Wang, you are truly magnanimous.”

“Within Martial Mountain City, the Spirit Gathering Sect is considered a top rank of all medium forces. It’s considered a pretty good thing to enter the Spirit Gathering Sect.”

All the new disciples started discussing with each other.

One of the Elders commented: “Three days? I’m afraid he wouldn’t even survive for one.”

“As long as this kid doesn’t have a force backing him, I think he’ll die the moment he walks out of this martial training field.”

“Is he treating the Ancient World as a playground? The Ancient World is a man-eat-man world that’s ten thousand times crueler than your lower realms.”

If Luo Tian doesn’t join any major forces, he will survive for less than a day.

Most likely, he would die the moment he leaves the gates of this martial training field.

He wants to make a bet with an Elder from the Spirit Gathering Sect?

That’s practically courting his own death!

Yao Hai’s brows sank. He originally thought Luo Tian was going to tolerate everything, but Luo Tian’s attitude suddenly changed. Yao Hai kept giving Luo Tian eye signals, but Luo Tian pretended not to see it.

Wang Li looked at Yao Hai and said: “Brother Yao Hai, it’s best that your Heavenly Plume Sect doesn’t interfere with this. Otherwise, don’t blame me for disregarding our years of brotherly friendship and treating you impolitely.”

He first had to make sure that the Heavenly Plume Sect wouldn’t take Luo Tian in. Otherwise, Luo Tian will definitely survive for three days with their protection.

The meaning of his words was very simple – Heavenly Plume Sect cannot take Luo Tian in!

A non-recruited disciple dares to gamble with him? If he doesn’t show him what he’s made of, they will treat his Spirit Gathering Sect as a vegetarian!

Another point – Wang Li was very favorable toward Wu Feng. He could see a trace of killing intent in Wu Feng’s eyes when he stared at Luo Tian. Wang Li understood that by suppressing Luo Tian, it might gain the favor of Wu Feng. Therefore, there will be a higher chance of Wu Feng choosing to enter the Spirit Gathering Sect!

If the middle talent Wu Feng joins the Spirit Gathering Sect, the sect leader will definitely reward him for the successful recruitment. What a great thing that would be!

This was basically killing two birds with one stone! This bet was very beneficial to him and the Spirit Gathering Sect!

At this time, Luo Tian walked forward with a smile, “My apologies, but I have no interest in joining your Spirit Gathering Sect. Even if you kneel down and beg me, I will not join your sect.”

“Outrageous!” Ah Si roared out.

If there were no one present right now, he would’ve killed Luo Tian instantly with a palm strike.

There was no need to waste any words with Luo Tian!

Wang Li had an ugly look on his face. He waved his hand at Ah Si to signal him not to make any moves before asking: “What do you want then?”

Luo Tian smiled and said: “My request is very simple – if I manage to survive for three days, I just want you to slap him once!”

Luo Tian pointed at Wu Feng when he spoke.

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