Undefeatable – Ch883

Chapter 883 – Surviving For Three Days

Luo Tian was pointing directly at Wu Feng!

The surrounding turned silent as everyone stared at Luo Tian dumbstruck.

Has this kid lost his mind?

He wanted Wang Li to slap Wu Feng?


Did water enter his brain? Even if Wang Li agreed to this unreasonable request, Wu Feng wasn’t going to!

Cracking sounds could be heard from Wu Feng’s mouth as he clenched his teeth.

His expression completely revealed his anger. Before Wang Li could reply, he sneered: “Fine! Elder Wang, agree to it! He’s definitely going to die within three days!”

Wu Feng was actually very knowledgeable about the Ancient World.

We can say the moment he was born; he already knew he was going to enter the Ancient World. From that moment on, he learned about everything surrounding the Ancient World. He was very clear that people were not able to survive for a single day without the reliance on a major force.

It was even more impossible to survive for three days.

Origin essence was the strongest type of cultivation resource for the experts from the Ancient World.

Even demonic beasts coveted this!

No matter what, Luo Tian was going to die!

Wang Li was hiding his big smile inside and almost grasped Luo Tian’s hand to thank him!

After this matter, Wu Feng was going to enter the Spirit Gathering Sect! Once the gamble succeeds, everything will be too awesome! Wang Li immediately replied in a calm manner: “Little brother Wu, you might as well join the Spirit Gathering Sect and watch how this kid is going to die.”

At this time, many Elders were swearing internally: “Damn it! Wang Li picked up a huge bargain this time!”

They hated Luo Tian for this.

He could’ve stepped out at any time, but he stepped out in such an untimely manner.

At this time, Luo Tian managed to offend all the Elders who wanted Wu Feng. Hatred was brewing inside them. Even if the Spirit Gathering Sect didn’t make a move, they would make a move if they encountered him.

Wu Feng didn’t think too much and nodded, “Disciple pays his respect to Elder Wang.”

“Damn it!”

“Wang Li, you old cunning thing! You’re too despicable!”

“Elder Wang, you’re being too unfair!”

“All you had to do was step on a person with no talent, and you gained a middle talent disciple? Don’t you feel that you’re taking too much advantage of this? You damn trashy kid! You could’ve stepped out any time, but you stepped out at this particular time! A guy with a brain like yours wants to live for three days?! I doubt you can even survive for three hours!”

“Brother Wu, do you need to reconsider your choice? The cultivation resources I can provide are much greater than the Spirit Gathering Sect.”

Wang Li couldn’t close his mouth from smiling so wide. “You guys, there’s no need to poach a talent that’s already mine. Brother Wu is already a disciple of my Spirit Gathering Sect. In the future, I still need all of you Elders to take care of us. Hahaha…”

Wu Feng also said: “Thank you for the kindness all you Elders have shown me. If there is anything you need of this disciple in the future, I will definitely do my best to help.”


“What a big loss.”

A middle talent disciple was snatched away just like that.”

“What the hell just happened?”

“That trash surnamed Luo! It was you that ruined our matter! Even if the disciples from the Spirit Gathering Sect let you off, we won’t spare you one bit! This is making me so angry!”

A middle talent disciple was very important to a force of the bronze level.

They might even determine the fate of a force.

Their hearts were feeling pain and hatred directed at Luo Tian. If he hadn’t appeared and made such a stupid bet, there was no way Wang Li would capture the prize so easily. The Spirit Gathering Sect was already quite strong, so they had become even stronger by gaining Wu Feng.

Most likely, Martial Mountain City will belong to the Spirit Gathering Sect in the future.

For many years, the forces of Martial Mountain City were in a state of equilibrium. No one could take down each other because all the forces were only taking in disciples with low talents. For the first time in many years, a middle talent disciple suddenly appeared here.

The equilibrium of Martial Mountain City was now broken because of Wu Feng.

Wu Feng’s respectful gaze turned to cold arrogance as he stared at Luo Tian. “I want to see how you’re going to survive for three days! Humph~!”

Wang Li narrowed his eyes and said: “Brother Wu, how do you want him to die? Our Spirit Gathering Sect will take care of it however you want. This will be considered my first meeting gift to you, heh heh…”

At this time, Luo Tian looked like a fish on the chopping board. He could be killed off at any second!

Wu Feng replied: “How can I let an Elder make a move? I believe many people want his life right now. What I like the most is watching a good show. Of course, if he manages to survive after two days in this world, I will personally make a move.”

“Kid, you should prepare for your funeral.”

Wang Li shouted in appreciation: “Good! We’ll do it exactly the way you want!”

Wang Li then announced loudly: “All the new disciples of the Spirit Gathering Sect, listen up! From today onward, Wu Feng will be your eldest senior brother! Do you understand?!”

“Eldest senior brother!”

“Eldest senior brother!”

Over a hundred disciples shouted in unison. Each one of them felt excited and proud because they were standing beside Wu Feng. They felt that the cultivation resources they were going to get would certainly be not too little.

Wang Li smiled in satisfaction before coldly glancing at Luo Tian. He then glanced over at the burly guy Ah Si.

Ah Si nodded his head like he understood the meaning.

Wang Li waved his hand and said: “All disciples listen up! Return to the Spirit Gathering Sect!”

All the other Elders flapped their sleeves in unhappiness. They then called out to their respective disciples to leave the martial training field.

“Kid, you can wait for your death.”


“I will take your dog life if I see you next time!”

“Don’t let me ever see you again!”

Many people mocked Luo Tian while walking by.

Luo Tian’s expression was calm, like water, like he hadn’t heard a thing. He then said to himself: “All the worlds are the same – the strong are respected. It’s the same with the Tianxuan Continent and the same with the Ancient World. There’s also the part where every world would have people courting their own death!”

“You guys just wait and see…”

Yao Hai only selected a few dozen disciples, and they all looked a bit impatient.

They were scared Yao Hai would bring Luo Tian into the Heavenly Plume Sect. If they hung around a piece of trash, how were they going to show their faces in front of others in the future?

Yao Hai spoke to Ah Si and said: “I’m going to say a few things to little brother Luo, so can you excuse yourself?”

Ah Si was faintly surprised before looking at Luo Tian with undisguised killing intent. He then looked back at Yao Hai and said: “Elder Yao, Elder Wang already said that if the Heavenly Plume Sect dares to take him in…”

Before he could finish, Yao Hai frowned and lectured: “I am not deaf. I don’t need you to repeat the words.”

Ah Si’s expression changed as he placed all his annoyance onto Luo Tian. He then said internally: “Damn kid, you better wait and see…”

Ah Si immediately walked out from the main gate.

Yao Hai then said to the dozens of disciples: “Wait for me outside the martial training field. I will be out very soon.”


Momentarily, there were only two people left in the huge martial training field.

Before Yao Hai spoke, Luo Tian asked: “Elder Yao, could you please tell me where in Martial Mountain City there are demonic beasts for me to kill?”

Yao Hai was stunned, “You want to kill demonic beasts after entering the Ancient World? Are you trying to kill yourself?”

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