Undefeatable – Ch884

Chapter 884 – Wait For My Return

Look for demonic beasts to kill?

Yao Hai blanked out at Luo Tian, “Little brother Luo, I know you are unwilling and very angry about the situation but don’t take things too hard. After entering the Martial Mountain Range, forget about three days; you will instantly die after meeting a demonic beast. My advice is that you don’t do such a reckless thing. The demonic beasts in the Ancient World are different from the ones in your lower realm. Any one of them can easily take your life here.”

His words were very serious.

Yao Hai was also a person that came from a lower realm. He understood how proud someone was the moment they entered the Ancient World since he, too, was once like that. But in less than three days, that proud arrogance had been wiped away by reality.

He was completely crushed by the martial artists from the Ancient World.

In the Ancient World, those supreme experts from the 108,000 lower realms became ant-like existences.

They were equivalent to trash!

No one placed them in their eyes, and they actually became targets for people to hunt!

Within Martial Mountain City, there were already some people observing this disciple selection process.

This was one of the main reasons Wang Li was willing to gamble with Luo Tian.

Luo Tian would be killed off even if the Spirit Gathering Sect didn’t make a move. If one didn’t have a major force behind them, it would be very difficult for them to even walk about. Of course, this wouldn’t be the case if you were extremely strong.

Luo Tian remembered the insult he suffered today. So, they want to gamble on whether he can survive for three days or not?

Then let’s bet on it!

He wanted to give Wang Li an invisible slap while giving Wu Feng a physical one! Using Wang Li’s hand to smack Wu Feng? Luo Tian had never used such a move before. He was already thinking how cool it would be for it to happen!

But just surviving for three days?

Luo Tian had no such thoughts. He wanted to kill some demonic beasts to level up and then come back to viciously slap the faces of those that had ridiculed him today!

This was what he planned on doing!

Of course, he wanted to enter a mountain range of the Ancient World and see how strong the demonic beasts were. He also needed to see if he could survive in this world. The demonic beasts were naturally dangerous, but were they more dangerous than this man-eat-man world?

Instead of dealing with the sinister hearts of man, Luo Tian would rather deal with the powerful demonic beasts!

Therefore, Luo Tian continued to insist: “I understand, but I still want to go. Elder Yao, please tell me!”

He was very sincere.

Yao Hai furrowed his brow before replying: “After leaving Martial Mountain City, the Martial Mountain Range is about a hundred-plus kilometer to the west. But you must remember not to enter the depths of the mountain range, or else you will certainly die there. You have to remember my words.”

“Thank you!”

Luo Tian continued: “Elder Yao, I will protect my own life. I will not disappoint you.”

Luo Tian then turned around to leave.

There was a moment of hesitation before Yao Hai brought out a medicinal pill. He stopped Luo Tian and gave the pill to him. “Ah Si will definitely be outside the gate waiting for you. His cultivation is in the Spirit Martial 3rd rank and can instantly kill you. You have to be constantly on guard against him and don’t let him find your whereabouts. Here is a Stealth Pill and fifty xuan coins for your use. Any martial artist below the Spirit Martial 5th rank won’t be able to detect you, and it can last for ten minutes.”

As long as Luo Tian steps out of the martial training field, Ah Si will immediately make his move.

Wang Li’s previous signal with his eye was the command.

It was too easy for a person at the Spirit Martial 3rd rank to instantly kill Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was filled with gratitude as he took the Stealth Pill. He didn’t say anything more and strode out of the martial training field.

Yao Hai also followed out to leave.

The martial training ground was located in the southern suburbs of the city. It was a common area owned by dozens of sects within Martial Mountain City, and disciples would usually come here every day to practice their cultivation. But today was a special day where new disciples would be selected, so it was closed for the day to normal training.

Because it was located in the suburbs, only a few people were around the outside of the martial training ground. Ah Si was sitting below a covered area, drinking tea and watching the gates of the martial training ground. When he saw Luo Tian walk out, the corner of his mouth curved into a cold smile. “Damn piece of trash, you have finally come out.”

Luo Tian naturally noticed Ah Si.

Just when he was about to walk toward Ah Si, Yao Hai cut in front of him with a few dozen disciples and chuckled: “Come! Let’s offer brother Ah Si a cup of tea! You were all received by him. Suppose he didn’t do a proper job; who knows where all of you would have ended up at? Brother Ah Si is the manager of the martial training ground, so you will all need his help in the future when you come here to cultivate.”

Yao Hai walked over to the resting area and said with a smile: “Brother Ah Si, I can only present to you a borrowed gift. It’s been hard on you.”

The disciples didn’t understand what was going on, but they wanted to curry favors with any strong people in the new world. Moreover, they were awed by the power Ah Si revealed previously, so they all crowded toward him.

This was all for Luo Tian to extricate himself.

Luo Tian understood Yao Hai’s intention and was very grateful for it. He used this opportunity to slip away toward the city’s western direction.

Ah Si had no choice; he couldn’t get away with so many people crowding around him. Moreover, there was Yao Hai present, who was much stronger than him. Even if he sheds all cordial pretenses, he didn’t dare to openly offend the Heavenly Plume Sect. He could only curse internally: “Kid, you will die sooner or later.”

Luo Tian was running with his fists clenched, “I need to be stronger!”


“I need to become much stronger!”

It was the same with every world – the weak were food for the strong. The law of the jungle!

The current Luo Tian wasn’t the Luo Tian from three years ago. He was very clear about what he could do and what he had to endure. The rage inside his heart was burning up. The mocking and the constant use of the word ‘trash’ at the martial training ground pissed him off!

But he endured!

After leaving Martial Mountain City, he stared coldly at the man-made city and said: “Wait for my return!”

Spirit Gathering Sect.

Ah Si reported: “Elder Wang, if it wasn’t for Elder Yao blocking me, that kid would be dead already.”

Wang Li narrowed his eyes, “Yao Hai, oh Yao Hai… You dare to interfere with the matters of my Spirit Gathering Sect? It looks like I need to show you what I’m capable of in this year’s martial tournament, or else you’ll think I’m a vegetarian! Humph~!”

“Where did that kid go off to?”

He had to take care of this matter.

And he had to do a very good job because he needed Wu Feng to believe in him and the Spirit Gathering Sect.

The Spirit Gathering Sect had to treat a person with the potential of a middle talent as a treasure. They cannot allow that person to feel cold towards their sect!

Moreover, the sect leader advised him to pay attention to the bet after giving him an unusually large reward. Luo Tian had to be killed in a beautiful manner. Dealing with a muggle that had just entered the Ancient World should be a very simple matter.

Ah Si furrowed his brow, “That kid left the city.”


Wang Li became angry as his expression changed. “You piece of trash, you can’t even take care of such a small thing?! Humph~!”

Ah Si could feel a pressure smash into him, so he immediately bowed and said: “Please be rest assured, Elder Wang! He went out the western gate, and there’s only one place it leads to – the Martial Mountain Range! Once that trash enters the Martial Mountain Range, he will definitely die without us needing to make a move.”

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