Undefeatable – Ch885

Chapter 885 – The Beauty Bai Lingling

Luo Tian kept running, not daring to look back.

He was worried about either the Spirit Gather Sect or Ah Si catching up to him.

He had to be extra careful in this world.

Compared to the Ancient World, the Tianxuan Continent was equivalent to a newbie village and the former a large city. A large city filled with countless experts while he was an existence at the lowest strata. He had to be careful with every move, or else he wouldn’t even know how he died.

Luo Tian used all his strength to run for several hours before slowing down a bit. Once he was sure no one was chasing after him, he breathed a sigh of relief. “You guys wait! I will pay you guys back a hundred times for today’s insult!”


Luo Tian exhaled a breath of air before looking at the lofty mountain range in the distance. “The mountains here are truly different from the ones from the Tianxuan Continent. Just the lofty and majestic environment surpasses what I’ve seen. It’s a pity that my dantian is crippled, or else I would definitely experience the yuan energy from the Ancient World.”

After settling his emotions, Luo Tian increased his speed toward the entrance of the Martial Mountain Range.

“One at a time! Everyone needs to line up!”

“One person costs ten xuan coins! Those without money can scram aside!”

“You adventurers and bounty hunters are all stingy bastards! Trying to get away with the rules, huh? Without the protection of our sixteen sects, there’s no way such an entrance to the Martial Mountain Range would still be standing!”


The Martial Mountain Range was huge, covering tens of millions of kilometers.

No one in Martial Mountain City knew where it started and where it ended. The only thing they knew was that demonic beasts ran rampant in there, and nine out of ten who enter will never come out.

But many martial artists still went inside every day.

The reason is that Martial Mountain was nature’s treasure trove that gave birth to many spiritual herbs. Any random spiritual herb in there will allow the gatherer to earn over a hundred xuan coins. There were also demonic beasts apart from herbs. The entire body of a demonic beast was considered a treasure. Both their essence blood and their skeletal bones were in short supply. There were many stores inside Martial Mountain City that specialized in buying these materials.

Some sects and large forces would even issue missions.

Other than looking for rare and mysterious spiritual herbs, they would also need materials from specific demonic beasts. The rewards they gave were extremely lucrative, so it managed to birth the profession of the bounty hunter. Bounty hunters would accept these dangerous hunting and gathering missions, but they were also responsible for hunting down people!

After Ah Si left, Wang Li was thinking left and right about what to do. If he didn’t do a good job of this, Wu Feng would be unsatisfied, and the sect leader would blame him for it. Eventually, he decided to secretly contact a bounty hunter he often uses.

He was going to get the job done for a very low price!

Apart from spiritual herbs and demonic beasts, Martial Mountain also had some mysterious ruins. There were rumors that Martial Mountain had a powerful gold level family living there. No one knew why they had all disappeared in a single night.

A gold level family was an extremely strong existence.

Even if they disappeared in a single night and their belongings cleaned out, there still should be some hidden or forgotten treasures left behind. This was why many adventurers were willing to flock to the Martial Mountain Range.

Except, none of those people searching for the ruins had ever come out. But somehow, this didn’t stop the adventurers and even attracted more of them.

Unknowingly, Luo Tian had arrived at the entrance.

He was at the end of the line, and in front of him were five people wearing eye-catching clothes. They looked just like those stereotypical rich young masters. They all had impatient looks on their faces, and one of the youths started waving a fan made from unknown material about. “We’ve already waited for an hour! What are we waiting for? With our identities, even their sect leaders would have to kneel down to welcome us. They actually dare make us line up! Humph~!”

The tone of arrogance seemed to come from the depths of his bones.

In front of him was an average looking guy that had huge muscles. He replied: “Brother Ouyang, we are here for training and not here to enjoy ourselves. If we reveal our identities, do you think we would be able to enter Martial Mountain?”

At this time, a girl standing in the front turned around and glared at the guy that had just spoken. “Big brother, do you think we’re not annoyed enough? Ouyang Ye, if you don’t want to line up, you can go back yourself. Don’t expose our identity.”

The girl looked haughty and proud like she was a peacock standing high above the masses.

There was a trace of disgust in her voice when she spoke to the guy called Ouyang Ye.

Ouyang Ye revealed a gentleman’s smile and said: “Little sister Ling, I’m only here to protect you. If you don’t leave, I definitely won’t leave this place. How can I bear to leave you alone in Martial Mountain? I, Ouyang Ye, would never do such an uncouth thing.”

The girl was called Bai Lingling.

After hearing Ouyang Ye’s words, her face clearly showed she was unhappy.

When she was speaking, she casually glanced over at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian pretended he didn’t hear anything.

Except… This glance was noticed by Ouyang Ye, and he instantly became annoyed. His gaze and expression turned cold as he turned to look at Luo Tian. He then said in a superior tone: “Kid, I will dig your eyes out if you dare to stare randomly.”

Luo Tian immediately turned to look somewhere else.

He didn’t have the strength or time to care about this guy. But if they were still in the Tianxuan Continent, he would’ve slapped Ouyang Ye’s head off his body already.

Luo Tian only wanted to level up, make breakthroughs, and go back to Martial Mountain City in three days. He wanted to give Wang Li an invisible slap and make him physically slap Wu Feng. This was his current priority. As for the girl who had glanced at him, Luo Tian could only chuckle inside his heart.

The girl was indeed beautiful, spirited, and had a large chest. The clothes she wore were rather tight, so they accentuated her hot body. Her little butt looked so curvy that it made one instantly fantasize about it. But unfortunately, her bones screamed out aristocratic arrogance where she didn’t put anyone in her eyes.

She only coldly swept her glance past Luo Tian.

Luo Tian didn’t want any trouble, but sometimes things didn’t work the way he wanted.

Bai Lingling hated Ouyang Ye’s domineering and arrogant attitude, where he strutted around like everything was beneath him. When she saw Luo Tian look away, she immediately said: “Ouyang Ye, aren’t you a bit too arrogant? I’m looking at him, but he doesn’t look back at me. But I’m still going to look at him anyway. His looks are ten thousand times better than yours! Humph~!”

Ouyang Ye continued to look at Bai Lingling with a gentleman’s smile, but when he turned to Luo Tian, his expression was ice cold. “Kid, scram to the back of the line!”

At this time, there were already dozens of people lined up behind Luo Tian.

He was short on time and wanted to use all his time to make breakthroughs, but this guy suddenly wanted him to go to the back of the line. Wasn’t this equivalent to wasting another hour? He immediately retorted in anger: “It’s none of my business if she wants to look at me. If you have the ability, go and stop what she’s doing. You want me to stand at the back of the line? Why don’t you go to the back of the line yourself? That way, she can keep looking at me, and you won’t be able to see it. I can also keep staring at her too. I also want to look a little longer since she’s such a beauty.”

Ouyang Ye instantly scolded in anger: “Kid, are you trying to court death?!”

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