Undefeatable – Ch886

Chapter 886 – God Flame

“Kid, are you trying to court death?!”

Ouyang Ye’s gaze turned gloomy as cold killing intent rose out from his body.

Luo Tian showed no fear and said, “Kill me if you have the guts. If you don’t manage to kill me today, I will f*ck up all eighteen generations of your ancestors next time I see you.”

Luo Tian was already angry to begin with.

He barely glanced at the girl yet managed to provoke some rich young master.

Luo Tian was extremely annoyed.

Bai Lingling didn’t expect things to turn out this way. She was very clear about what type of person Ouyang Ye was. Luo Tian’s words had pissed off the guy, and even she could feel the killing intent coming from Ouyang Ye’s body.

Bai Lingling had a trace of self-reproach when she looked at Luo Tian. She felt that she shouldn’t have dragged Luo Tian down and proceeded to say, “Ouyang Ye, are you still going to Martial Mountain? Stop messing around, or our big adventurous plan will be delayed by you.”

The muscular guy was Bai Lingling’s cousin with the same surname – his name was Bai Xiong.

Bai Xiong added: “Ouyang Ye, there’s no need to stoop down to his level. Don’t delay our plans. You should know my little sister has always wanted to train and brave dangers within the Martial Mountain. We’re almost entering Martial Mountain, but if our identities get revealed, the entire plan will end in a flop.”

The corner of Ouyang Ye’s eyes were twitching a few times as he held back his anger. He then harrumphed: “Kid, consider you lucky today! Otherwise, I will show you how powerful I actually am!”

Luo Tian sneered, “We don’t know who’s the lucky one.”

“Kid, you…!”

“Don’t start bragging when you’ve gained an advantage! Making me, young master Ouyang Ye unhappy can cause you to lose your life!” grunted Ouyang Ye.

Luo Tian could tell Ouyang Ye’s cultivation was more profound than his and could easily feel the pressure coming from him.

Bai Lingling interrupted: “It’s our turn!”

She then made some signals with her eyes to stop Luo Tian from speaking.

Luo Tian didn’t bother looking at her.

There were several types of girls he hated, and Bai Lingling was one of them. She thinks that she’s very pretty, so she goes out, causing trouble. If it weren’t for her adding oil to the flames to begin with, Ouyang Ye wouldn’t have made things difficult for him.

Ouyang Ye was unhappy, but he wanted to maintain his gentlemanly behavior. He gave an eye signal to his underling before walking forward.

After paying ten xuan coins, one could enter Martial Mountain.

After the five handed over their toll fee, the last person blocked Luo Tian’s line of sight and secretly showed the toll taker his identity plate before saying a few words.

The disciple guarding the entrance instantly revealed a respectful expression before glancing over at Luo Tian. He showed a treacherous smile and said softly, “Don’t worry; I will not disappoint you.”

That underling grinned before entering Martial Mountain with the group.

“Next person!” The guard disciple shouted.

He then said to Luo Tian, “Kid, hand over the toll.”

Luo Tian brought out ten xuan coins and handed them over.

The guard disciple sneered, “Not enough! A muggle like you entering Martial Mountain is practically courting death. We might even have to go in and help you retrieve your corpse in a few days, so you need to pay the corpse retrieval fee.”

Luo Tian hadn’t even entered yet, and this guy was already saying he was going to die.

Luo Tian frowned as he was clear it was Ouyang Ye causing trouble. He was angry, but he still had to enter. He couldn’t go find a toilet and start killing dung beetles again, right? Even though he had the title ‘Killer of Dung Beetles’ and was very proficient in killing them, the experience he received no longer satisfied his requirements.

Luo Tian grunted, “How much?”

The guarding disciple replied with a smile, “Fifty xuan coins!”

Luo Tian glared at the guarding disciple and remembered his looks. He handed over another forty xuan coins and asked: “I can go in now, right?”

The guard disciple was stunned as he never expected Luo Tian would be able to take out fifty xuan coins. One needs to understand that the amount wasn’t small. Luo Tian’s appearance clearly showed he was someone who had entered the Ancient World for a short time, so how could he have fifty xuan coins on him?

He originally thought Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to take it out and that he would mess around with him for a bit. This way, he could claim some credit from that previous lord.

But now, the guarding disciple frowned and shouted: “You can’t!”

“Apart from the previous ten coins, you need an additional fifty coins. The total comes out to sixty xuan coins!”

Luo Tian stood there without moving. He just kept standing there and staring at the guarding disciple with coldness. The guard disciple started feeling creeped out from being stared at in that manner.

A large group of adventurers behind Luo Tian started yelling.

“Chen San, what the hell are you doing?! It’s normally ten xuan coins per person, so what are you trying to do today?! If we cause a ruckus and the Spirit Gathering Sect finds out, your lucrative job here will definitely be gone!”

“You’re making things difficult for him, but you don’t have to make it that extreme, right?”

“That’s way too much!”

“Quickly let him go in, and stop wasting our time!”

Many people started yelling.

Chen San’s expression faintly changed. He turned around and noticed Ouyang Ye’s five person group was already gone, so he turned back to look disdainfully at Luo Tian. “Kid, this lord happens to be in a good mood today, so I will make an exception for you to go in. But if you were to really die in there, it has nothing to do with me.”

Luo Tian didn’t care what he said and just strode into Martial Mountain.

“Motherf*cker!” Luo Tian shouted internally.

“I keep attracting trouble wherever I go! Good! I, Luo Tian, love trouble the most! Let all the trouble come to me! I will take care of you guys one by one! You want to help collect my corpse?”

“Let’s see who will end up collecting who’s corpse!”

Luo Tian was feeling super pissed off!

He had arrived in the Ancient World for less than a day and had already encountered so many injustices.

First, it was the humiliation from Ah Si. Then Wang Li stepped on him in order to gain favors with Wu Feng. Now he was humiliated by Ouyang Ye. Luo Tian remembered everyone in his heart. He has always been a person who reciprocated gratitude and reciprocated vengeance.

The further Luo Tian walked, the darker the forest became. There would occasionally be the howl of a demonic beast coming from somewhere.

Luo Tian clenched his fists and said to himself, “All of you, just wait and see!”

Luo Tian walked as fast as he could and quickly arrived at the edge of the mountain range.

Luo Tian then opened up his system interface.

The twenty-something martial skills he learned had all been sealed, and it required some special power to unseal. The only two special powers he had right now were the power of divine origin and the power of origin essence.

The power of divine origin allowed him to unseal an attack type martial skill, and the power of origin essence allowed him to unseal a supportive martial skill.

Luo Tian made a thought to summon his Melting Heaven Divine Cauldron. He then ordered: “Merge all 108 heavenly flames!”

Fusing all his heavenly flames together was something he had to do!

The heavenly flames did the most damage. Even though their cooldown timer was a bit long, it was still the ideal weapon to smash those he didn’t like to death.

The list of heavenly flames all flew into the cauldron.

The power of divine origin also went into the cauldron under Luo Tian’s spiritual powers.

A series of explosions came from within the cauldron.

A minute later.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for successfully fusing God Flames. Do you wish to cultivate it?”

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