Undefeatable – Ch887

Chapter 887 – Bullied Beyond Recognition

The system suddenly gave off an alert tone.

Luo Tian’s heart skipped a beat as he felt like he hadn’t heard the system’s alert tone in a long time. A cluster of flames giving off divine light appeared in his mind. The power coming from the flame was so strong that it made his blood boil!

Luo Tian immediately looked up for more information.

Martial Skill: God Flame

Grade: Ancient (Martial skills in the Ancient World range from one to nine grades. Above the nine grades is the ancient grade, the naught grade, and the heavenly god grade.)

Proficiency: 0/500

Cooldown: 600 seconds

Consumption: 100 points of yuan energy (The Ancient World uses yuan energy. After the player enters the Ancient World, all of your profound energy has fused to become yuan energy. Your current yuan energy is 200 points.)

Damage: Randomized (Contains the power of instant kill at random intervals. It may also cause a miss. The higher the level of the skill, the higher the success rate of the instant kill. The current chance of an instant kill is five percent. If the instant kill isn’t triggered, the damage caused will depend on the opponent’s defense. The higher their defense, the lower the damage. If their defense exceeds the damage value, this will be considered a miss.)

Luo Tian was dumbstruck.

He was stunned in place, like he had been struck by lightning. “My heavens, give me back my heavenly flames! The damage of my heavenly flames reached one billion! Now that they’ve become god flames, the damage should be even stronger! But they’ve turned out into this? You… Big sister system, why are you treating me like this?!”

He thought that all his heavenly flames fused together would become super strong, but now…

Luo Tian felt his body drained of strength.

Technically, the new God Flame was stronger compared to the one billion point damage heavenly flames because it possessed the ability to kill instantly.

Even though the current chance was only at five percent, that chance would go up every time it levels up. If it reaches the great perfection realm, the chance of an instant kill will definitely be off the charts. Once a target is locked on, he or she will definitely die!

It looks weak in the beginning, but it has the potential to become stronger multiple times.

A five percent chance of instantly killing is very powerful.

Anyone who has played video games knows this.

But Luo Tian preferred a bunch of heavenly flames smashing down with actual damage output because he felt it was much cooler.


After exhaling, Luo Tian said, “Cultivate it.”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for learning God Flame!”

There was a new skill in his skill interface with a flame icon.

A delicate flame similar to a Wizard’s Fireball spell from The Legend of Mir. Luo Tian felt that God Flame was basically a fireball spell while saying to himself, “I have to find a demonic beast to try this skill out.”

After using up the power of divine origin, Luo Tian still had a power of origin essence. He had too many supportive skills, and he didn’t know which one would be the most useful. He could only set aside this issue for now and make a decision later on.

What he needed to do right now was to find a demonic beast to test the power of this God Flame.

Luo Tian looked at the dark interior of the forest. He couldn’t be bothered too much and just charged inside.

It’s unknown if his luck was overpowered or if the demonic beasts in the Martial Mountain Range had all gone home for dinner. Luo Tian couldn’t find a single demonic beast after half a day. Unwittingly, the sky was getting dark, and he didn’t know where he should camp for the night.

“Damn it!”

“How good is my luck not to even encounter a single one?”

Luo Tian cursed several more times before looking up at the sky. He then said to himself, “I need to find a safe place to pass the night. Everyone knows that the night is the time demonic beasts are most active. Even if I need to find and kill demonic beasts, I can’t be seeking my own death.”

Luo Tian ran towards the mountainside, hoping to find a cave to hide for the night.

He briefly let his guard down.


A green light suddenly shot out from the bushes.

Luo Tian was just looking for a place to stay for the night and didn’t expect a demonic beast to suddenly come out. And this thing looked kind of horrifying because it was glowing green like a ghost.

Before Luo Tian had a chance to stabilize himself, that demonic beast roared at him revealing its two long fangs. A sharp gleam reflected from its fangs, and saliva-like mucus was dripping at the end. A pair of green eyes were staring at Luo Tian with a trace of greed.

This was a Mountain Wolf!

It was a demonic beast often seen in the periphery of the Martial Mountain Range.

This demonic beast was considered half a rank and hadn’t even reached rank 1 yet.

But Luo Tian became guarded, like he had met his strongest opponent. The reason was due to the Mountain Wolf giving Luo Tian a very dangerous feeling. He then said to himself, “It looks like what the Soul Sovereign said is right – people like me are merely ant-like existences in the Ancient World. I feel so much pressure just from encountering a wolf on a mountain? What the hell is going on?”

Just when Luo Tian was in thought…


The Mountain Wolf leaped over and bit at Luo Tian’s throat after howling.

Its speed was exceptionally fast, so Luo Tian didn’t have time to prepare properly.

Technically, Luo Tian wasn’t weak, but his strength was being restricted by the laws of the Ancient World. He couldn’t act freely like he was on the Tianxuan Continent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be bothered killing these kinds of demonic beasts. A thought would kill this Mountain Wolf! But it was all different now as Luo Tian seemed to have reverted back to a newb.

In reality, Luo Tian was really a level one newb in the Ancient World!

The Mountain Wolf was too fast, so Luo Tian couldn’t prepare much of a defense. But he still made a thought, “God Flame!”


A flame shot out from Luo Tian’s palm, and his yuan energy instantly went down by a hundred points. His heart immediately ached as this was half of the total he had! He stared at the Mountain Wolf and said out loud: “Let’s see what this move can do.”


The flame struck the Mountain Wolf.

Even if he can’t instantly kill a half rank demonic beast, it should be able to seriously injure it, right?

What Luo Tian never imagined was a red number appearing above the Mountain Wolf, “-50.”

It didn’t even reach a hundred points of damage???

Luo Tian instantly felt like killing himself. “My weakest heavenly flame did five million points of damage, and now you’re giving me something that does fifty points? Why don’t you just give me a MISS? This is too f*cking messed up!”

Being angry was very normal.

The God Flame suddenly appeared and managed to smash the Mountain Wolf flying. Luo Tian didn’t dare to hesitate and instantly jumped on top of it and sat down on it. He started punching like crazy and didn’t give the Mountain Wolf any chance at fighting back.

Once that thing gets up, the one dying will be him.

Luo Tian felt his life was too miserable.

Each punch was only able to deal five to six points of damage. “I know the Ancient World is strong, a higher realm and all, but does the distance really need to be that f*cking huge? Being bullied by a wolf to this point? What kind of situation is this?”

His heart was about to shatter from aching so much.

The contrast was too great, so he couldn’t accept it for the time being.

Luo Tian wanted to find an antidote for the soul poison as soon as possible, but at this rate, everything was too uncertain.

But this made Luo Tian more determined!

This daddy has to become stronger!

Nothing can keep him down!

“Since I’m a level one newbie in the Ancient World., then I shall start from the lowest level! I will act like a new player! I want to see who can stop my rise to power! Fate, you won’t be able to control me wherever I am!”

This daddy will definitely become stronger!

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