Undefeatable – Ch888

Chapter 888 – Very Impressive Rewards




Blood had covered his fists by now, but the Mountain Wolf still hadn’t died yet. Luo Tian had no choice but to continue smashing.

Over ten minutes later.

Luo Tian was completely drained when the Mountain Wolf finally gave its last whimper before dying.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Mountain Wolf. You have gained 15 experience points, 1 yuan energy…”

Luo Tian smiled bitterly when he heard the alert message. “Maybe I should have gone and killed some dung beetles. I wasted over ten minutes of my time and only got 15 experience points. This is pretty messed up.”

As for what loot exploded?

You can forget about it.

Luo Tian’s current luck was at zero, so his loot explosion rate was back to its lowest level. This was a very painful sight to see.

After that, Luo Tian opened up the system interface to look up his own stats.

Character: Luo Tian

Level: Spirit Martial 1st rank (Those who ascend to the Ancient World will start at the Spirit Martial rank.) (Cultivation realms in the Ancient World are split into Spirit Martial, Four Elements, Condensation Element, Martial Void, Great Diffusion, Myriad Illusion, Divine Sea, Holy Spirit, and Honorable Emperor. Those at the peak of the Honorable Emperor realm are also known as Nine Realm Gods, truly reaching the realm of Gods.)

Experience: 15/300

Yuan Energy: 101

Martial Skills: God Flame

Money: 0

Luo Tian became dizzy after seeing those stats.

His attributes had really started off back at the beginning!

He almost felt like dying!

“Does the level 2 system still give rewards after I level up? I should take a look at the reward system.” Luo Tian opened up another page of the system interface.

When the system was at level 1, he would get martial skills from the main characters of online novels. A majority of them came from fantasy and anime novels. Would the level 2 system be the same?

The moment he opened the reward system page, Luo Tian became dumbstruck while saliva leaked from his mouth. “Wow! Special powers as a reward?! This is too crazy! Hahaha…”

There were two types of rewards.

Before the Martial Void realm, he will be rewarded once every five level ups. In other words, he would get two rewards in every realm. One would be an attack skill, and the other would be a supportive skill.

What attack skill will he be rewarded with?

Power of Superman!

Power of Hulk!

Power of Thor!

These were the special powers of the main characters of Hollywood blockbuster movies from his previous world! These were considered normal because the latter powers were going to come from the world of mythology!

Power of Tathagata Buddha!

Power of the Three Dao Saints!

Power of Pangu!

And even the Power of the Catholic God…

This was simply too crazy! Luo Tian couldn’t hold back as he drooled like crazy. If he could, he would immediately wipe out all the demonic beasts in Martial Mountain. Gain all those powers and then go on a slaughter spree.

These were considered quite good since all the attack type skills were very powerful.

But when he saw the supportive skills, this was where his mind was blown.

Luo Tian’s heart started beating faster. This time, he wasn’t drooling, but his little brother had popped a tent! “Wow! Power of X-ray Vision, Power of Intangibility, Power of Stealing Hearts… Damn it, I’m going to start having a nosebleed soon!”

Especially the Power of X-ray Vision… If he uses that power, won’t all the girls be naked in front of his eyes?

This feeling…

“Goddamn! Isn’t this a bit too good?!”

Luo Tian’s heart fluttered while his mind started fantasizing about scenarios. “There’s going to be a lot of sexual happiness in the future, hahaha…”

At this time, Luo Tian realized all those supportive skills seemed to be from the main characters inside urban novels from his previous life. These novels were usually very ambiguous with a harem genre. And there would usually be some minor sexually explicit references.

He naturally read quite a few of them, but he never imagined he would get their abilities.

“Too awesome!”

“Truly too awesome! The level 2 system is truly not ordinary to be able to reward me with these types of abilities! When I return to Earth in the future… mwahahaha…” Luo Tian couldn’t help but start laughing pervertedly.

There was a shadow in his heart from the fusion of his heavenly flames.

Now, Luo Tian was fully in love with the level 2 system.

Moreover, there were still many unknown functions inside the level 2 system. Once he gains access to all of them, then that will be when the fun begins.

Luo Tian’s gaze turned serious as he said, “I need to level up. I need to level up as quickly as possible! I want the x-ray vision and the power of the Catholic God!”

His desire to become stronger intensified.


Luo Tian had an indescribable excitement inside him!

But he soon realized this wasn’t the place to be excited over this. His stomach was growling after killing the Mountain Wolf. “My stomach can growl with hunger in the Ancient World? When I was on the Tianxuan Continent, it was very rare for me to feel hungry. It looks like the strongest thing in this world is actually the laws. The laws of the Ancient World control everything!”

Luo Tian tore off a leg of the Mountain Wolf and tried his best to clean the blood. He then buried the rest of the Mountain Wolf’s corpse in a hole.

The smell of blood in a place where demonic beasts roamed free was a dangerous thing.

The smell can easily attract a large wave of demonic beasts over.

The low ranking demonic beasts were the same whether they were situated in the Tianxuan Continent or the Ancient World – they all had low intelligence. The smell will draw in these low ranked demonic beasts very quickly. Luo Tian was a newbie at the Spirit Martial 1st rank. Before he had sufficient strength, everything he did had to be low-profile.

Luo Tian immediately shuttled away while lugging onto the leg of the Mountain Wolf.

He finally found a cave halfway up a mountain.

The cave looked like a man-made shelter, most likely used by previous people to hide from demonic beasts during the night.

Luo Tian lit up some dry branches and made a crude rack. He sprinkled some already prepared spices onto the Mountain Wolf meat and started grilling it. The delicious barbeque smell permeated the surrounding area. Luo Tian took a big bite, and oil immediately covered his mouth.

After devouring the leg of the Mountain Wolf, his stomach was finally satiated.

Luo Tian poked around the fire while cautiously surveying his surroundings. He then started thinking about his plans to level up. “The Mountain Wolf was only a half-rank demonic beast, yet it was so difficult to kill. I can handle one of them, but I won’t be their match if there are two at the same time.”

“It would be great if I could kill a few more demonic beasts with less powerful attacks. It would be even better if I could raise my level a bit at a time while killing more solitary Mountain Wolves.”

It was quite strenuous for a Spirit Martial 1st ranker to deal with a Mountain Wolf.

But it should be different for someone in the Spirit Martial 2nd rank.

The most important thing right now was to raise his level to the Spirit Martial 2nd rank.

Luo Tian wasn’t too knowledgeable about the demonic beasts within Martial Mountain Range. But one thing he did realize was that he couldn’t kill dung beetles and ants for experience like the early days of being on the Tianxuan Continent. He had actually tried killing ants as he explored Martial Mountain, but there wasn’t even a single experience point.

Therefore, he can forget about killing weak creatures like ants.

“Since I can’t kill ants, will wild chickens and wild rabbits work? They should give me at least one experience point, right? It doesn’t matter what I do as long as I can level up to Spirit Martial 2nd rank.” Luo Tian decided he would carefully examine his options tomorrow around the Martial Mountain Range.

Level up!

He had to quickly level up!

The bet he made with Wang Li had been pushed to the back of his mind. The most important thing was to level up and not just survive for three days!

Around this time, a bounty hunter made some inquiries from Chen San. He revealed a cold smile before stepping into Martial Mountain.

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