Undefeatable – Ch893

Chapter 893 – I Can Smell The Scent Of Blood On You

Luo Tian felt that he was very good at the kiting tactic.

In online games, this was the foundation a mage or a wizard had to be proficient in.

For a gaming veteran like him, he was naturally very skilled at it.

Luo Tian actually preferred the warrior’s way of fighting since only close combat fighting would give a man the thrills he needed. Even though this was the case, he was out of options right now and could only kite the mobs.

He had to get rid of one of the Mountain Wolves first so that he could manage the other three.


As God Flame smashed down, the Mountain Wolf at the front instantly lost half its health. Luo Tian was surprised by this and said to himself, “It looks like the damage God Flame does increases as I level up. Now that is much more useful.”

When God Flame reaches the last great perfection stage, it would be pretty awesome once the percentage chance of instant kill goes up.

“Awooo~…” The Mountain Wolf cried in pain before turning even more ferocious.

Luo Tian maintained his distance and kept running away. After looking at the health bar of that Mountain Wolf, he calculated that a second God Flame should be able to kill it. The only problem was that he had used up 200 points of yuan energy. The amount of yuan energy he had was too little, and the damage it caused was too little as well.

The amount of energy needed for God Flame wasn’t something he could sustain at this level.

He kept running around in circles, but once the ten minute cooldown was over, Luo Tian used God Flame once more.



“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Mountain Wolf. You have gained 15 experience points, 1 yuan energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the fang of a Mountain Wolf.”

Luo Tian was stunned to see the long fang of a Mountain Wolf exploding out.

He didn’t have any special weapons in his spatial ring, and the weapons from the Tianxuan Continent weren’t very useful in the Ancient World. Luo Tian made a thought and brought out the Mountain Wolf fang to use as a dagger. His body abruptly stopped as his mouth curved into a cold smile. “You guys have been chasing me for nearly half an hour now. It should be my turn now, right?”

He leaned forward like an arrow before pushing off with his back foot.


His body was a blur as he shot forward. The wolf fang in his hand gave off the sound of slicing space apart before he directly gave a Mountain Wolf a deep gash in its head.

At this time, the other two Mountain Wolves pounced at Luo Tian together and attacked with their front claws.

His clothes were instantly shredded.

Luo Tian didn’t care because he was only thinking of the saying, “When you’re ill, go for the kill.” He would attack whoever is injured and not hold back any strength. He had to beat the shit right out of them! Only then can he show how fierce he was!

Fighting with people and killing monsters had the same principle.

Even though Mountain Wolves were low ranking demonic beasts, they still had a trace of intelligence.

You’re in a group fight? You concentrate your attacks on a single person. You don’t stop until that person’s head is bleeding, and only then will others fear you.

It’s completely useless if you punch a person once and kick another once.

Moreover, the more vicious your attacks are, the more they will remember you. This will leave a shadow in their hearts. And the next time you encounter them, you have already won the first step of a psychological battle.

It’s the same with killing monsters.

Luo Tian concentrated his attacks on the injured Mountain Wolf. He kept attacking and ignored the attacks from the other two Mountain Wolves. His continuous punches made his body give off an air of brutality, and that injured Mountain Wolf started whimpering as if trying to beg for its life.

The other two Mountain Wolves were clearly affected by this.

Would Luo Tian stop his actions at a time like this?

He was going to attack even crazier!

“Mountain River Fist!”



That wolf finally could resist as its skull was cracked by Luo Tian’s punches. Even though the system alert sounded off, Luo Tian kept punching the dead Mountain Wolf until its body became a bloody pulp.

This would increase the fear from the remaining Mountain Wolves.

As Luo Tian expected, the two wolves were shaking in fear.

They instinctively felt that they were vicious wolves, but when compared with Luo Tian, they were considered nothing!

“You two beasts can die for me as well!”

A little more than ten minutes passed by.

Luo Tian killed the remaining two Mountain Wolves and received another thirty experience points. He then looked at his experience bar and frowned, “My leveling speed is too slow. I’m still missing about five hundred plus experience points. How many Mountain Wolves do I have to kill to get there?”

From Spirit Martial 2nd rank to the 3rd rank required six hundred experience points.



Luo Tian made his way to the rear of the mountain with a Mountain Wolf corpse in hand before tossing it out.



In less than ten seconds, the smell of blood disseminated into the area and caused a bunch of Mountain Wolves to go crazy.

Luo Tian turned and ran.

This time, another three Mountain Wolves chased after him.

Luo Tian brought those three Mountain Wolves away from the pack before killing them. He didn’t use any yuan energy this time because it was too valuable for him. He felt that using yuan energy to kill Mountain Wolves was a huge waste. Moreover, he had to be on guard against the bounty hunter known as Hyena.

After killing the three, Luo Tian went back to lure more monsters.

He kept doing this until the sky darkened.

The next half of the day passed by, and Luo Tian managed to kill over a dozen Mountain Wolves. He was missing around two-thirds of the experience points to his next level up. He dragged a Mountain Wolf and went back to his original cave. Nightfall was the world of demonic beasts, so more and more Mountain Wolves appeared from the dark mountain forest.

After returning to his cave, Luo Tian checked the traps he had set up outside and didn’t see any changes.

“♪ You are my little small butt; it’s not enough no matter how much I touch… Your rosy red lips…♪” Luo Tian sang some nonsensical lyrics while tending the fire, grilling meat, and thinking of his women and brothers back in the Tianxuan Continent.

It was a very fulfilling way of life.

“Xue’er, I will definitely find an antidote to your soul poison as soon as possible. You need to wait for me…” Luo Tian looked out of the cave at the sky filled with stars as he muttered this.

He first had to get strong in order to find an antidote.

He should at least have the ability to survive in this world first.

Wang Li’s bet with him…

Wu Feng’s disdain…

The mockery from all those sects… Luo Tian remembered all of them. “Tomorrow will be my second day, and they say I won’t be able to live for three? I really want to see how you’re going to slap Wu Feng’s face. This kind of slapping faces is something I have never tried before. It will definitely feel great to watch! Hahaha…”

One day went by, and there were only two days left.

Luo Tian was currently at the Spirit Martial 2nd rank, which was beyond the imagination of those people that mocked him.

How many waves can a piece of trash with zero talent cause?

He was supposed to be the laughingstock for them.

No one would bother with him anymore, except for one…

The bounty hunter, Hyena!

He was relying on his sensitive nose to search for Luo Tian like a rabid dog.

In all these years, there wasn’t a mission he couldn’t complete.

At this time, Hyena was standing by the stream and looking at Chen San’s corpse. After carefully examining the corpse, he looked around the area before smiling coldly. He sniffed the air a few more times before saying excitedly, “I can already smell the scent of blood on you! Kid, you just wait and become my meal!”

Early next morning.

Luo Tian ate half the roasted Mountain Wolf leg before heading to the rear mountain once again. “Today, my target will be Spirit Martial 3rd rank!”

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