Undefeatable – Ch894

Chapter 894 – White Wolf King Boss

Luo Tian currently had the title Master of Killing Wolves.

He could lure five Mountain Wolves at a time and could get rid of them in around fifteen minutes.

This was considered godly speed when compared to the first time he fought one.

He arrived at the rear of the mountain.

Luo Tian threw the already prepared Mountain Wolf corpse into the forest and waited for the scent of blood to diffuse outward. In less than ten minutes, the rustling of leaves and the low growls of the Mountain Wolves were heard.

Their eyes were staring at Luo Tian while their throats gave off low growls.

They looked quite ferocious when their two sharp fangs were glistening with saliva.

Luo Tian stood there, not planning to run just yet. There weren’t enough Mountain Wolves, so he had to wait for more. Once there’s enough and they start chasing him, he would lead a group away from the main pack before killing them.

As Luo Tian expected, more Mountain Wolves appeared briefly afterward.

At this time, Luo Tian turned around to run. Those Mountain Wolves that were unable to eat any meat would immediately chase after him.

Half an hour later, Luo Tian returned to the rear of the mountain.

The rear mountains were covered in a dense canopy of trees. Even daylight couldn’t penetrate through the thick foliage. No one knew how many Mountain Wolves were hidden in this thick forest. The only thing Luo Tian observed was that not many people would venture around here.

This was great for him.

Based on the same strategy, Luo Tian threw a bloody wolf carcass into the dark forest.

Around ten minutes went by, and another group of Mountain Wolves charged over from the darkness.

Luo Tian lured five Mountain Wolves away and came back half an hour later.

This kept on repeating itself.

The speed wasn’t fast, but this was the only option Luo Tian came up with. Mountain Wolves were also the only demonic beasts in Martial Mountain he was capable of killing.

Each Mountain Wolf gave fifteen experience points and one yuan energy. Luo Tian wouldn’t use a single yuan energy if he didn’t have to. This wasn’t the Tianxuan Continent, and it was too difficult to recover yuan energy. Moreover, his dantian was still shattered, so he couldn’t just absorb the energy from heaven and earth. He could only kill monsters, people, or use medicinal pills to replenish his yuan energy.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Mountain Wolf. You have gained 15 experience points, 1 yuan energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a Mountain Wolf fang.”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the title Butcher. You have gained 20 experience points, 10 yuan energy…”

A new honorary title appeared above Luo Tian’s head.

These titles gave Luo Tian quite a bit of experience points.

Unknowingly, another day went by. Luo Tian took a look at his experience bar and muttered: “I’m only missing about 20% of the experience points before I can level up.”

At this time, Luo Tian looked into the dark forest and felt that the number of Mountain Wolves had decreased after half a day of slaughter. Also, Luo Tian noticed that the Mountain Wolves would sometimes divvy up the corpse and bring it back into the darkness instead of eating it on the spot.

Since there were so many Mountain Wolves here, there had to be a Mountain Wolf leader as well.

This should be considered a boss, right?

If this was based on the mechanics of a game, somewhere in there would definitely be a boss. But Luo Tian was very clear that the Ancient World wasn’t a game.

“Should I go in deeper to take a look around?”

The dark inner depths of the forest gave Luo Tian a very tempting aura.

“Go in first and talk later!”

Luo Tian made up his mind to explore the wolf’s den. “I still haven’t accomplished today’s goal yet. I need to break through into the Spirit Martial 3rd rank before looking for some rank 1 demonic beasts to kill. I need to take things one step at a time.”

Luo Tian threw the Mountain Wolf corpse in his hand into the forest once more.

After waiting for ten minutes, he didn’t see a single Mountain Wolf appear.

Luo Tian proceeded to walk inside.

At this time, the sky was gradually dimming, which caused the dark forest to look darker. In addition to the humidity, the rotten, moldy smell in the forest was difficult to stomach.

Luo Tian went forward carefully.

When he walked for about five hundred meters in, he could barely see his own fingers.

Luo Tian still didn’t encounter any Mountain Wolves. “What’s going on? They can’t be all killed off by me, right?”

The sky was getting dark.

From time to time, there would be heart-palpitating roars and howls coming from the forest. It was time for the demonic beats to begin their hunt!

Nighttime was the world of demonic beasts.

Luo Tian was stuck in an awkward situation now. What happens if he encounters a high ranking demonic beast during his search? But he was also unwilling to head back right now. Since he had already entered this dark forest, maybe he should go ahead and just explore the place a bit.

“Everyone dies at some point! What the hell is there to be scared of?!”

Luo Tian clenched his teeth and increased his speed toward the depths of the forest.

After running for a few hundred meters, he suddenly found the air around the place had changed. The stench of decay was more intense, and skeletal bones could be found everywhere. There were demonic beast bones and human skulls. Luo Tian said to himself, “I should be there very soon.”

He became even more careful.

As Luo Tian pushed away some dense foliage, his eyes were suddenly drawn to a silver light.

A large empty clearing!

The bright moonlight had lit up the large clearing.

The silver moonlight spilling down was making the place look white.

In the clearing was a large rock, and on the rock was a huge white wolf! The white wolf had a golden glow beneath its feet, instantly making Luo Tian excited. “It’s a boss! My guess was correct!”

The rest of the clearing was covered densely with Mountain Wolves.

There was respect and awe as they stared at their leader. The green eyes of the white wolf were staring up at the round moon in the sky before howling, “AWOOO~!”

At the same time, nearly a thousand Mountain Wolves howled out, “Awooo~!”

The collective sound was ear-piercing!

Luo Tian almost couldn’t endure the noise.

The white wolf then opened its mouth and spat out an egg-shaped inner core. The inner core was glowing as it flew up into the air. The fluorescent light then started slowly absorbing the essence of the moon.

The pure white moon essence was being absorbed into the inner core.

Luo Tian was shocked, “It actually has an inner core? This white wolf is definitely not normal since it can cultivate!”

The demonic beasts in the Ancient World were very similar to the ones in other realms. They all went through killing and devouring the essence blood of other demonic beasts to increase their cultivation. But there were some demonic beasts who were exceptionally gifted. They would observe humans and then carve out a path of cultivation suited for themselves.

This white wolf was clearly the latter, or else it wouldn’t have been able to refine an inner core.

Once a demonic beast refines an inner core, it becomes a ferocious and powerful existence.

An inner core represented strength!

“If I can make that inner core explode out, then I won’t have to worry about my yuan energy being depleted all the time.” Luo Tian slurped back his saliva in greed. He was pretty sure a demonic beast’s inner core was filled with large amounts of yuan energy. This would be his fourth option to replenish his own yuan energy!

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