Undefeatable – Ch895

Chapter 895 – The Bounty Hunter Appears

That slight sound of Luo Tian slurping his saliva startled the white wolf. It immediately swallowed the inner core that was floating in the air before locking down the location Luo Tian was hiding at.

“Grrr~…” The white wolf instantly gave off a low growl noise.

Its front paws scratched the rock while it revealed its pair of sharp fangs. A ferocious aura immediately burst forth from its body.

Its pair of glowing green eyes glared at Luo Tian like there was deep hatred between them.

These past two days, it knew Luo Tian was continuously killing its subjects. It never imagined this human would dare to come into its forbidden territory.

“Awooo~!” The white wolf howled.

Over a thousand Mountain Wolves turned in unison while growling. They revealed their fangs that were dripping with sticky saliva.

A thousand Mountain Wolves suddenly all charged out at once.


“Time to go!”

Luo Tian already made a choice to run the moment the white wolf discovered him. His reaction was already quite fast as he didn’t dare to stay a second longer. Not to mention a wolf that cultivated an inner core; he couldn’t even handle the one thousand-plus Mountain Wolves here.

“Where there is life, there is hope. This daddy will let you guys live for another two days.” Luo Tian grumbled while escaping like crazy.

He looked rather pathetic right now.

He was really annoyed while grumbling to himself, “Your granny! I have never been chased by demonic beasts to this pathetic state! This Ancient World is really difficult to work with. But the more difficult it is, the more this daddy wants to make a name for himself. This is the way I have always been!”

Luo Tian’s determination became stronger.

He was someone that never liked to give in.

When he encounters difficult matters, he takes them all head-on. It didn’t matter how it ended up because at least he made an effort. He will not regret it as long as he tries.



The white wolf howled like it was a mixture of arranging a formation, scolding, and expressing his discontent.

At this time, the Mountain Wolves seemed to have doubled their efforts.

Due to the darkness of the night and the dense foliage, Luo Tian kept tripping and crashing into bushes and branches. He would scramble to get up and feel the rage inside him getting stronger. He then shouted, “Come! Come at me! Come chase me!”

“If you guys don’t manage to chase me down today, I will come back and kill you all in a few days!”

Luo Tian would occasionally think of the scene of the floating inner core while he ran.

The consumption of his yuan energy was simply too much. One use of God Flame would take out 100 points of yuan energy. If he doesn’t get his hands on some type of supplement, he won’t be able to effectively use his skills.

Moreover, he had to return to Martial Mountain City and use Wang Li’s hand to slap Wu Feng!

The moment he found out Wang Li sent out a bounty hunter after him, he promised himself that he would definitely get this done. He needed to give both Wang Li and Wu Feng a vicious slap to their faces. But he would not go back to Martial Mountain City until he had the strength to protect himself.

Otherwise, he would end up slapping no one and also lose his life in the process.

As for this moment, Luo Tian could only run for his life. He started hollering with excitement, “Just you guys wait! All of you guys wait and see!”

“Fuuu~, fuuu~…”

Luo Tian finally managed to run out of the dark forest with his life intact.

He stood at the edge of the forest and watched the Mountain Wolves slowly come to a stop. Luo Tian propped his hands on his waist while gasping for air. Finally, he shouted, “Come on, f*ckers, come chase me!”


After the howl from the white wolf, all the Mountain Wolves quickly retreated.

Luo Tian was finally able to relax before collapsing onto the ground and gasping for air. “This is too tiring. I was chased by a pack of wolves in such a pathetic manner. Motherf*ckers, just wait until I reach the Spirit Martial 3rd rank. This daddy will definitely play you guys to death then!”

After resting for a bit, Luo Tian returned to his cave.

Before entering the cave, he routinely checked all the hidden beast traps in the entrance area.

Suddenly, he noticed a trap had been moved, but there wasn’t any blood on it. It cannot be a wild beast because they aren’t that intelligent. It was even more impossible for a demonic beast since they wouldn’t appear here. That meant there was only one possibility!

A human!

Upon coming to this conjecture, Luo Tian tightened his sphincter muscle and instantly became alert.

He didn’t reveal anything on his face, though.

He walked to an innocuous area before bringing out his Mirror of Divine Void.

The Mirror of Divine Void was a divine artifact. Even though they were in the Ancient World, the laws of this world weren’t able to completely restrict it. He can forget about his other weaker treasures because they are of no use here.

Luo Tian started humming a tune before entering the cave like he hadn’t realized anything.

Before entering the cave, a human figure suddenly appeared behind him.

The human figure had a cold smile on his face and a gaze filled with killing intent. “Are you called Luo Tian?”

Luo Tian turned around with a surprised look and saw a man with a scar on his face. “I am Luo Tian… who are you?!”

“It’s good that you’re Luo Tian!”

“Then there’s no mistake.”

The man brought out a dagger and grinned, “Someone has offered money for your life. You should feel the honor of dying in my, Hyena’s hands. Kid, today is the last day of your life in the Ancient World.”

Luo Tian instantly asked, “Before I die, can you tell me who wants my life? At least I will die in peace knowing it.”

Hyena laughed, “It’s not a big deal to tell you since you have to die anyway. It’s Elder Wang Li from the Spirit Gathering Sect. I have no idea how you provoked him, but he offered fifty xuan coins to buy your head. A mere muggle that just entered the Ancient World is worth fifty xuan coins? Ever since I, Hyena, have become a bounty hunter, this has been the most profitable transaction in my life.”

“So it’s really him…”

Even though Luo Tian had already guessed that, he still wanted to make sure it was correct. He then said to himself, “Wang Li, a damn dog thing like you want this daddy’s life? You just wait for me…”

Hyena then said, “Okay, I’m going to send you on your way now.”

Luo Tian retreated back half a step before replying, “We still don’t know who will be sending whom on their way.”

“Heh heh…”

“Trash, you shouldn’t try to struggle. The more you struggle, the more miserable your death will be.” Hyena coldly sneered. His feet moved, and his body blurred, instantly arriving next to Luo Tian. His dagger then swiped across space.

His movement was like flowing water, extremely clean and fluid without any useless movements.

The series of moves leading up to the attack was very beautiful.

One could see that Hyena was truly not ordinary.

But the second before Hyena made his move, Luo Tian had already used his system to lock onto him. The moment he made his move, Luo Tian shouted internally, “God Flame!”


A cluster of flames shot out from Luo Tian’s palm.

Hyena’s eyes revealed a trace of surprise as his figure shifted. His attack had been broken mid-stride, but he didn’t dodge. He then asked in surprise: “What kind of martial skill is this?”


God Flame exploded on Hyena’s body.

Luo Tian said internally, “Come on, let me get an instant kill!”

Hyena’s cultivation was too high. It was higher than his by at least a few small realms. With his current strength, it was impossible for Luo Tian to fight him. The only thing he can hope for is God Flame’s sudden attack that triggered the five percent instant kill chance.

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