Undefeatable – Ch896

Chapter 896 – Not Putting Him In His Eyes

“Come on, give me an instant kill!”

“If I can’t instantly kill him, I’m going to be the one that gets instantly killed!”

Luo Tian widened his eyes as he watched the cluster of flames crash into Hyena.

Half a second later, there still weren’t any system alerts. Luo Tian realized the instant kill effect wasn’t triggered. That five percent chance was simply too low, and whether the effect would trigger or not depended on luck. It isn’t necessary that every five out of one hundred times would be an instant kill.

This was statistical probability where it’s possible that you still won’t get five instant kills after using it a thousand times. It’s even possible the five times you use it would cause all five instant kills. Statistical probability meant there was an expected percentage chance of something happening if an infinite amount of tests were done!

In the end, it all came down to a person’s luck!

It looked like Luo Tian’s luck wasn’t that good.

Once he realized the instant kill effect wasn’t triggered, Luo Tian made his move to attack. His fists started moving as he shouted: “Mountain River Fist!”


“The martial skill of the Spirit Gathering Sect?”

“You are someone from the Spirit Gathering Sect?”

“Then why is Elder Wang trying to kill you? This Spirit Gathering Sect matter is really complicated. But since I’ve accepted this mission, you still have to die no matter who you are or which sect’s disciple you belong to.” Hyena was a little annoyed with the flames after saying those words. When he saw how Luo Tian was attacking, his body seemed to have teleported when he released his powers.

“Sword seals the throat!”



The dagger sliced through the night, and blood spurted out. The spray of blood was especially red, with the white moon as its backdrop.

The gap in cultivation realms was too large.

It was an insurmountable gap.

Luo Tian’s throat was slashed, and blood sprayed out. His body then gradually fell to the ground.

His eyes started at Hyena while his hands wrapped around his own neck. Blood gurgled out of his mouth as he tried to say: “You just wait… just wait and see… I will not spare you…”

“You’re not going to spare me?”

“You’re dying right now, so how are you going to not spare me?”

“Kid, just resign yourself to fate. You’ve stayed in the Ancient World for two whole days, so that’s considered an honor for you. It’s also an honor for you to die by my hands, hahaha…” Hyena chuckled as he didn’t take Luo Tian’s words to heart.

How can someone about to die not spare him?

As a ghost?

What a joke!

Blood drenched the ground, and Luo Tian’s body slowly hardened as he stopped breathing.

Even though this was the case, Hyena sliced off Luo Tian’s head. “Kid, this is what Wang Li wanted. If you plan on not sparing someone as a ghost, go look for him for trouble. But my advice is for you to know what’s best for you since you still won’t be his match even when you become a ghost.”

After saying that, Hyena started wrapping up Luo Tian’s head in a cloth. He then revealed a smug smile and said, “That’s fifty xuan coins just like that. Earning money from this bounty is truly easy.”

He gave Luo Tian’s headless corpse one last look before walking toward the exit of Martial Mountain with a sneer.

He had to hand in the mission and get his reward.

Half an hour later, Luo Tian was seen clenching his fists behind a large tree. His eyes were bloodshot in anger as he felt irritated to a level that he had never felt before. Watching himself get killed like that didn’t feel good at all!

Even though that was just a clone of his from the Mirror of Divine Void, it felt like he underwent the process for real. Getting your throat slashed and then your head cut off was similar to undergoing death. Throughout the process, Luo Tian didn’t breathe, and his body was shivering, afraid that Hyena would detect him.

“It’s fine that you killed me, but why did you have to cut my head off as well?”

“You just wait for me…”

“I will repay you in an even more vicious manner.” Luo Tian looked up at the night sky with a frown.

He had practically died once!

Luo Tian’s determined heart became firmer again.

Luo Tian went inside the cave and filled his stomach like usual.

But this time, he didn’t rest and walked out of the cave. He went toward the rear mountain since he felt he couldn’t waste any more time. He had to level up and make more breakthroughs. He had to reclaim all the injustice he had encountered these past two days!

He wanted to give Wang Li a vicious slap on the face!

He wanted Hyena to pay the price for taking on the bounty!

There was only one way for him to accomplish this – become stronger!

This was Luo Tian’s only way out.

Luo Tian was like a lunatic appearing at the edge of the dark forest during the night. At the same time, several Mountain Wolves had appeared at the edge with their glowing green eyes. Luo Tian then shouted, “Come out, all of you! Tonight, this daddy will f*ck you all up!”



The wolves started howling as a cold glint appeared in their eyes. One of them instantly pounced through the air and locked onto Luo Tian’s throat.

Its fangs were extremely sharp.

Luo Tian didn’t move at all. His rage was surging as he recalled how his throat was slit by Hyena. His right fist started moving the moment a Mountain Wolf was about to bite him. The fist swept out, “Lie down for me!”


The Mountain Wolf was smashed into the ground.

“Owww~” The Mountain Wolf whimpered in pain. Luo Tian didn’t give it a chance to crawl up and directly stepped on its body. His pair of fists started pummeling the wolf’s head and quickly killed it off.


“Congratulations to player…”

Luo Tian didn’t pay attention to the system alert.

He swept his gaze past the six Mountain Wolves that had surrounded him. Luo Tian coldly smiled and said, “Come at me together. What this daddy lacks is exactly the opportunity to train my fighting skills.”



After being provoked, the six Mountain Wolves pounced over together.

Luo Tian smiled in excitement, “Come!”

One human and six wolves started attacking to kill each other.

Early morning.

A certain courtyard of the Spirit Gathering Sect.

Wang Li had risen early to meet with Hyena. After looking at the cloth bundle with blood seeping through, he started smiling. He proceeded to bring out fifty xuan coins and said, “You haven’t disappointed me. You managed to kill that piece of trash within two days.”

“Your performance is not bad.”

Hyena didn’t show any signs of arrogance in front of Wang Li. He bowed and said, “How can I dare delay a matter of Elder Wang? Thank you, Elder Wang. I will charge you half the price if there’s such a mission in the future.”

Wang Li waved his hand and said, “Got it. You may leave now.”

Hyena handed the head over and immediately left.

Wang Li carried the head and went toward Spirit Gathering Sect’s own martial training ground.

“Good morning, Elder Wang!”

“Good morning, Elder Wang!”

“Good morning, Elder Wang!”

Many disciples respectfully greeted Wang Li when they saw him.

A sudden round of applause was heard coming from the martial training ground.

“Senior brother Wu broke through to the Spirit Martial 2nd rank!”

“He broke through in less than three days?! He’s truly worthy of being a middle talent individual!”

“He’s the strongest existence in the newest recruited disciples! Breaking through in less than three days? I used up three whole years before I could break through! Senior brother Wu is definitely not ordinary.”

Wang Li became especially happy when he heard those voices.

He quickened his stride to Wu Feng and said with a smile, “Good! You didn’t disappoint me!”

Wang Li then raised the cloth bundle with blood seeping through toward Wu Feng.

Wu Feng was stunned for a bit before realizing what was going on. He then said with a smile, “Elder Wang has been troubled with this matter. I’ve already forgotten about that kid. I would never bother with a piece of trash like that, so it doesn’t matter if he lives or dies.”

He had never put Luo Tian in his eyes!

Cold and arrogant!

He had never looked at Luo Tian fully or really paid attention to him after entering the Spirit Gathering Sect!

Around the same time, Luo Tian’s body was covered in blood while a bunch of wolf corpses surrounded him. He had sustained many wounds but still had an excited expression on his face. “I’m only a tiny bit away from leveling up!”

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