Undefeatable – Ch91

Chapter 91 – The Fatty Transforms

Feng Lei couldn’t wait anymore!

“You want to die? This daddy will grant your wish!”

Chen Zhong squinted his eyes as he coldly smiled. He then lifted his right foot and gently stepped down before roaring: “Flowing Cloud Steps.”

The moment his toes touched down, a ripple of light similar to waves burst forth. The scene was just like how a stone was dropped into a calm peaceful lake.

Within that moment…


The movement of flowing clouds, and the figure disappears.

Too fast; it was so fast the no one could see what happened.

Luo Tian frowned as he became worried for Feng Lei.

The gap in strength between those two was simply too large, they could practically be considered on different realms. No matter how strong Feng Lei was, it was too difficult to resist the offensive power of Chen Zhong.

Moreover, Chen Zhong was a true disciple of the Azure Cloud Sect. His cultivation methods and martial skills were all trained in the most optimal standards. Chen Zhong’s strength was much stronger than your average Profound Master 8th rank.

Zhu Changfeng had a complacent look on his face while saying: “That fatty will soon become a dead person.”

He was very clear on Chen Zhong’s strength. Within the outer courts of the Azure Cloud Sect, his strength would rank in the top ten.

The Flowing Cloud Steps were untraceable, and add in the Primordial Chaos Palm, the only outcome for the mere Profound Master 2nd rank Feng Lei would be instant death.

As expected…

In the void of space, Chen Zhong’s robust voice shouted out: “Primordial Chaos Palm!”

A giant hand print came slamming down towards Feng Lei’s head. Apart from the vigorous profound energy and pressure, there was also the pressure from chaos energy.

“Die for me!”

The voice was like thunder and the wind from the palm strike was like a tornado.

Feng Lei stood motionless because his eyes couldn’t keep up with Chen Zhong’s speed. The giant hand print was about to press down on his head…

Many people of the Luo family didn’t have the heart to continue watching.

Luo Tian frowned as his body bent slightly forward. He was ready to rush towards the stage at any given moment.

In the center of the stage.

Feng Lei’s eyes looked extremely calm as he was constantly trying to figure out Chen Zhong’s location. His mind tightened when he realized he couldn’t keep up with Chen Zhong’s speed.

There’s no way he can compare in speed.

Seeing that Chen Zhong’s attack was about to arrive, Feng Lei’s mind sank. His arms suddenly thrust upwards with a roar, and his power burst forth from within him.

The skeletal structure of his body was similar to indestructible metal.

He was going to shoulder it with all he had!


The giant hand print collided!

There was a violent shock from the stage, and the entire square was affected by this force. Many people feeling the aftershock had even fallen to the ground from it.

A cloud of dust flew up from the stage making people unable to see what was happening.

To the side of the stage, Chen Zhong crossed his arms with a look of contempt. He then coldly said: “Is a piece of trash like that even qualified to fight with me? Humph!”

Although Chen Zhong didn’t put all his strength into this palm strike, he had full confidence that it was capable of instantly killing Feng Lei. And Feng Lei would most likely die a very miserable death by bleeding from all orifices of his body!

Ten seconds went by before the dust finally settled.

In the center of the stage, Feng Lei was lying on the surface. Underneath his body was a spider web like crack with him at the center of it.

He wasn’t moving at all like he was dead.

“Big brother fatty…”


“Brother fatty!”

The Luo family members were panicking.

Zhu Changfeng was the first to coldly laugh out: “I already knew it would be an instant kill with a single strike. A piece of trash at the Profound Master 2nd rank had the nerves to even stand out, humph!”

The Zhu family members started cheering loudly.

“The trash of the Luo family should just go eat shit.”

“He was killed by a single strike, simply too trashy. Hahaha…”

Zhu Yaozong’s eyes formed a single line from his big smile. He stared at Luo Tian who was deathly silent before saying: “Kid, your Luo family’s ancestral home now belongs to my Zhu family. Once the competition is over, immediately scram the hell out for me! Hahaha…”


Laughing filled with conceit. Every single member of the Zhu family was laughing complacently.

Luo Tian carefully examined Feng Lei sprawled on the ground before coldly smiling as well.

Chen Zhong looked at Feng Lei with disdain before he ridiculed: “Not even an ounce of fighting ability, simply too f*cking trashy.”

He then started walking off the stage.

Just as he was about to leave the stage, a voice was heard from the center.

“You want to leave?”

“Are you scared?”

As the voice faded, Feng Lei climbed back up onto his feet. There was a trace of blood on the side of his mouth and his face was somewhat pale. He was now coldly glaring at Chen Zhong at the edge of the stage.

He was still alive!

Chen Zhong’s expression changed as he squinted his eyes. He then walked back to the center of the stage and coldly laughed: “You actually haven’t died yet?”

Everyone in the square was surprised. Feng Lei actually survived an attack by an expert at the Profound Master 8th rank? What was this fatty’s body made out of?

Even if one had bones made out of steel, they should still be smashed into pieces. Yet he had survived it…

This pissed Chen Zhong off.

Without bothering to say more words, Chen Zhong once again activated his Flowing Cloud Steps and then raised his strength to a higher level. He then shouted: “Let’s see if you’ll die now?!”

A huge pressure appeared in the sky.

The huge hand print slammed down. This time, its speed was extremely quick without any exaggerated effects.

Feng Lei was still unable to catch up with Chen Zhong’s figure with his eyes and could only clench his teeth to resist!


The stage was about to collapse.

Dust scattered everywhere while everyone kept their eyes opened to keep watching for the outcome.

Feng Lei was again sprawled inside the pit. There were cracked pieces of gravel everywhere and his body was motionless.

“Has he died yet?”

Chen Zhong sneered with disdain and said: “Try climbing back up again now.”

Seeing that Feng Lei didn’t move after a few seconds, he started laughing conceitedly. Just as he was striding off the stage, Feng Lei somehow stood back up again.

His face was a shade paler than before. After wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Feng Lei coldly sneered: “Is that all the strength you’ve got?”

“Courting death!”

Chen Zhong was completely annoyed now.

Everyone watching was dumbfounded. Was this fatty some kind of unkillable cockroach? Those strikes of Chen Zhong were capable of destroying an expert at the Profound Master 5th rank. But this was the second time Feng Lei had crawled back up, and he even had an excited look on his face. Was he a masochist?

Chen Zhong didn’t bother with anything more.

This time he was going to use all his strength. The Flowing Cloud Steps in concert with the Primordial Chaos Palm once again struck out.

The strike was like thunder and the power like a mountain.

Feng Lei started laughing like crazy as he clasped his hands together. He then stared up at the huge hand print descending with a ferocious look.

The aura coming from Feng Lei’s body was changing.

Pieces of blood colored scales started appearing on his arms. The scales were faint and not very obvious, so no one would notice if they didn’t pay attention to it.

Luo Tian obviously noticed as he started getting excited. “I knew this fatty wasn’t simple!”

At this time…

The blood inside Feng Lei was roiling about. After being slammed to the ground twice, the unknown thing inside his body had become pissed. After devouring so much blood essence this past month, the strength contained within it finally broke out.

The ferocious beast was raging now.

A powerful force was converging towards Feng Lei’s arms, beginning a ferocious transformation. The scales were similar to a wild beast that looked unusually disgusting!


It was like thunder reverberating through the nine heavens!

The huge palm attack directly landed on Feng Lei’s head! And the beast tattoo on the back of his head looked exceptionally ferocious as if it was about to jump out.

“He’s definitely dead this time.”

“Chen Zhong used his full strength. No matter how tough that fatty’s body is, there’s no way he’ll be able to resist it.”

“Go die!”

So what if you try to resist?

No matter how strong one’s physical body was, it will still eventually be smashed to nothing.

Feng Lei did manage to shock many, but…

He was only someone at the Profound Master 2nd rank, so how could he be an opponent of Chen Zhong who was an Azure Cloud Sect disciple?

This was something impossible.

Almost everyone made that assumption.

Zhu Yaozong’s face was filled with happiness. He was currently thinking of what he should do with the Luo family’s ancestral manor and that made his face look like it was blooming with flowers.

It was the same with Zhu Changfeng.

Even though he was a bit disappointed with Chen Zhong’s performance, the outcome still won’t change – Feng Lei will definitely die.

The pit at the center of the stage had now become even deeper.

The deep pit was filled with dust so nothing could be seen for the time being.


Once again, just when Chen Zhong was about to get off the stage, a voice came floating over. The voice sounded exceptionally fierce, similar to the brutal ferocity of a wild beast.

“Is that all the strength you’ve got?”

“That strength is barely enough to tickle me.”


Feng Lei slowly climbed out of the pit dragging his arms that were drenched in blood and covered in blood colored scales.

He transformed!

“Now it’s my turn!”

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