Undefeatable – Ch92

Chapter 92 – Luo Tian, You Dare?

“Beast transformation?”

“He’s actually part of a demon clan?”

The crowd exploded into a commotion.

No one could believe their own eyes. Ever since the King of the demon clans started a huge war ten thousand years ago, all the demon clans had hid themselves deep inside the mountains after their defeat.

After ten thousand years, the majority of the common people had only read about demon clans in books and had never personally seen one.

Feng Lei’s arms were covered in blood colored scales that looked like fish scales and also like scales from a legendary dragon. This color was caused by fresh blood that seemed to have seeped out from in-between each scale. His fingers had become claws, and at the tip of the claws were traces of spatial cracks!

This type of power…

Was way too strong!

Feng Lei’s stance was similar to an enraged lion that had turned a deaf ear to the commotion below the stage. His two bloodshot eyes stared at Chen Zhong before he coldly said: “It should be my turn now.”

Luo Tian’s heart was filled with joy.

He knew this fatty wasn’t an ordinary person. And upon seeing the blood colored scales, Luo Tian said to himself: “Beast transformation? I don’t think it’s that simple.”

The blood colored scales gave him a very unusual feeling.

It didn’t look as simple as your usual beast transformation. Luo Tian felt that Feng Lei’s strength seemed to be more powerful than a normal beast transformation.

An Chunchun pupils enlarged as her eyes showed surprise. A trace of fear was heard in her voice as she softly said: “Blood God?”

Her voice was very soft so outsiders couldn’t hear it.

Li Xue’er was surprised but was the one that showed the least shock out of everyone. Her expression was calm as she faintly smiled, “Fatty is indeed quite powerful.”

On top of the stage.

Chen Zhong’s expression changed as he narrowed his eyes. He then coldly said: “I never imagined a little Jade Mountain City would have a demon clan member hiding here.”

“That’s fine too.”

“Today I shall enforce justice on behalf of the heavens!”

Immediately after…

Chen Zhong walked back to the center of the stage and pulled out the sword at his waist. Once the sword came out, the sound of a sword ringing could be heard in the surrounding area.


The sword qi started raging around creating a tornado.

Chen Zhong stood at the center of the tornado surrounded by the sword qi. The sharp sword qi was moving in sync with his breathing as if becoming a part of his body.

Zhu Changfeng was secretly surprised as he said to himself: “I didn’t expect Chen Zhong’s Heavenly Star sword skill to have reached such a degree. Looks like if it weren’t for Feng Lei’s beast transformation, he wouldn’t have displayed it.”

Zhu Yaozong looked at Zhu Changfeng with a worried gaze.

Zhu Changfeng faintly smiled, “Don’t worry uncle, even if the fatty was able to undergo a full beast transformation, he still wouldn’t be able to handle Chen Zhong. Just get ready to kick out all the old and young from the Luo family’s ancestral manor.”

Zhu Yaozong’s lips curved into a smile once again like he had just eaten a calming pill. He then continued watching the stage with a gleeful smirk.

At the center of the stage.

Feng Lei’s arms were almost touching the ground while his claws had scratched visible lines on the blue stone tiles. He stared at Chen Zhong who was surrounded by wind and roared out: “Come!”

Before his voice even faded…

Chen Zhong pointed his sword out and the sword qi became even more violent. “Die!”

“Heavenly Star Sword Skill…”

“Stars Illuminate the Myriad Sword!”


All the sword qi surrounding Chen Zhong formed into a huge sword that rushed into the sky. The sky darkened and suddenly the glittering of stars was seen.

Beneath the starlight, myriad swords shall descend!


“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~”

It was as if countless arrows started descending aiming straight for Feng Lei. His arms then swiped out into the air.


Sounds of metal being torn were heard. The speed of Feng Lei’s arms weren’t very fast; so many sword qi’s managed to slice up the rest of his body.

Within a few seconds, Feng Lei’s body was drenched in blood making the image of him look even more ferocious looking.

In the beginning, Feng Lei was using his arms to block some of the sword qi’s. But in the end, he didn’t bother anymore and just resisted them head on and slowly walked towards Chen Zhong.

With countless swords raining down, the pain was similar to being cut into pieces.

How excruciating was this pain? Feng Lei didn’t even frown while all his eyes could see was the image of Chen Zhong. It was like he didn’t even care about the physical pain he was currently experiencing.

You still haven’t died yet?

Are you even still human?

Even if you are of the demon clan, you can’t be that resilient right?

The crowd was practically scared silly.

Chen Zhong’s brows formed a frown as his heart started feeling a trace of danger. This was the first time he had ever felt this way so it made him extremely pissed. Seeing that Feng Lei was only three meters away from him now, his facial expression changed and he directly stabbed out with his sword.

The stab went straight for Feng Lei’s vitals at the Gate of Life acupoint! (stomach area)

This sword stab was extremely fast, even faster than Luo Tian’s Shadewind Steps.

Once the vitals were stabbed, even Gods wouldn’t be able to save you.

Feng Lei suddenly stopped while clenching his arms. His eyes stared fixed at a spot while looking very excited. He then grinned: “You’ve finally come!”

His arms were too heavy.

So heavy that Feng Lei almost couldn’t lift them up.

It was because of this that he couldn’t move it at high speeds.

However, the power contained within his arms was extremely strong, to the point that he almost couldn’t control it.

He was planning to make that power explode out all at once, but the target had to be close by.

The opportunity was finally here.

There was no hesitation as Feng Lei sprung forth without putting any effort into defending.

Even though the sword was pointed at his vitals, Feng Lei greeted it with open arms.

Go ahead, this daddy will allow you to stab!

Chen Zhong coldly laughed inside, “A country bumpkin is indeed a country bumpkin. Don’t you know that one’s Gate of Life acupoint is a person’s weakest spot? Even if you’re from a demon clan, it’s still the same for you.”

“Die for me!”

Feng Lei’s arms finally moved, except he wasn’t blocking Chen Zhong’s sword and was just directly taking it head on.


The sword stabbed into Feng Lei’s Gate of Life acupoint, and a bit of blood came out. But somehow, Chen Zhong’s sword only penetrated inside for less than half a centimeter and couldn’t pierce in any further. It was as if something was pinching onto it and not allowing it to go in.

It was also this moment that Feng Lei started grinning and revealed the blood that stained his teeth. This was a rather ferocious looking smile on his face.

His arms made the move.

The sharp claws were like lightning passing through.

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”

The explosive power in his arms was released in a flash. Attack after attack bombarded onto Chen Zhong’s chest and each punch was like thunder shaking the heavens. This kind of power and this kind of scene was simply too shocking to behold!

Each impact felt like it was striking at the minds of the spectators!

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Zhu Changfeng was dumbfounded.

Zhu Yaozong and the Zhu family members were dumbfounded.

Chen Zhong, an Azure Cloud Sect outer court disciple ranked in the top ten, had been beaten to the point that he couldn’t catch his breath and couldn’t retaliate at all.

How was this possible?

This was something absolutely impossible!

The Gate of Life acupoint was stabbed yet he didn’t die. And he also exploded forth with such powerful strength. Perhaps out of everyone present, only Feng Lei was capable of doing something like this.



One arm was holding onto Chen Zhong tightly while Feng Lei’s other arm was continuously bombarding him with punches. With the release of that power, it had caused the ferocious looking scales on his arms to become less and less visible.

The last punch!


That punch broke through Chen Zhong’s chest cavity. The scene was extremely bloody as fresh blood and all kinds of internal organs started sliding out. It was also at this time that Feng Lei grabbed Chen Zhong’s clothes and tossed him off the stage.

It just so happened to land below Luo Tian’s feet.

“For you boss!”

At the edge of death, Chen Zhong looked at the chilled gaze of Luo Tian and said: “Don’t, don’t, don’t kill me. My, my, my uncle is an elder of the Azure Cloud Sect. If you kill me, you will all die as well…”

Luo Tian stood up and stepped onto Chen Zhong’s head. He then looked at Zhu Changfeng and coldly smiled.

Zhu Changfeng had a vicious glare as he pointed at Luo Tian and shouted: “Luo Tian, you dare?!”

Luo Tian’s lips curved up and started smiling.

And then…

A thick killing intent rose from his body, and the Evil Blood Armor issued an excited and thirsty cry…

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