Undefeatable – Ch93

Chapter 93 – Ah, I Almost Forgot About You

With one foot on Chen Zhong’s head, Luo Tian showed a smile like he was enjoying the sensation. “How about you make a guess if I dare to or not?”

He looked like he was fully relishing the experience.

He was singing praises to the fatty in his heart because this was practically giving him free experience points.

Also, Chen Zhong’s body gave off a glow of an elite monster. There’s no need to mention the experience and profound energy gained, but an elite monster might possibly explode forth a good item.

After Feng Lei tossed Chen Zhong off the stage, his arms had turned back to its normal look. He then looked at Luo Tian with a foolish grin and mumbled: “Boss, this, this, this one didn’t let you down, right?”

Right after that, Feng Lei’s eyes rolled back as he immediately fainted and collapsed onto the floor.



“Brother fatty!”

Luo Tian frowned as he quickly commanded: “Hurry up and get fatty off the stage for treatment.”

Directly resisting four strikes.

If anyone else were in his shoes, they would’ve been turned into powder already. Yet Feng Lei clenched his teeth and endured through them, and used his transformed beast arms to explode forth with a furious counterattack. Now Chen Zhong was pretty much at the brink of death.

This outcome was something no one could have imagined. Even Luo Tian was surprised by this.


Each of Chen Zhong’s attack and every insult he made, Luo Tian had clearly witnessed it and remembered to heart. He had suppressed the raging flames inside.

With his fellow brother beaten to this point, how can he, the boss, not settle this with interest?

Even though Feng Lei had won the fight, there’s no way he was going to let Chen Zhong off.

Chen Zhong looked pale and his whole body was shivering in pain, yet his eyes still gave off a cold proudness and contempt as he shouted: “You damn dog thing, if you dare to kill me, your entire Luo family will accompany me in burial. You should know that my uncle is already…”

Luo Tian didn’t bother to let Chen Zhong finish speaking and directly stomped on his face. He then coldly laughed, “A stray homeless dog still dares to act arrogant, where the hell are you getting the courage from?!”

“Motherf*cker, your death is imminent yet you still dare to threaten me. Let me tell you: The thing I hate the most in my life is people trying to threaten me.”

“Trying to scare me? I’m soooooo afraid.”

Luo Tian made up his mind, and killing intent was slowly released from him.

Zhu Changfeng was stunned by this, and immediately stepped forth.

Like thunder sweeping through, the entire crowd felt Zhu Changfeng’s aura explode out of his body. There were even some people that had directly fainted from his powerful aura.

The powerful oppressive pressure came crashing down like a huge wave.

A big portion of it went straight for Luo Tian’s mind, making it seem like a tsunami was currently wreaking havoc inside.

Zhu Changfeng angrily roared out: “Luo Tian, he is the nephew of our Azure Cloud Sect’s elder. If you dare to kill him, your entire Luo family will be killed and their bones be ground to dust!”

Zhu Changfeng’s voice was like an arrow that pierced through and suppressed everyone in the square.

The cultivation strength of someone at the peak of Profound Master 9th rank was extremely powerful. They could practically become an overlord existence in Jade Mountain City.

Luo Tian’s mind was experiencing the tsunami like pressure from Zhu Changfeng. The rage in his heart was increasing as his eyes changed. He then roared out: “F*ck!”

Immediately after…

Condensed with power, his right fist moved.

The punch heavily smashed towards Chen Zhong’s head.

Chen Zhong’s eyes were filled with fear as he urinated himself. He then hysterically screamed: “Changfeng, save me!”

At this instant…

Zhu Changfeng’s pupils shrank; he then rushed forth like a crazy demon.


No matter how fast he was, he was still dozens of meters away. Luo Tian’s fist was less than half a meter from Chen Zhong so even with super speed, how can Zhu Changfeng beat Luo Tian’s punch?


The punch slammed down and Chen Zhong lost his life!

With his fist drenched in blood, Luo Tian looked at Zhu Changfeng rushing over and shouted: “Motherf*cker, go ahead and keep yelling, keep threatening this daddy. I already said that what I hated the most in life was people threatening me, yet you motherf*cker still went ahead and threatened me. When this daddy goes crazy, even I’m afraid of myself!”

Luo Tian was beyond annoyed.

He was still threatened by people about bla bla bla this person cannot be killed or bla bla bla this person cannot die.

When situations like this arise, all he wants to do is make a response with his fist and directly slaughter those f*ckers!

Zhu Changfeng’s body immediately stopped as he looked at Luo Tian with heavy eyes. He then walked onto the stage and pointed at Luo Tian’s nose: “Scram up here for this daddy!”

Luo Tian didn’t bother looking at Zhu Changfeng because his eyes were closed and had an enjoyable look on his face.

The system alert was sounding off in his mind.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Chen Zhong. You have gained 1500 experience points, 300 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Heavenly Star Sword Skill. Do you wish to cultivate it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a Fire Dragon pill.”


“Undefeated value +1, Evil Blood Armor absorbed 100 points of killing intent and defensive properties increased by 1%.”


“The Heavenly Star sword skill exploded out.” Luo Tian was ecstatic and immediately made a thought to cultivate it.

After taking care of everything, Luo Tian finally opened his eyes. He still didn’t even give Zhu Changfeng a glance on top of the stage, but went towards Zhu Yaozong with a smile.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Protect the patriarch!”

“If you dare to keep coming closer, don’t blame this old man for being impolite!”

The Zhu family started to panic and the elite disciples all started coming forward. They took out their weapons and glared at Luo Tian alert to any of his movements.

Luo Tian didn’t care about what was going on as he strode right next to Zhu Yaozong. He then sat down in a showy manner and put one hand around Zhu Yaozong’s shoulder. Luo Tian then chuckled: “Old Zhu, I came over here just to say hello, there’s no other intentions.”

Zhu Yaozong had an ugly look on his face but he calmly said: “Now that your greetings are over, you can scram back on over to your place now right?”

“Don’t fret, there’s still something I want to discuss with you.” Luo Tian smiled.

Zhu Yaozong replied: “Just let it out if you have to fart.”

Luo Tian then said: “You ancestral graves now belong to me. Do you think I should build some toilets there or just a huge manure pit?”

“This is an extremely difficult choice for me. Old Zhu, can you give me your opinion?”

Zhu Yaozong’s face rapidly changed colors as his eyes looked like he was going to devour Luo Tian on the spot.

Without waiting for a reply, Luo Tian continued: “Now for the bones of your ancestors, do you think I should just throw them away or should I feed it to the dogs?”


Zhu Yaozong’s eyes widened to the size of lanterns as his rage looked like an erupting volcano. The power of his Profound Master 9th rank exploded out as he said through clenched teeth: “If you dare to touch my ancestral graves, I will immediately send you to meet the Yama King!”

Luo Tian had a shocked look in his eyes as he started patting his chest like he was scared. He then revealed an extremely cheap look and said: “Ah, I’m being threatened again, I’m soooo scared.”

Immediately after…

He used Shadewind Steps and leapt away. In just several breaths of time, he had already returned to the seats of the Luo family. He then loudly shouted: “All the Luo family disciples listen up!”

“Zhu Yaozong has lost the Zhu family’s ancestral graves to me, and everyone present can be my witness.”

“Notify everyone that the disciples of the Luo family must go to the Zhu family ancestral graves if they need to use the toilet. Within three days time, I want a huge manure pit there!”

The Luo family disciples started laughing loudly.

Zhu Yaozong almost fainted from being so pissed off. His long moustache fluttered while he yelled: “Luo Tian, you dare?!”

Luo Tian started grinning and said: “Just watch if I dare or not.”

Zhu Changfeng had absolutely no interest in his family’s ancestral graves. What he was worried about right now was how to explain everything to Chen Tianyao.

Both his son and nephew had died.

The worst thing of all was that Chen Zhong had already been chosen by an inner court elder as their legacy disciple!

This meant that not only has he offended an outer court elder, he had offended an inner court elder as well. How was he supposed to survive in the Azure Cloud Sect now?

Luo Tian!

It was all Luo Tian’s fault.

Kill him, I have to kill him!

Zhu Changfeng’s ruthless aura started rising. His eyes were now bloodshot as he released his oppressive pressure forcing everyone into a silence. He then roared out: “Luo Tian, hurry up here and so you can die!”

Luo Tian turned to look at the center of the stage and slapped his thighs. “Ah, I almost forgot about you little squirt.”

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