9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch318 – Ch320

There’s too little readers for 9HTM so I’ve decided to clump my releases together every few weeks. I’m talking about only 200 readers per chapter release compared to my old 3000.

Chapter 318 – The two special books
Chapter 319 – In order to make a living
Chapter 320 – Lightning’s disciple

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5 Responses to 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch318 – Ch320

  1. Felix Alexy says:

    still reading this 🙂
    thanks for still translating it, even after this drop of readers…..

  2. bigdk85 says:

    I’ve recently started reading this and I love it. I won’t be giving up this anytime soon. As long as you are willing to keep translating, ill be here reading. Thank you for bringing a unique version to a repetitive genre.

  3. I just found this novel not long ago from novelupdates
    thank you for your hardwork and keep it up