Undefeatable – Ch20

Chapter 20 – Arrival Of Ominous Times

There were demonic beast corpses everywhere, and Feng Lei’s mouth was filled with blood as he busily gorged himself!

Luo Tian was sitting to the side resting, “Fatty, can you move faster? Do you really have to absorb every blood essence? Time is precious; we don’t want to keep waiting for you here while you’re sucking out blood.”

On the other side, Li Xue’er was gasping for breath while her face was slightly red.

Each time she made a move, it would deplete her profound energy. And after several hours, the consumption amount was too great so her body couldn’t handle it.


A Green Eyed Tiger with yellow and white stripes suddenly leapt out of a tree.

Li Xue’er’s eyes changed as she struck with her sword. She then pouted and angrily muttered: “You dare to sneak attack big brother Luo Tian? It looks like you’re tired of living.”


The white clothes flashed by and her sword created a mirage.

Compared to before, it was clear her speed had slowed by a lot and the strength of her sword had also weakened.

Profound energy was very important. Once the consumption was too much, one’s strength and speed will significantly decrease. Li Xue’er was just too tired now.

This was a common problem to all martial cultivators!

It was like a mage without any mana, they were completely useless even if they were powerful.

Even though Li Xue’er was the first to detect the Green Eyed Tiger’s sneak attack, her speed couldn’t catch up to her reaction and her strength seemed to have gone down a level; her sword struck nothing but air.

Immediately after…

Li Xue’er cried out: “Big brother Luo Tian, watch out!”

Luo Tian frowned as a burst of chill was felt on his back. His heart tightened as he clenched his fists before spinning around. He then roared out: “Thunder Tiger Charge!”

His body was like a bow while his fists were like the arrow as it shot forward.


His pair of fists accurately landed on the Green Eyed Tiger’s forehead. Its head cracked apart while fresh blood gushed out.

Instant kill!

At that moment, a system alert was heard in his mind.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing a Green Eyed Tiger. You have gained 210 experience points, 20 profound energy…”

“Congratulations Player Luo Tian for gaining 1 blood essence from the Green Eyed Tiger…”

“I got blood essence again… every time I kill a demonic beast, I’d get their blood essence. What can I do with them?”

Each time he killed a new demonic beast species, he would gain a blood essence. This was extremely strange to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian felt a sudden urge and unconsciously opened up the system’s information to search for the usage for blood essence. There were more than 30 types of blood essence floating in his mind as he opened up the system interface to search.


“Ten thousand Beast Lineage?”

“After acquiring 10,000 different demonic beast’s blood, one can gain the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage and possess the strength of 10,000 beasts!”

“The more powerful the blood essence of the demonic beasts collected, the more powerful your strength will become after merging the 10,000 blood essences together. Also…”

This seemed very normal so far.

The Ten Thousand Beast Lineage was very powerful since it was a lineage made up of 10,000 different demonic beast species; there was no doubt about its power. But when Luo Tian continued reading down, his sphincter tightened and mumbled in shock: “The Ten Thousand Beast Lineage actually has a fusion ability; it can actually coexist with other blood lines. This… this… this is too f*cking awesome!”

Once one fuses with a blood lineage, there’s no way for it to fuse with another one.

In the Tianyuan Continent, there’s no blood lineage that can fuse with others. The Ten Thousand Beast Lineage was a fusion bloodline that can coexist with other blood lines, that means one could have two bloodlines inside them.

How strong was a single bloodline? What about two bloodlines?

Luo Tian was so excited that he was speechless.

The Undefeatable points could be exchanged for the Undefeatable bloodlines. Each and every one of them was extremely powerful and their power was no less than the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage. Upon completing the requirements, would the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage immediately fuse into him?

Luo Tian wasn’t worried about that since the Undefeatable bloodline can be added later.

“Young master is so powerful, young master is so domineering, haha…” Feng Lei was dazed at the side because it was simply too awesome for a single strike to kill a 1st rank demonic beast.

Li Xue’er looked with surprise. Half a second later, a light smile appeared on her face as she said to herself: “Big brother Luo Tian is too skillful. That bunch of Luo family people keep saying big brother Luo Tian is trash, I think they’re the real trash, humph!”

Luo Tian stored his thoughts with a smile. He then looked up at the sky and recalled Li Xue’er’s condition. “It’s getting late and demonic beasts are more abundant and active at night. We should find a safe place somewhere to spend the night.”

Nighttime was the time most favorable for demonic beasts.

This was the time for them to find a place and hide or else it would be extremely dangerous for them.

Li Xue’er glanced at Luo Tian and noticed he said this because of her. She couldn’t help feel her heart warm up and filled with emotions.

Not far away…

Two dark shadows were lurking behind a bush. Only after Luo Tian and company ran off in a certain direction did they reveal themselves.

Wang Cheng and Luo Qing were two outer disciples of the Luo family who were considered one of the stronger ones. Those two were both at the Profound Pupil 6th rank.

“Wang Cheng, you go notify young master Luo Lin while I continue following them.” Luo Qing whispered as he stared at the direction Luo Tian went off to.

Wang Cheng turned around and was just about to leave when his eyebrows went up and a sneer appeared on his lips. He then sinisterly said: “If we were to personally capture Luo Tian, I believe young master Luo Lin will reward us lavishly.”

“Did you see the sword skills of the girl in white? We are definitely not her opponent.” Luo Qing frankly said.

A single sword strike was able to kill a demonic beast. Add Luo Tian who was at the Profound Pupil 5th rank, those two were definitely not their opponents.

Wang Cheng lightly smiled before saying: “Didn’t you notice that the girl in white clothes had pretty much depleted all her profound energy? She needs at least an entire night before she can recover, so no matter how powerful she is, it’s of no use. Do the two of us still don’t stand a chance dealing with that trash Luo Tian?”

It was very easy for someone at the Profound Pupil 6th rank to deal with someone on the 5th rank. Especially when there were two of them, so success was definitely assured.

Luo Qing narrowed his eyes because his heart was moved by those words.

He clearly knew what Luo Lin’s goal was, so if he were to really capture Luo Tian, he will definitely receive a big reward.

Even if there weren’t any rewards, being able to do stuff for the future Luo family’s young master, there’ll definitely be benefits in the future.

Apart from this, they were eyeing the space plaque that Feng Lei had. There were over a dozen demonic beast heads inside, so if it all belonged to them…

A “gulp” was heard as Luo Qing heavily swallowed his saliva. A look of greed appeared on his face, “Okay, we will continue following them and find an opportunity to capture Luo Tian.”


The sky gradually darkened and one couldn’t even see their own fingers inside the forest. There were constant roars by demonic beasts that would startle one’s heart, giving this entire place a scary feeling. The constant roaring was similar to a warning by the demonic beasts, saying that this was now their world.

Halfway up a hill was a hidden cave.

Li Xue’er was sitting inside the cave cross-legged while absorbing profound energy. Each breath and exhale was in a rhythm as the surrounding traces of profound energy were drawn into her body. The profound energy in her dantian was gradually being recovered…

At the mouth of the cave.

Feng Lei was standing there like King Kong, his eyes lit like a torch as he surveyed the area.

“Fatty Lei, you have to protect her because she could be your future mistress.” Smiled Luo Tian. Upon thinking of Li Xue’er’s cute expressions, his heart started warming up.

Feng Lei nodded in a serious manner, “Don’t worry young master, even if this one was to die, he won’t let anyone harm a single hair on her.”

Luo Tian gave a satisfied smile and dashed into the night.

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  1. TharinduX IndunilX says:

    [ 01 ] Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable (MC- Luo Tian)
    Location : Tianxuan Continent > Jade Mountain City
    Stats: Patriarch of Luo Family
    Age : 16 Years

    Bloodline : Human / Azure Dragon Bloodline [2,000: Undefeated Value]🔒/ 10,000 Beast Lineage [10,000 Beast Essence]🔒
    Title : Killer of Dung Beetles [ Extra EXP ]

    Level : 5 (+10,000 EXP) [ Profound Pupil 5 ]

    Profound Energy : 1,620
    Undefeatable Value : +4
    Martial Skill :-
    Thunder Tiger Fists (Enhanced Punch & Defense) [Level 2] [Grade 1 Martial Skill]
    Berserk (Level 1: Everything Enhanced by 2x) [Divine Skill]
    ?? [Grade 3 / Supportive Martial Skill]
    System Function :-
    Status Recovery
    Inventory (Similar to Wooden Space Plaque: Item Box)
    Cultivation Skills :-

    Unique Skills :-

    Companions :-
    Items :-
    Foundation Building Pill [1st Grade: 50 Profound Energy] : (4x)
    Silver : (25x)

    Monster Essence : (30x)

    Harem (Top Beauty) :-
    Li Xue’er (1st Girl) [Profound Pupil 8] [Girl💗Kiss]
    Family (Luo Family) :-
    Parents (Luo Zhen: Father / ??: Mother)💀
    Allies :-
    Feng Lei (MC Servant / Sworn Brother / Simple Minded) [Profound Pupil 1]

    Luo Qingchan (Test Administrator)

    [Song Family] >
    Song Yannan (Patriarch)
    Neutral :-
    [Green Cloud Sect] >

    Villains :-
    [Luo Family] >
    Luo Jianshan (Acting Patriarch) [Profound Master 7]
    Luo Lin (Number 1 Young Master / Luo Jianshan Son) [Profound Pupil 8]
    Luo Yue [Profound Pupil 5] [Fiance💗Zhu Mei]
    Ma Tong (Horse Stable Supervisor) [Profound Pupil 3]
    Luo Yan, Luo Ming, Luo Xiu, Luo Wan (Disciple) [Profound Pupil 4]💀
    Luo Xiaoshan (Luo Yue Father / Elder / Luo Jianshan Younger Brother) [Profound Master 2]
    Luo Ming (Luo Jianshan Bodyguard / Luo Lin Master)
    Wang Cheng, Luo Qing (Outer Disciple / Luo Lin Servant) [Profound Pupil 6]

    [Zhu Family] >
    Zhu Mei (Former MC Fiance / Zhu Heir GrandDaughter)

    [Zhou Family] >
    #Levelling Up gain Status Recovery & Random Skill (Famous Novels) [Higher Level Up]
    #Special Skill of the MC of “The Plum in the Golden Vase” is being very good at Sex
    #Berserk (300 Profound Energy at Level 01) :-
    Level 01 = 2x (Physique / Profound Energy) / Level 02 = 4x / Level 03 = 8x / Level 10 = 1,000x
    #💀mean Defeated or Death or Disappeared
    #Sword Pavilion is Where Luo Family Train Sword Art
    #Luo Family Ultimate Goal is getting into Disciple of the Green Cloud Sect
    #Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth were All Attributes of Nature in Demon Beasts
    #Refining Pills, Refining Weapons, Inscriptions (Supportive Martial Skills)
    #Profound Weapon was Separated into 9 Ranks, Above that (Spirit > Earth > Sky > Immortal > Divine [Highest / Legendary] )
    Cultivation Levels (Level 01 – 09) :-
    01 – Profound Pupil
    02 – Profound Master
    03 – Profound Grandmaster
    04 – Profound Spirit
    05 – Profound King
    06 – Profound Ancestor
    07 – Profound Venerable or Profound Venerate
    08 – Profound Saint
    09 – Profound Emperor
    10 – Profound God
    11 – Profound Sovereign or Profound God Sovereign

    Middle Realms – Ancient World :>

    12 – Spirit Martial
    13 – Four Forms Boundary
    14 – Congealing Yuan Boundary
    15 – Martial Void
    16 – Overflow
    17 – Myriad Illusion
    18 – Sacred Spirit
    19 – Emperor Venerable
    20 – God
    21 – God Master
    22 – God Wheel
    23 – Spiritual God
    24 – God Broken
    25 – Control (Title) God Boundry
    26 – God King


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