Undefeatable – Ch208

Chapter 208 – Surrounded By A Bunch Of Women

Who was the Head Leader of Autumn Mountain?

Qiu Badao! (Eight blades)

People called him big bro Badao!

His cultivation was at the Profound Spirit 4th rank, and was considered a top expert in the radius of a thousand kilometers.

In the struggle for Jade Mountain City, he was able to beat out all the other competitors and become the overlord of this area. Thus, he established the Autumn Mountain Sect.

In fact, those weren’t the most important points.

The most important thing was that there was someone above Qiu Badao!

When the Azure Cloud Sect was destroyed, Qiu Badao was able to quickly rise up. In the radius of 100,000 kilometers, how could a mere Profound Spirit ranker establish his might? This was obviously impossible. The true reason was that Qiu Badao had some unknown government official from the imperial capital as his backer!

Rumors have it that he was some nephew of a high ranking official!

The Great Tang Dynasty was established on martial might.

No matter if they were civil officials or military officials, each and every one of them were top ranking experts.

The cultivation level of this unknown high ranking official uncle behind Qiu Badao was not low, and some say that he was already a super expert at the Profound King realm. This was what those surrounding small forces feared the most!

Jade Mountain City, Joyful Spring Garden.

A stocky and imposing build, eight faint scars on his face and a naturally fierce gaze. When his eyes widened to glare at you, not to mention children, even adults would feel a terror rise in their hearts.

There were eight scars on his face caused by cuts from a blade.

This was also how his name came about.

At this moment, Qiu Badao had a perverted smiled on his face. His left hand was hugging a woman with bountiful breasts, and his right hand was hugging another sexy woman with extremely enchanting looks. His expression looked like he was on cloud nine and he would occasionally chuckle in pleasure.

Those two playful women in his embrace was sending shivers down his spine, almost causing his little brother down there to break out of his pants.

Behind him…

Stood eight men with large builds and chest hair sprouting out. They were bodyguards holding onto large machetes and eyes filled with killing intent. Standing there like buddha warrior statues, they were constantly scanning the area for danger while not moving a single bit.

“Your granny! You two are making my heart all itching for a go!”

Qiu Badao then slapped one of the women’s large butt and perversely said: “This daddy is gonna unload eight to ten rounds. Eight Supreme Warriors, stand guard here and don’t bother me even if the sky is falling!”

“We obey!”

The so called Eight Supreme Warriors nodded their heads seriously.

At this time, one of the madams of the Joyful Spring Garden ran over and respectfully said: “Sect Leader Qiu, so our Joyful Spring Garden’s protection fee…”


“Everything’s exempt!”

Qiu Badao grabbed the women’s waists and said this like he couldn’t wait any longer.

The madam smiled like flowers was blooming on her face before seriously chiding the women: “Taohong, Xiaocui, you two better take good care of Sect Leader Qui or else I won’t let either of you off.”

“Don’t worry.”

“We will definitely make the great Sect Leader Qui satisfied, hee hee…”

Qiu Badao started chuckling while walking inside a room but then turned around and said to the elated madam: “This month’s protection fee is exempted, but next month’s would be doubled. Hahaha…”

The madam became dumbfounded.

However, she didn’t dare to show any anger and only smiled at him while she was cursing all eighteen generations of Qiu Badao’s ancestors. Once Qiu Badao walked through the doorway, she then cursed softly: “You one minute man, one day you will die a horrible death! Humph!” ¹


“Lord, our Head Leader is inside.”

“I will immediately go notify him of your arrival.”

“I’ll go! I’ll go!”

The five of them started quarrelling.

At this time, they all wanted to leave the sight of Luo Tian. Every time they saw Luo Tian’s grim reaper like glare, their hearts would start shuddering. Now was also a good time for gaining merits and they might even accidently rise up to the place of a Third Leader.

Luo Tian raised his head to look at the building and coldly said with a smile: “Your Head Leader really knows how to enjoy himself. This daddy hasn’t even enjoyed himself here before yet he is already having a blast. Motherf*cking hell!”

Joyful Spring Garden!

This was part of the red light district!

A place extremely attractive to men.

Many times when Luo Tian was passing through this area, his heart rate would start increasing. Should he go inside and take a look? Just one look is more than enough.

But he would back out each time because he didn’t dare to.

Luo Tian truly didn’t dare to because of the feelings from his past life. There were many times he would pass by a small alley with a single red lighted signboard. Luo Tian would pretend to be running errands while walking by it multiple times with sweaty palms. Each time when he finally gathered enough courage, he would look over at the place before instantly leaving from fear.

After recalling these thoughts, Luo Tian would feel a bit sad about it.

Wasn’t it just a brothel? Were they going to eat this daddy or something?

Luo Tian became serious and shouted: “You guys don’t have to quarrel, I will go look for him myself.”


“Lord, please go ahead. If there’s nothing else, we’ll first take our leave.”

The five of them turned around about to leave…

Luo Tian coldly laughed and said: “You want to leave? Did this daddy agree to it yet?”

As his voice faded…

A powerful energy exploded out of Luo Tian before he punched out five times. Those five were sent flying a dozen meters in the air before crashing onto the ground to their deaths.




A series of five alert tones was heard.

The common civilians passing by on the street started screaming and several women started shouting: “Murder! Someone was murdered!”

“What’s so strange about a murder? The current Jade Mountain City has several people dying every single day now.”

“The people he murdered are the bandits from Autumn Mountain!”

“What?! Is that person tired of living?”

“Quickly hide! The Autumn Mountain bandits are all demons who kill without batting an eye! Now that one of theirs was killed, our Jade Mountain City will be suffering once again. Sigh…”

For a brief moment, those on the streets were panicking and had frozen in fear.

There were also some that were discussing this in whispers.

“Did you guys notice the person who murdered those Autumn Mountain bandits? I feel like he looks very familiar.”

“He looks like the Luo family’s young patriarch.”

“Luo Tian? Didn’t he go to the Ghostly Mountain Range? He made it back alive? That kid is quite incredible! Back then he didn’t even put an Elder of the Azure Cloud Sect in his eyes, so now that he’s back…”

“Hahaha… there’s definitely going to be a good show to watch. Most likely the Autumn Mountain bandits will be experiencing some bad luck ahead.”

“What bad luck? The Azure Cloud Sect elder was at the Profound Grandmaster realm while Qiu Badao is at the Profound Spirit realm. That kid Luo Tian is the one that’s going to be experiencing some bad luck. That kid actually doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth, actually sending himself to his own death!”

The sounds of discussion came from the crowd.

Luo Tian was walking back and forth in front of Joyful Spring Garden for half an incense of time before mustering his courage to step in.

The moment he stepped in, his heart was still a bit anxious but gradually returned to its calm.



There wasn’t a single pretty looking girl at the Joyful Spring Garden, not even those third grade lookers! They were all middle aged looking mothers on their way to being grandma’s! And they all wore a thick layer of makeup on their faces which was honestly quite revolting for one to look at!

My first time!

My first time had disappeared just like that.

Luo Tian swore to himself to never love again. Back then, this place was considered a holy ground but now he was simply too disappointed. It was like his whole world was turned upside down.

“Noble, is this your first time here?”

“Do you have an intimate friend here already?”

“Lord, do you want me to accompany you? I am accomplished in blowing, playing, and singing. I am also proficient in all 108 styles so I will guarantee that you won’t want to get out of bed.”

“Noble, don’t be shy because I know even more.”

He was surrounded by a bunch of women.

Luo Tian couldn’t even get excited about this as he bitterly said to himself: “What motherf*cking world is this?!”


¹ – For those that don’t know what a one minute man is, it’s one that prematurely ejaculates before the woman has even began to enjoy herself.

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