Undefeatable – Ch244

Chapter 244 – Bastard, I’m Here

Breaking through to the Profound King realm!

He had to break through!

Although he was able to defeat Luo Kun with a blade strike, Luo Tian could clearly feel the gap in strength between a Profound Spirit ranker and a Profound King ranker.

He had to breakthrough to the Profound King realm!

If Luo Kun was already this strong, then Du Yuansong’s strength could be easily imagined.


After entering Heavenly Sword City, Luo Tian felt his Profound Spirit 9th rank was really inadequate here. A random member of the Palace Guards was already at the Profound Spirit 9th rank, so how was he going to rescue An Chunchun’s mother with this little bit of strength of his?

Now that An Chunchun was kidnapped, he wanted to go rescue her.

He would go right now if he could…

But what was he going to use to rescue her?

Luo Tian was very clear this place was not like Jade Mountain City. This was Heavenly Sword City and a Profound Spirit ranker was no different than a lowly dog. Experts at the Profound King realm were crawling all over this place. If one wanted to establish themselves and make their name known to the world, one must have sufficient strength!

No one will show you leniency just because you’re a Profound Spirit ranker at a young age; they might even be more ruthless to cut off all future problems.

In the world of martial warriors, they don’t split people up by their age and only differentiated them by strength.

When Luo Tian suddenly asked him this, Tang Jiu’s heart sank. Seeing how Luo Tian’s gaze was so firm, he replied: “To the west of Heavenly Sword city, about 800 kilometers away is the Spectral Forbidden Grounds. Back then, it was a huge battlefield that had buried over ten million bodies. Those devil race members died but their souls didn’t dissipate, gradually becoming specters. But it’s extremely dangerous there because the devil race…”

“Ninth brother!”

“I have a request for you.” Luo Tian didn’t wait for Tang Jiu to finish his sentence.

The more dangerous the place, the higher the level the monsters were.

The higher the level, the higher amount of experience they would give.

This was exactly what Luo Tian wanted.

He needed experience points really badly. If he could, he would’ve killed his way to the so called Spectral Forbidden Grounds already. He would level up to the Profound King realm, kill his way to the Du Manor, and then rip Du Yuansong into thousands of pieces.

Tang Jiu replied: “Go ahead and say it.”

Luo Tian then said: “I have a little sister that was kidnapped by Du Yuansong. She’s… she’s of the demon fox clan.”

Luo Tian hesitated for a bit, but still revealed An Chunchun’s identity.

He didn’t want to lie to Tang Jiu.

Because Luo Tian treated him like a brother.

Tang Jiu’s expression change as he excitedly asked: “A demon fox girl? Idol, could it be that you came for her mother?”

He immediately thought of the huge auction in a month’s time.

There were already rumors abound that the auction would have a woman of the demon fox clan. Hearing what Luo Tian had said, Tang Jiu immediately connected it to him coming here for that demon fox woman.

Luo Tian’s expression also became a bit surprised. “So it is at an auction house… how much time is left?”

Tang Jiu replied: “There’s a little over a month. The location will be at the eastern city’s Dao Shang auction house.”

“A little more than a month!”

Luo Tian gulped and said to himself: “It’s about the same timeline for my quest. It looks like I can’t just breakthrough into the Profound King realm; I need to go a few more levels higher than that in order to prepare for the auction.”

The day of the auction will definitely be a tough battle.

Seeing Luo Tian’s expression, Tang Jiu was certain Luo Tian came here for that demon fox clan woman. His eyebrows faintly furrowed as he said in an unwilling tone: “The Dao Shang Alliance have businesses spread throughout every corner of the continent. They hold one-third of the combined wealth of the entire human race in Tianxuan Continent. Since they hold so many resources in their hands, their influence is no worse than my Great Tang Dynasty. Idol, I…”

He wanted to use his status as the Ninth Prince and bring that woman out of the Dao Shang Alliance for Luo Tian.


Even if it was his father, the Great Tang Dynasty’s Emperor who tried, most likely it would still be very difficult.

After all, the Dao Shang Alliance had spread that news out already. If by that time there was no demon fox clan woman appearing, that would be similar to them slapping their own face. Therefore no matter who it was, most likely it would be an impossible task.

In regards to this…

Tang Jiu somewhat blamed himself.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Ninth brother, I will personally rescue Chunchun’s mother because this is a promise I made with the girl. The request I have for you is to investigate which part of the Du Manor is An Chunchun being held in. It would be already great if you can secretly protect her since there’s no need for you to rescue her. There’s also no need to make a move against Du Yuansong because I want to do it myself!”


“I hope you can take care of my fellow brothers here.”

Tang Jiu nodded and said: “So it’s Du Yuansong huh? I will have Uncle Chen take a trip there. If he dares to make any wrong moves, I will have the Du Manor disappear from Heavenly Sword City permanently. Idol, there’s really no need for you to take action here. This is the Great Tang Dynasty – my cultivation isn’t that high but I still have a bit of forces behind my back.”

How could the forces behind a Ninth Prince be called a bit?

His forces could practically be considered all-powerful, especially in the northern city.

He only needed to say a few words and…

Not to mention Du Yuansong, anyone in the northern city would start crawling over to meet with him.

Luo Tian shook his head and said: “It’s good enough that you protect her for me and I believe her identity hasn’t been seen through yet. If I haven’t returned yet and Du Yuansong finds out who she really is, please help me rescue her. If she hasn’t been seen through, just wait until I come back. That old fogey dared to move against my people and beat one of my brothers to death; I’m going to have him personally account for all his deeds.”

In his heart…

Luo Tian was clear that An Chunchun wanted him to personally appear to rescue her.

Luo Tian didn’t want to disappoint her.

Thinking of An Chunchun’s cute and adorable face, Luo Tian’s heart tightened up. “Du Yuansong, you damn old fogey… you just wait for this daddy. If Chunchun misses a single hair from her, this daddy will f*ck up all eighteen generations of you ancestral tombs!”

Luo Tian insisted that he waited for him to return and settle things himself so Tang Jiu didn’t keep on insisting. He then said softly: “Uncle Chen, I will be bothering you with this.”

“I obey!”

Within the darkness, a dark shadow flashed by.

There was only a slight release of his aura.

Luo Tian’s eyes widened as he shouted with internally: “An expert that has surpassed a Profound King and reached the Profound Venerate realm?!”

Chen Donglai had deliberately released a bit of his aura.

This was also Tang Jiu’s intent.

He wanted Luo Tian to not worry about this issue. With him around, even if the sky was to fall, he could still hold on for a bit.

Luo Tian cupped his fists in a serious manner and said: “Thank you Ninth brother!”

Tang Jiu’s expression was a bit excited as he said: “Idol, why are you being so polite with me? It’s all my fault; otherwise you wouldn’t have been thrown into such a predicament. Back then, I said that I’d welcome you here with a grand ceremony, but now… sigh.”

He was blaming himself a bit.

Luo Tian was grateful for those words and softly whispered: “Ninth brother, your little sister Tang Tang doesn’t know I’m the person you’ve been talking about. If it’s possible, I hope that you don’t tell her my real identity yet.”

Tang Jiu was slightly surprised and smiled in response. “I understand! I thought she already knew about it, heh.”


Luo Tian turned around and looked at Xuan Yuanyi and company. “I will definitely be back in half a month. By then, you guys will accompany me in dominating the northern city!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian leapt into the air and disappeared towards the direction of the Spectral Forbidden Grounds.

Not long after Luo Tian left…

A shadow descended and glanced around the mess in the yard. Qin Yue’er looked at Tang Jiu and asked: “Senior brother, where’s my lover?”

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