Undefeatable – Ch253

Chapter 253 – Two Girls Fighting Over A Man

There were 23 punches and each were instakills!

He showed no mercy at all.

He already gave them a chance but they blew it, so there was no longer any need to show mercy.

Luo Tian had always been like this.

I’ve given you face but you didn’t want it, then don’t blame this daddy for slapping your face to the ground. Then, I’ll step on your face until you have no face left!




A series of system alerts sounded off.

Luo Tian grinned and patted the dust from his hands. He then said: “I easily received 23 undefeated points.”

His expression was very cocky.

Cocky to a complete mess.

If killing Wang Zhong previously was an illusion for the crowd, then this time was definitely not an illusion. There were 23 punches in a single second, and 23 Du Manor servants were smashed flying. None of them survived! What kind of power was this?!

This was the Du Manor!

He was cocky to such a level at the Du Manor?

The crowd of spectators was once again shocked by Luo Tian.


They were only shocked momentarily. In their hearts, they knew this place was the Du Manor and no matter how strong Luo Tian was, he will still end up a lifeless corpse. The reason was that Forefather Du was the King of northern city; he was the absolute overlord of this place.

“After killing so many people of the Du Manor, it still wouldn’t be enough if the kid had an extra a hundred lives to spare.”

“He was able to instantly kill a Profound King expert at such a young age. If he was allowed to live a few more years, most likely he will also become a youth whose name can shake the world. Unfortunately… unfortunately he will have to die here.”

“Forefather Du has been in the northern city for over a decade, and his position is something no one can shake.”

“You guys are spouting farts!”

“My boss will beat the shit out of that old eunuch Du Yuansong!”

“That’s right! That smelly scoundrel will definitely kill Du Yuansong! The time for our Flame Dragon Gang to dominate northern city has arrived! Heeheehee…”

“Let me make a divination for the dragon head…”

“Blindman Liu, shut your damn trap! If you dare to calculate anymore stupid divinations, we’re not going to spare you anymore!” The group shouted in unison.


Feng Lei, Xuan Yuanyi, Blindman Liu, and Tang Tang had all arrived. They were standing near the Du Manor’s main entrance and staring at Luo Tian’s back.

Feng Lei smiled foolishly before saying: “Boss is so mighty.”

“Boss is so mighty!”

“Smelly scoundrel is mighty! And, and, and I’ve missed you.”

Tang Tang had reverted back to her girl’s appearance and was wearing a light blue dress. She had a pair of large intelligent eyes and had faint blush on her cheeks. She was looking very pretty right now.

At the end of the street, a fiery hot fairy was rushing over but had now turned into a charming lady with a beautiful smile.

Upon arriving at the Du Manor’s main entrance, she said in coquettish voice: “Bastard, I’ve finally found you. This big sister has almost gone crazy from missing you so much.”


“This woman’s looks are too deadly.”

“Look at her figure, her chest, her butt, and that voice that can steal one’s life away. She’s practically hot to a complete mess! If this woman was given to me, I, I, I’m willing to lose 10 years of longevity just to have a night with her!”

“That woman is indeed hot, but that pure looking girl makes one continue to swallow down their saliva. This type of girl is the true high grade one.”

“What’s the background of this kid? He makes an appearance and suddenly two peerless beauties follow as well, and it looks like they are quite affectionate towards him.”

Qin Yue’er was the first to turn her head, and her glare was completely filled with endless cold killing intent.

The fiery hot fairy instantly turned to an iceberg.

Those people that made the comments felt their minds become uncomfortable from her glare. Their bodies unconsciously shivered as they didn’t dare to say anymore words.

Immediately after…

Tang Tang also turned around and said unhappily: “If you dare discuss this Miss again, I will definitely have all your tongues chopped off!”


Those two ladies said at the same time: “He is my man!”

After saying that, those two looked at each other.

Tang Tang then said internally: “It’s so big! Is she the smelly scoundrel’s wife?”

Qin Yue’er had her own internal monologue: “What a pure looking girl! She’s like a pure untainted little adulteress. No wonder that bastard was charmed by her, even I’m a bit attracted as well!”

The hearts of the two girls started turning a bit sour.

Meaning they were feeling jealous.

At this time, Feng Lei scratched his head while muttering: “Boss is too mighty. In such a short time, two more peerless beauty sister-in-laws have appeared. If sister-in-law Li and sister-in-law Leng was here, then it would be the perfect amount of people for mahjong! Hahaha…”

His voice wasn’t very loud…

But a woman’s hearing was selectively sensitive.

The moment Feng Lei finished saying those words, Qin Yue’er and Tang Tang’s expression immediately changed. One stood to the left and one stood to the right of Feng Lei before they said with a trace of killing intent: “Fatty, you better explain what this sister-in-law Li and sister-in-law Leng is all about!”

Feng Lei’s body shrank. He swiveled his head over to Xuan Yuanyi and Blindman Liu and realized those two had already escaped quite far away with a bandit like smile towards him.

Feng Lei smiled foolishly and said: “These two sister-in-laws, I, I, I really don’t know anything.”

“You’re not talking huh?”

“Do you wish to experience some of this big sister’s moves?” Qin Yue’er narrowed her eyes before opening them with a glare. Both of her hands were clenched into fists and powerful cracking sounds could be heard coming from them. She looked just like those female bosses of the underworld gangs.

If he dares to not talk, he would be smashed to death immediately!

Feng Lei then said in a lowered voice: “Sister-in-law Li is boss’s first girl; her name is Li Xue’er.”

“Li Xue’er?”

“The young phoenix prodigy of the Purple Soul Temple’s Violet organization?”

“A beauty of earth shaking proportions; a girl being pursued by millions of guys?”

“A woman possessing the bloodline of a Phoenix!”

“Oh my god!”

Qin Yue’er was shocked.

Tang Tang was also shocked.

At this moment, neither of them had any sense of jealousy and had a feeling that both were fellow sufferers. It was like that started sympathizing with their own kind. Looking at Luo Tian’s back, it suddenly felt like they were very far from him.

Immediately after…

Qin Yue’er recovered in startelement and asked: “Doesn’t Li Xue’er have an engagement with Shattered Sky City’s Murong Wanjian? How did she become that bastard’s woman?”

Feng Lei scoffed and said: “Boss is planning on stealing the bride in two years time. Then he’ll beat that cheap knockoff Murong Wanjian into a crawling dog.”

Feng Lei was quite excited as he was saying that.

His eyes were filled with confidence.

And his blood was boiling!

At this time…

Those two girls were deeply shocked as they both stared at Luo Tian. At the same time, their blurry eyes were filled with infatuation. They then said at the same time: “So handsome! He’s so handsome to a complete mess!”

Tang Tang then excitedly said: “The wedding two years later at Shattered Sky City will definitely be a lot of fun. This Princess will definitely attend to join in the fun. If anyone dares to disrespect that smelly scoundrel, I will have 100,000 man Black Dragon Legion trample their ancestral graves!”

Qin Yue’er then giggled charmingly and said: “Little sister, our priority right now is to give him a bunch of children before that wedding so we can be considered the eldest. So what if Li Xue’er is some phoenix prodigy? She’ll still have to call us eldest sister at that time.”

“It’s true that the older the ginger, the spicier it is. What big sister said is indeed correct, heehee!”

Utterly without shame, the two girls were discussing with each other about having children with Luo Tian.

At this time…

Luo Tian sneered when he suddenly felt a powerful aura coming towards him. He then shouted coldly: “You damn dog thing, you’ve finally come out!”

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