Undefeatable – Ch285

Chapter 285 – Old Ancestor, Save Us…

The voice contained a powerful energy!

It absolutely came from someone above the Profound Ancestor realm. Luo Tian didn’t dare to take this lightly but also didn’t want to let Nangong Hao off just like that. That’s why he fiercely kicked towards his groin area.

Nangong Hao’s originally ashen pale face suddenly turned red. His eyeballs bulged out of his sockets and his mouth widened in pain. No sound came out of his mouth as he could only grab his groin area with both his hands while his body flew out.

No matter how high your cultivation was…

How strong you were…

As long as you were a male, your groins will always be the weakest part of your body.

This kick was rather vicious from Luo Tian.

Sounds of eggs shattering was heard after his kick. Luo Tian’s sphincter involuntarily tightened as he revealed a trace of coldness. “That kick must’ve been painful.”

After kicking out…

Luo Tian’s figure turned illusory as he directly shot away from his spot.

At this instant…

An old man in yellow robes descended from the air while glaring at Luo Tian. He then said in a chilling voice: “Kid, you do seem to have some abilities… but you are overly arrogant with just a bit of ability. You dare to injure my disciple, and dare to destroy the Yellow Dragon Sword? No matter how strong you are, you will have to die today!”

His voice possessed a majestic aura that one couldn’t defy.


Incomparably wild arrogance.

The killing intent coming from his gaze made everyone feel their hearts chill, their courage tremble, and a sense of fear taking over their mind and sea of consciousness.

“Daoist Huang Yun!”

“A Grand Elder of the Sea Cloud Sect?”

“Nangong Hao’s master!”

All the Sea Cloud Sect disciples kneeled down and said in unison: “Greetings to the Grand Elder.”

A series of shock and startlement arose in the crowd.

A Grand Elder that hadn’t shown himself in public for a century has appeared. This…

He was an expert that had exceeded the Profound Ancestor realm and had reached the Profound Venerate realm. He was actually present in Heavenly Sword City! It appears that after Sea Cloud Sect’s leader Nangong Jue left Heavenly Sword City, he had arrived. Most likely it was for the engagement issue.


It looks like this marriage won’t happen anymore.

Cold sweat appeared on Luo Tian’s back as the oppressive force that Daoist Huang Yun was giving off was extremely powerful. If it weren’t for some traces of ancient energy inside him, most likely his sea of consciousness would have exploded from the pressure by now.

Daoist Huang Yun didn’t even look at the crowd. His figure flickered and instantly arrived next to Nangong Hao who had fainted from the pain. After examining him for a bit, his brows formed a frown while strong killing intent started surging out of him.

“You destroyed his source of life!”


“The Nangong family only had this single seedling yet your destroyed his source of life. You, you, you…” Daoist Huang Yun was so angry that he couldn’t even speak any further. He then shouted in rage: “Kid, hand your life over!”

As his voice faded…

A majestic aura covering the sky swept down.

Luo Tian’s body sank down and his figure had been forced into a bent position.

Feng Lei’s gaze tightened as he shouted: “Bullying my family’s young master? This daddy will fight it out with you!”


Not giving Feng Lei time to rush out, Luo Tian quickly shouted: “Don’t come over!”

He couldn’t let fatty come over or else he will definitely die.

Daoist Huang Yun’s powers were too terrifying and weren’t something Feng Lei could resist. The current powers of Daoist Huang Yun were so high that he didn’t even have the hopes to reach yet. Very strong; extremely strong! So strong that the pressure was crushing him to the point where he couldn’t move even a tiny bit.

Tang Jiu’s face was pale as he shouted: “Grand Elder! It seems inappropriate for you to bully a junior like this!”

“An insignificant brat should just scram to the side for me.”

“It’s not your place to speak about what I do.”

“Even if your father was here, I will still rip this kid into pieces today. Since he dares to destroy the Nangong family’s lineage, it’s still not enough if he dies 10,000 deaths!” shouted Daoist Huang Yun as he didn’t even place Tang Jiu in his eyes.

When one reaches the cultivation realm of his, one truly needs not put a Prince of a country in their eyes.

Chen Donglai and Wang Jinke leaped into the air and were planning to block in front of Luo Tian.

But the moment they moved, Daoist Huang Yun flicked his sleeve and a majestic force shot out. He then shouted: “Scram aside for me!”

“Bang~, bang~!”

The two of them was smashed flying away for several hundred meters. They crashed into the city walls before spraying a mouthful of blood. Those two were gasping for air while an ugly look was plastered on the faces.

Experts at the Profound Ancestor realm were similar to ants in front of Daoist Huang Yun.

They were not his opponent at all!


Absolute suppression!

Loud sounds were heard inside Luo Tian’s body as his bones were bending in unnatural ways. His spine was about to be shattered at this point! He was feeling extremely uncomfortable but continued to endure while clenching his teeth. His mouth still showed a cold smile as he said: “Old fogey, if you aren’t able to kill me today, this daddy will one day f*ck your Sea Cloud Sect over! If I can’t scrape that old wrinkly skin off your body, this daddy will take your surname!”


Luo Tian was still incomparably arrogant like usual!

He was still not afraid after reaching this point. If it weren’t for him being unable to move his body, he would’ve rushed up to fight Daoist Huang Yun to the death already!

Luo Tian was a vindictive person.

He will remember and store this hatred inside his heart. As long as he has the chance, he will make the Sea Cloud Sect pay the price for today.


Whether he can survive today or not was still up in the air!

Daoist Huang Yun revealed a disdainful smile and said: “Damn dog thing, you still dare to act arrogant in front of me at a time like this? I would like to see how many layers of suppression you can handle. You’re currently experiencing just a single layer so I’ll let you try fifteen layers!”

As he said this…

Daoist Huang Yun’s brows tightened and a formless energy suddenly surged out from him. The energy was like a huge dragon that rushed straight into Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness.



Luo Tian felt an uncomfortable sinking feeling in his sea of consciousness as it suddenly froze from the suppression. At the same time, Daoist Huang Yun’s oppression was crushing down on Luo Tian like crazy. Luo Tian revealed a painful expression as his body was continuously being forced downwards.

His body was shaking.

His legs were wobbling while his body was shaking non-stop. It seemed like Luo Tian had no choice but to lower his head as he felt like there were 10,000 mountains sitting on top of him. But he didn’t lower his head and his body only leaned forward. Luo Tian’s eyes glared at Daoist Huang Yun as he arrogantly smiled: “If you have the guts, kill this daddy right now!”

“Ninth brother…”

“Ninth brother, quickly think of a solution!”

“Think of a way to save him!”

Tang Tang was crying her eyes out. She wanted to rush out but was pulled back by two guards.

As for Feng Lei and the rest who wanted to rush out as well, they were blocked by the Palace Guards because this was what Tang Jiu ordered.

Tang Jiu was very clear on Daoist Huang Yun’s cultivation realm. Whoever rushes out right now will directly explode from his oppressive pressure!

Daoist Huang Yun walked forward one step at a time and the power kept increasing.

Luo Tian’s body had almost completely lowered to the ground. Several pieces of his rib bones were broken while his internal organs were all squished together. Suffering from this power was extremely uncomfortable and might be even worse than death.

Tang Jiu’s eyes turned grim as he was out of options.

He bit his finger and forced out a drop of blood essence. With his blood essence as the catalyst, a stream of imperial qi shot out from his body. Tang Jiu then shouted: “Old ancestor, come save us!”

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