Undefeatable – Ch297

Chapter 297 – Untitled

Liu Junfeng kept scolding as he left the courtyard.

Even when he was far away, they could still hear his loud angry voice.

Cheng Danian had an unpleasant look as he said: “In the future, don’t let people of such low class enter here. And don’t let him enter the Dao Shang pavilion a single step from here on out. He looks like a human but acts no different than a stray dog.”

Steward Liu softly replied: “Understood.”

Luo Tian only faintly smiled.

Cheng Danian made a “please” gesture and politely said: “Little brother, we will continue talking inside.”

Luo Tian didn’t bother speaking nonsense and followed them into the room.

The decor in the room was rather simple but the items inside weren’t ordinary. Just randomly taking an item out of here would easily fetch over 10,000 gold on the market.

Cheng Danian put the Profound Burst Pill he was holding into an intricate looking box reserved for medicinal pills. He then said with an excited expression: “Little brother, can I ask you something? Where did your medicinal pill come from? Did it…”

Saying up to this, he hesitated for a bit before continuing: “Did it come from the Immortal Sects?”

If one were to ask where an improved Profound Burst Pill would come from, most likely everyone would say only those Alchemist Grandmasters from those Immortal ranked Sects will be able to concoct it.

Luo Tian directly answered: “I concocted it myself.”



Cheng Danian and Steward Liu almost bit their tongues when they heard that. Those two stared at Luo Tian without moving like they didn’t hear or understand what he had just said.

Luo Tian thought they didn’t hear it clearly so he said again: “It was me that concocted it. I made some improvements but I failed to completely remove the restriction on cultivation realms. Maybe there’s some process that I haven’t fully grasped yet.”


Cheng Danian swallowed hard. He wasn’t an alchemist but he has been in touch with many exquisite medicinal pills and has seen countless alchemists with their holier than thou attitude. He understood that improving a medicinal pill required a lot of time and spiritual herbs, but many have still failed after paying huge prices.

Not to mention the Profound Burst Pill, improving the lowest ranked medicinal was extremely difficult.

And what did Luo Tian just say?

Luo Tian said he couldn’t completely improve on it and felt like he had failed. His expression was rather serious and didn’t seem like he was faking it. And his words seem to say that it was possible to completely improve on the Profound Burst Pill one day and remove the cultivation realm restriction.

This meant…

Profound God Sovereigns could consume the Profound Burst Pill and raise their cultivation by two small realms.

What kind of existence would they become?


Was Luo Tian crazy or did this world become crazy? Or did those two become crazy themselves?

Cheng Danian was shocked to a complete mess! He started rubbing his hands together and asked excitedly: “Little brother, since you were the one that concocted the Profound Burst Pill, how many do you have left? And are you only considering auctioning one of them?”

Luo Tian responded: “How many do you think we should auction off?”

Cheng Danian immediately said: “This kind of medicinal pill will definitely be a hot commodity. Our Dao Shang auction house will sell how many you have on hand, and our price will definitely leave you satisfied. I wonder how much do you plan on selling?”

For such a good item, even Chang Danian wanted a few for himself.

Even if they don’t auction it off, it wouldn’t be a problem for the Dao Shang pavilion to save it for their own members.


Once the public knows about this item, the world would go crazy for them.

Profound Burst Pill – an item even those below the Profound Saint realm can use. This was practically heaven defying!

Luo Tian brought out a small porcelain vial and said: “There are nineteen inside here. Plus the one you already have will make twenty. We’ll just sell this amount for now… what do you guys think?”


“Twenty of them?”

“My heavens…”

Cheng Danian’s eyeballs almost popped out of his sockets and his hand trembled as he received the vial from Luo Tian. His insides were excited to a complete mess as he said: “What demon fox clan woman? What divine weapons? Comparing to these twenty medicinal pills, those things aren’t worth mentioning anymore!”

Hearing those words “demon fox clan woman,” Luo Tian’s gaze faintly trembled.

Cheng Danian put away the Profound Burst Pills and immediately said: “I will give you a receipt for them in a little bit. So what price are you hoping to sell the pills at and what starting price do you want? And can you concoct more of these improved Profound Burst Pills? The spiritual herbs can be supplied by our Dao Shang Pavilion and it doesn’t matter how much you need. We wish to monopolize the sales of your pills. Apart from supplying you with spiritual herbs, we only want a small percentage of the sales. What do you think about this?”

Cheng Danian was really excited inside.

He has never given anyone these conditions before, and these conditions technically needed the approval of the President. But he decided to make those decisions himself today which showed how large the market for these improved Profound Burst Pills could be!

Steward Liu at the side was secretly shocked and his countenance showed a slight change.

Luo Tian was also shocked by the conditions of Cheng Danian. He faintly smiled and said: “I don’t really know much about starting prices for auctions. Since you guys are the professionals at this, we can just go according to what you say. As for monopolizing the Profound Burst Pills, I will tell you honestly that I don’t have much time to concoct pills. This profession is not my focus and I’m only dabbling in alchemy as a hobby. Since I won’t be putting too much effort into it, then it’s impossible for me to continue concocting this medicinal pill for the long term.”

Refining and concocting pills was merely a hobby to Luo Tian.

It was actually more out of necessity than a hobby. And since this was something Xiao Yan trained in, Luo Tian wanted to dabble in it for fun.

He actually needed a lot of medicinal pills for himself.

Raising his alchemy skill wasn’t about earning money and this time was only an exception.

But the way Luo Tian said those words made Steward Liu and Manager Cheng shocked to a complete mess. Concocting pills weren’t his focus and was merely a hobby. Then what kind of heaven defying grade pills would Luo Tian make if he focused all his efforts on alchemy?

This kid… isn’t he a bit too arrogant?

Or is he really that strong?!

Cheng Danian sighed in his heart as he said: “That’s fine then. But if little brother sells more Profound Burst Pills in the future, you definitely have to choose our Dao Shang Pavilion.”

Luo Tian then responded: “I will.”

“Oh right…”

“Do you guys take xuan weapons?” asked Luo Tian.

“Xuan weapons?”

“Is it forged by you as well?”

Cheng Danian asked curiously as he said internally: “Is this kid even human? Alchemy is his hobby yet he can improve the Profound Burst Pill. Now he’s asking about xuan weapons… could his focus be on forging xuan weapons?”

Luo Tian nodded and said: “That’s right, I forged several xuan weapons. You guys can take a look and see if it’s good enough to enter this time’s auction.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian brought out a pitch black long sword with a dull luster. The sword didn’t have a hilt and looked very similar to the Tang Blade of Feng Lei’s.

Cheng Danian took it to observe the details. His mind was once again shocked by Luo Tian as he said: “A xuan weapon at the peak spirit grade.”


“This xuan weapon contains a trace of wild and unruly energy… a force from a powerful demonic beast. Could this been made from the bones of a powerful demonic beast?”

Luo Tian nodded and said: “This was refined from the bones of a Jiao Dragon in the Freezing Lakes. If this can be auctioned off, put it with the rest of my stuff.”

“It can be auctioned!”

“It can be auctioned!”

Flowers were blooming inside Cheng Danian’s heart. He was extremely annoyed when he thought of how his limelight was constantly being suppressed by Qi Fu, but now it was his turn to rise up! He quickly collected all the items and took out a gold card before saying: “This will give you access to our auction’s VIP room. Only guests with important statuses like you can enjoy these rooms.”

Luo Tian wasn’t polite. Just the gold card alone would probably sell for a million.

You’re an idiot if you don’t take advantage when you can!

Soon after, Cheng Danian accompanied Luo Tian out. In front of the main entrance of the Dao Shang pavilion stood a row of burly men with uncommon strength, and leading the group was Liu Junfeng. Watching Luo Tian come out, he coldly harrumphed: “Kid, you’ve finally come out…”

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