Undefeatable – Ch304

Chapter 304 – A Bunch Of Bumpkins

“One million!”

As the voice faded, the entire auction rose up in a clamor.

“Is that person an idiot?”

“No matter how good a spatial ring is, it’s merely slightly bigger in size. Even if it’s a spirit grade spatial ring, it isn’t worth the one million gold price. That person is absolutely a dumb idiot.”

“Just one look and I can tell he’s a bumpkin that hasn’t seen the world before.”

“He can’t be calling out for fun, right? A person like him can take out a million? I refuse to believe that.”

The originally quiet auction house was now filled with sounds of discussion.

They were either saying Luo Tian was an idiot or he was a bumpkin that cannot produce the money.

The host was also shocked. He had just announced the starting bid and someone immediately gave a price. And the price happened to be the highest price the Dao Shang Alliance has ever received for a spatial ring. It directly went to one million! This…

He had the same thoughts as the crowd.

He thought that Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to produce such a large amount of money.

If he truly had money, then he wouldn’t be sitting so far away. Even the number on the sign he raised was in the 8000’s, which was how it was concluded this person had no identity or money whatsoever. The host smiled awkwardly and said: “Little brother, this is the Dao Shang auction house so don’t try to cause any trouble. If you mess around again, our staff will kick you out of the auction venue.”

As those words were being said…

Several burly looking staff members glared at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian had a serious look and said: “I’m not joking, I’m offering one million. Could it be that I’m not allowed to offer such a price?”

He really needed a spatial ring.

He needed one desperately.

He ate a huge loss due to not having a spatial ring. If he had one on him when he was in the gnome territory, then he would still be a huge wealthy tycoon right now. But… he didn’t have enough storage space so he couldn’t fill his plaques up with more demon cores.


There were many opportunities inside the national treasury. All those xuan metals and spiritual herbs, but he didn’t have a spatial ring.


He was feeling resentful inside his heart. He had to win that spatial ring, even if he had to spend five million!

The crowd became surprised at his response and started laughing.

The people around Luo Tian started moving as far away as possible from him, afraid that they might catch his idiotic syndrome.

Two staff members walked over and stood next to Luo Tian. One of them then impolitely shouted: “If you continue causing trouble, I will directly kick you out right now!”

Luo Tian coldly scoffed and said: “Is this how the Dao Shang auction house treats their customers? This daddy has money and you won’t let me buy things? You two can try touching me and see how I’ll beat the shit out of you guys.”


His anger was rising. It was difficult for Luo Tian to see something he liked yet he was being hindered because people looked down on him? What the hell was this when one couldn’t even buy something with money?

As long as the two staff members dare to touch him…

He will kill them immediately!

The host was somewhat embarrassed because he didn’t know how to reply to Luo Tian’s words.

At this time…

One of the managers gave a signal to the host.

The host immediately smiled and said: “Fine! One million going once, one million going twice… is there anyone else bidding higher?”

“One million going three times!”

The host raised his wooden gavel and smacked down, “Sold!”

“Congratulations to this brother for winning the first item; this ring is now yours.” The host gave a professional smile and then loudly said: “Would this brother please come on stage to pass us the money? Thank you.”

Generally speaking…

The trade would happen at the end of the auction.

They wouldn’t have the guests immediately pay up front.

This action by the Dao Shang auction house somewhat annoyed Luo Tian.

But he was the only one annoyed by this.

The crowd of guests knew this didn’t meet the rules of engagement but no one said a word. They all wanted to watch Luo Tian make a fool of himself.

Luo Tian then forced himself to have a carefree attitude. Paying now or paying later, it didn’t matter because one couldn’t escape paying. Moreover, he didn’t know too much about the rules of an auction house so he immediately went up. Behind him following were the two staff members treating him with disdain.

They were following very closely.

They were afraid Luo Tian would suddenly try to run away.

If that were to really happen, they would not hold back and give Luo Tian a vicious beating.

What disappointed them was that Luo Tian didn’t try to run away.

Luo Tian went up on stage and suddenly said: “Oh crap, I don’t have that much gold currency…”

Once those words came out…

The expression on the host’s face became extremely ugly looking.

The crowd below started laughing their asses off.

“A complete dumbass!”

“Hahaha… this is a show the Dao Shang Alliance did to liven the atmosphere right? It’s too funny!”

“They have my admiration!”


There were endless ridiculing comments being made, and one could see veins popping out of the forehead of those two burly staff members behind Luo Tian. They stepped onto the stage with murderous gazes, ready to send a punch towards Luo Tian.

Also at this time…

Luo Tian pulled out an attributed demon core and said: “I have this thing with me. I saw the advertisement for your auction house and it said this thing can be used as a currency here too, right?”

The host suddenly made a “stop” signal with his hands towards the two burly guys. He took the demon core from Luo Tian and suddenly smiled excitedly and said: “A wind attributed demon core? It can! It can absolutely be used!”

“Are you sure it can be used?”

“Then this spatial ring belongs to me now.”

Luo Tian took the spatial ring and turned around. His gaze stopped at the two women with heavy makeup. He continued staring at those two without moving away.

The first woman was getting angry as she sneered: “If you keep staring at this old lady, be careful that I might just scoop out your eyeballs.”

The second woman viciously said: “What an idiotic retard. Wasting so much money on a spatial ring, you definitely have some sort of mental illness. What are you looking at? If you keep looking, this Prin… this Miss will break your dog legs!”

Those two women were naturally Qin Yue’er and Tang Tang.

Luo Tian was staring at them and trying to give them eye signals but those two girls couldn’t recognize him.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian couldn’t keep standing there so he could only shake his head with a bitter smile before getting off the stage.

As for the crowd and their expressions of being forced to eat their words, Luo Tian didn’t bother with them. He only coldly smiled and used a voice that the ten thousand plus participants could hear: “A bunch of bumpkins…”

Everyone’s cheeks started burning like that had been viciously and loudly slapped. Over ten thousand people couldn’t make a sound in retort.


Extremely irritating!

But for Luo Tian, it was completely the opposite since he was feeling great!

Who told them to look down on people with their snobbish attitude?

The host was also somewhat embarrassed with an unpleasant expression. He then reminded himself: “Maintain your professionalism and never look down on anyone. Anyone here right now could be some wealthy tycoon, a super expert, or some kingdom’s Prince…”

After that brief storm…

The host quickly adjusted his mentality.

He cleared his voice and showed a professional smile. He then said: “Just then the spatial ring was sold at a high price of one million. That honored guest truly has an eye for great things. Now the next item up for bid will be four precious gems.”

“Seven-star gems!”

“They came from the mysterious Lunar Star Tribe and the starting bid is one million…”

Luo Tian hadn’t returned to his seat yet when excitement surged in his heart. He turned around and immediately shouted: “I bid 10 million!”

Everyone became instantly dumbstruck!

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