Undefeatable – Ch309

Chapter 309 – Untitled

Twenty minutes later…

The Skynet assassin came out of the room with a calm look. Within the calm look was a hint of fierce excitement.

Inside the room.

Qi Fu was safe and sound with a rather smug look on his face. “The enemy of an enemy is considered my friend. Even though that kid Luo Tian isn’t qualified to be my enemy, there’s no harm in making a new friend.”

“General Manager, since they weren’t inside private room number five, where could they be then?”

Qi Fu turned around to look at the entire venue. He swept his vision past everything with narrowed eyes before saying with a smile: “They are definitely somewhere here in the auction house. Go find them for me. Send out all of my men and find them, especially that little girl!”



Luo Tian didn’t really trust the people of the Dao Shang Alliance.

His attitude was the same towards Cheng Danian.

A human’s heart can be full of treachery; there’s no way to tell if the person standing in front of you was good or bad.

There was no harm in having additional backup plans.


Before Luo Tian entered the auction house, he traded his gold card with access to the private rooms and only got three normal entrance tickets.

As for those ticket scalpers…

They decided to enjoy themselves in private room number five in order to celebrate their huge profits from re-selling the tickets. They never imagined that this would lead them to their demise. They didn’t even know how they died!



“Luo Tian’s people weren’t inside private room number five?”

Li Wenzong’s gaze turned gloomy as he said: “He’s definitely somewhere in the auction venue. Find him for me! You have to find his location. Killing my nephew and my brother-in-law… does he really think that I, Li Wenzong am some sort of pushover? He is not putting me in his eyes at all. No matter what, he has to die today.”

“I obey!”


For a brief moment…

Many additional staff workers with shifty looking eyes were searching through the venue. There were also some martial cultivators in strange clothing combing through the place!

Luo Tian naturally noticed this slight change in the auction house.

A slight frown appeared on his face as he said internally: “It looks like something really happened in private room number five. The only thing I’m unsure of is if it was Cheng Danian that made a move or not. If it really is him…”

Luo Tian narrowed his eyes at Cheng Danian who was still on the stage with an excited countenance.

On the stage…

Cheng Danian was so excited that his voice even trembled. “The next item up for auction will be the Profound Burst Pill. We have invited the President of the Great Tang’s Alchemist Association – Xie Long. He is an Alchemist of the 8th rank.”

“I understand there are some people who didn’t believe what I have advertised.”

“But there’s no way you would doubt President Xie, right?”

While saying this…

A white-browed elder with a faint smile went up onto the stage. He then said: “I am someone that does not believe that the Profound Burst Pill that has been passed down for ten thousand years can be improved by someone. Before seeing this medicinal pill for myself, I will definitely not believe in it.”

Cheng Danian faintly smiled in response and asked: “President Xie, what needs to be done in order for you to believe it?”

Xie Long stroked his mountain goat like beard and said: “Unless you use a person as an experiment, there’s no way I nor anyone here would believe it. All businessmen like to blow their own trumpet and your Dao Shang Alliance is no different.”

“The Profound Burst Pill hasn’t been changed for ten thousand years. This old man has concocted pills for several centuries and naturally has studied the Profound Burst Pill. It is simply impossible for it to be improved on. When one stimulates the fleshly body to increase their cultivation by unorthodox means, its benefits would be offset by drawbacks. It’s impossible for the body to not suffer any side effects. Within the ten thousand years, our alchemist progenitor created the Profound Burst Pill’s maximum efficacy for those below the Profound Venerate realm. This is one thing that cannot be changed, and that’s why I refuse to believe it.”

Cheng Danian didn’t get angry.

It was very normal for people to have doubts.

Even though he didn’t deliberately arrange this scene before the audience, Cheng Danian did already hear that Xie Long refused to believe the Profound Burst Pill had been improved on. That’s why he invited Xie Long to attend this auction.

Cheng Danian smiled and said: “According to your opinion, we need a person to test the effects of the Profound Burst Pill. Who do you think we should invite? This person should be an expert at the Profound Venerate realm or else they wouldn’t be able to detect the efficacy of the Profound Burst Pill.”

“Is there any experts at the Profound Venerate realm that wishes to give this a try?”

Give it a try?

Playing the role of white mice?

When Xie Long questioned the pill, many people started to question it as well.

Can it really be that miraculous?

Since the President of the Alchemist Association didn’t believe in it, doubt started growing in the minds of the audience.

When they really thought about it, it did seem like an impossible matter.


It was also impossible for the Dao Shang Alliance to bring out fake stuff to cheat people, or else even a powerful organization like them would collapse in less than a month.

Cheng Danian’s words were heard throughout the venue but no one stood up.


Once someone tries the pill and it still has side effects, the stimulation of the fleshly body would force one’s cultivation to stagnate. That means you can forget about making any breakthroughs for the rest of your life! Moreover, experts at the Profound Venerate realm were top tier existences so there weren’t many of them inside the venue.

When Cheng Danian noticed no one made a sound, he then said: “You will be trying it for free!”

There were still no volunteers.

Cheng Danian then turned to Xie Long and said: “President Xie, no one wants to try it so what should we do?”

Xie Long was in thought for a while. Since the request was made by him, he should be the one to solve it. In order to test the medicinal pill, he then turned serious as he said: “I will try it. Even though I’m not at the Profound Venerate realm, my cultivation is at the peak Profound Ancestor realm. If the medicinal pill is really effective, I will possess powers at the Profound Venerate realm. This way, I can monitor my internals to see if the Profound Burst Pill has really been improved on.”

The limit of the original Profound Burst Pill was stuck at the Profound Ancestor realm.

Taking the medicinal pill at the peak Profound Ancestor realm will not make the user step into the Profound Venerate Realm. This was a shackle that couldn’t be broken.

Cheng Danian faintly smiled since this was all within his plans. Xie Long personally taking the pill was the best outcome because it would produce the greatest impact. He immediately said to the side: “Bring a Profound Burst Pill up here.”

When Xie Long received the Profound Burst Pill, he sent his senses out and a faint frown was seen on his face. He then said: “It is indeed different from the original Profound Burst Pill.”

After saying that, he immediately consumed the pill.

The moment the pill went into his mouth, it quickly dissolved!

In less than ten seconds, a powerful energy similar to a ferocious beast wanted to burst out of Xie Long’s body! Xie Long’s face turned red with shock! He didn’t bother saying anything and directly released his Profound Venerate realm power.

“Profound Venerate…”

“Profound Venerate realm!”

“I… I… it’s been over a hundred years. I finally get to experience the powers of the Profound Venerate realm. Hahaha… This medicinal pill is inconceivable! Who concocted this? I need to worship him as my master!”

Xie Long was excited.

Shocked and excited to a complete mess!

In an instant, everyone inside the auction house started boiling in excitement.

Luo Tian was silently sitting into the side. His eyes were like sharp blades as a faint sneer was seen on his face. He then muttered: “Shit, like this daddy wants an old fogey like you as a disciple.”

“Quickly start the auction!”

“Hurry and start the auction! This daddy can’t wait any longer!”

“Quickly give us the starting bid!”

Many people started shouting in the crowd.

Cheng Danian wasn’t in a hurry. He looked over at Xie Long with a smile and asked: “President Xie, do you feel if there are any side effects after experiencing the pill for a while?”

At this moment…

Xie Long sat down cross-legged with a calm expression.

After several seconds…

Glimmers of light made of profound energy started shining on his body. The light suddenly brightened as Xie Long opened his eyes. He then crazily shouted in joy: “Hahaha… I made a breakthrough! I made a breakthrough and stepped into the Profound Venerate realm!”

Within an instant…

The entire venue went crazy!

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