Undefeatable – Ch316

Chapter 316 – Smashing A Profound Venerate Expert

According to Luo Tian’s plans…

Feng Lei would bring An Chunchun away from the auction venue.

Xuan Yuanyi would bring Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er away.

He would have successfully won the bid for An Chunchun’s mother and then have brought her away. Thus, the S-rank quest would be completed!

This plan would only happen if things went smoothly to the point that it cannot get any smoother.

Of course…

An S-rank quest that can be easily completed like that wouldn’t be considered an S-rank quest anymore.

Luo Tian naturally understood this so he knew he had to solve this by force from the very beginning. Seeing the excited look on Feng Lei’s face, Luo Tian also started smiling. He then muttered: “Since you want it this way, then I don’t have a choice.”

“As long as I don’t die today, your Dao Shang Auction House shall be disassembled by me.”

Luo Tian was smiling.

Qi Fu also started smiling before saying with ridicule: “You guys wish to change the situation around based on yourselves? Aren’t you overestimating your own abilities a bit? Do you even know where you’re currently at? This is the Dao Shang Alliance’s auction house. Even if Tang Zhanlong was here today, he wouldn’t even dare to say those kinds of words.”

“A mere Profound King ranker actually dares to say those kinds of words in front of me…”

“Simply courting death!”

The last sentence was said in a loud and harsh manner.

Qi Fu’s brows furrowed as he shouted: “Kill them all for me!”

“Hold on!”

Cheng Danian coldly harrumphed as he instantly descended onto the stage. He then glared at Qi Fu and said: “Qi Fu, what do you think you’re doing? Why did you call out our Dao Shang Alliance’s Four Killers? What do you plan on doing?”

Qi Fu sneered and coldly glanced at Cheng Danian. He then said: “It’s best that you don’t interfere with my affairs or else this daddy will kill you as well.”

He didn’t give Cheng Danian any face.

Cheng Danian showed no fear and coldly replied: “Do you think the Dao Shang Alliance is your home? Killing me as well? I would really like to see if you have the guts or not. Do you even know who he is? You really need to reconsider your actions if you wish to kill him.”

Qi Fu coldly sneered, “It doesn’t matter who he is because everyone must die today!”

Cheng Danian’s eyes widened as he shouted: “He’s the one that improved on the Profound Burst Pill! He’s also the one that forged the Jiao Dragon xuan weapons! He is our Dao Shang Alliance’s very important guest. He can bring our Dao Shang Alliance endless benefits. If you wish to kill him, you will need to thoroughly think things through. If this matter was known to our President, you should be very clear on the consequences of it.”



“It’s him?”

Sounds of surprise were heard from the private rooms.

Qi Fu’s expression also secretly changed as he looked at Luo Tian. This was actually beyond his expectation.


In an instant, Qi Fu’s mouth curved into a cold smile again as he said smugly: “I’ve said it already – it doesn’t matter who he is because he will still have to die today. I previously said that you should not interfere in my matters or else I will have you killed as well.”

“But I have changed my mind now.”

“You need to die as well today. Once you die, no one will tell the President. If no one tells him, he would naturally not know about it. Hahaha…”

As his voice faded…

Qi Fu’s gaze turned grim, “Make your move now!”

In an instant…

Luo Tian, Feng Lei, Xuan Yuanyi, and Blindman Liu’s figures all disappeared into the air.

There wasn’t a single trace of their aura!

Qi Fu’s countenance hiddenly changed. When he looked at the still unconscious An Chunchun on the ground, he frowned and shouted: “They haven’t left yet. They are still around here somewhere so everyone be careful!”

Cheng Danian had realized this as well.

At this moment…

Cheng Danian’s eyes widened and his body started trembling. He was shouting internally: “Stealth Pill! It’s the Stealth Pill! He actually concocted a Stealth Pill where one’s aura becomes untraceable in the environment. I cannot sense them at all! He has improved on another medicinal pill! My heavens, this kid is truly incredible!”

He then made up his mind.

He had to help Luo Tian!

There were still some people who hadn’t left the auction venue and shock was seen on their faces.

“This is too inconceivable!”

“Simply too incredible!”

On the viewing platform of a private room, the orc race member Ke Lei started laughing and shouted: “What a good kid!”

The tall woman with a veil over her face faintly smiled and said: “What a peculiar medicinal pill. I wonder if he has anymore?”

Li Wenzong’s face paled. No matter what, he couldn’t allow Luo Tian to leave this venue! If he manages to escapes and news of this leaks, everything he has worked for would be ruined! Hiring an assassin, secretly killing the Prince Consort and the Princess; all these crimes will lead to his death even if he had the status of an in-law to the Emperor.

For a brief moment…

The atmosphere of the venue seemed unusually oppressive.

Qi Fu swept his eyes everywhere before shouting: “Find them! You bunch of trashes, hurry up and find them for me!”

Cheng Danian started laughing out loud, “The strength of the Dao Shang’s Four Killers aren’t enough. Even adding on this assassin from Skynet isn’t enough, hahaha! Little brother Luo Tian, can I represent you in selling this medicinal pill in the future? I will definitely make the selling price higher than the improved Profound Burst Pill, hahaha…”

Turning near invisible amidst everyone!

It took Luo Tian dozens of trials and error in order to improve the Stealth Pill.

There wasn’t that much difference compared to the Profound Burst Pill.

Unless one was an expert at the Profound Saint realm, no one would be able to sense their aura.


They couldn’t take any actions resembling an attack because the Stealth Pill will instantly lose its effectiveness.

The effects of a single Stealth Pill will last ten minutes.

The past nine odd minutes, Luo Tian and the other three didn’t do a thing except for surrounding that Skynet assassin. They were waiting; waiting for their enemies to become agitated. They were waiting for them to become impatient while losing their focus.

This assassin’s strength was at the Profound Venerate realm!

If they couldn’t kill this guy in one strike, then their chances of winning their imminent fight would be close to nil.

They had to kill him first!

“Tick tock tick tock~…”

Time flowed on one second at a time.

Qi Fu’s panic had turned to agitation. He kept shouting: “You bunch of useless trash! You can’t even sense these Profound King wastrels? I’m really questioning what’s the use in grooming you all?!”

“Luo Tian, you damn dog thing! Come out if you have the guts!”

Immediately after…

Qi Fu looked at An Chunchun on the ground and an evil smile appeared on his face. He then said ferociously: “You guys aren’t coming out huh? Fine! This daddy is going to see how much longer you can hide for!”

Upon saying that, he strode over to the side of An Chunchun.

The demon fox clan woman inside the glass case had already cried herself to the point of being unable to speak. The moment she saw An Chunchun, her heart felt like it was about to shatter. She was screaming and wailing but the glass box was soundproof so her voice couldn’t be heard from the outside.


“Please don’t!”

“Don’t harm my daughter! Don’t…”

The demon fox clan woman kept crying in pain as tears streamed down her face.

Feng Lei was shaken.

It was the same for Xuan Yuanyi.

Luo Tian then shouted: “Now!”


The four of them had already circulated their powers to the peak. The four of them then exerted their strength at the same time and heavily smashed out!





Four thunderous sounds of impact had squarely smashed onto the Skynet assassin’s body. The assassin was unable to block these four separate streams of forces smashing into him. Even though he released his Profound Venerate realm powers, Luo Tian and company had used the Profound Burst Pill on top of the Stealth Pill.

Their powers had become fierce to the extreme!


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