Undefeatable – Ch32

Chapter 32 – The Awesome Fatty Lei

After using Magic Charm, the minion can be used for 2 hours. Once the time is up, it will revert back to normal and won’t be under the control of Luo Tian anymore.

During the time as a minion, it can level itself up by killing other demonic beasts. And it was natural that from leveling up, its power will continue increasing.

A level 7 Furious Thunder Bull was a hair stronger than a 5th rank demonic beast.

It was firmly under the control of Luo Tian since yesterday and it was only after a day’s time, Luo Tian had already leveled up twice. It was basically an ultimate thug underling for him. If it weren’t for him having to return to the Jade Mountain City, Luo Tian really didn’t want to kill it.

The three of them arrived next to the Furious Thunder Bull’s body.

Luo Tian then opened up his System to see when the Furious Thunder Bull would revert back to normal and then said: “Hey girl, Fatty Lei, in a bit we’ll attack the Furious Thunder Bull but you have to immediately stop when I tell you to.”


“Attack it? Are we going to kill it? That’s my specialty boss so just wait for my performance.” Feng Lei swallowed a few times. When he looked at the Furious Thunder Bull, it was almost as if he was looking at a naked girl. He was revealing a thirsty expression that would cause one to wonder if he had any special hobbies he was hiding.

A human and a beast, this…

This wasn’t something anyone can handle.

The first time Feng Lei laid eyes on the Furious Thunder Bull, he had that same look.

Luo Tian clearly knew what Feng Lei wanted and grinned. “Fatty Lei, could it be you were thirsting after it long ago?”


Feng Lei scratched his head and grinned, “I really can’t hide anything from boss. I have no clue why when I look at the Furious Thunder Bull, there’s a huge impulse that swells up inside me. This impulse at times seems to overwhelm me, making me just want to devour all its blood essence immediately.”

This was a primitive impulse.

It was a powerful desire that Feng Lei couldn’t control

Feng Lei’s way of cultivating was a bit special, and after these few days, Luo Tian had a grasp in understanding the methodology. Through absorbing the blood essence of demonic beasts, Feng Lei would then refine it into profound energy and use it to make his quick break throughs.

This was the reason he enjoyed eating raw meat and absorbing the blood essence of demonic beasts.

This way of cultivating was practically the same as how other demonic beasts cultivated. Luo Tian couldn’t help but wonder if Feng Lei was actually a demonic beast himself?

A demonic beast in the form of a human?

Shit, only 10th rank demonic beasts were able to transform to a human appearance. These demonic beasts were equal to Profound Emperor’s who had Armageddon like powers.

If Feng Lei was really a demonic beast transformed into a human, he should be super awesome. Except his cultivation was truly too weak which didn’t make any sense.

Luo Tian didn’t bother thinking too much about it.

Fatty Lei was his brother. As long he can help him break through, Luo Tian will unconditionally hunt down demonic beasts so Feng Lei could absorb all their blood essence.

“Let’s start!”

Luo Tian made a thought and controlled the Furious Thunder Bull. “It has a very strong defense so you will have to give it your all in your attacks.”


The level 7 Furious Thunder Bull had a 20,000 point health bar. With the addition of its thick skin, they will definitely have to use their strongest abilities in order to kill it.

Luo Tian lowered his fists and roared out: “Berserk!”


With his strength doubled, Luo Tian threw out his fists with the force of a cannon. “Thunder Tiger Charge!”

Li Xue’er leapt up into the air as her white clothes fluttered in the wind. Just like a goddess descending to the mortal realm, she stabbed out with her sword and lightly said: “Flying Sword stance.”

A flash of piercing sword light was seen.

Feng Lei didn’t know any martial skills so his attack was the most simple. He ran up to the front of the Furious Thunder Bull with a grin, grasped both its horns before all his muscles bulged out. The ferocious looking veins started appearing on his bald head before he roared out: “Up…”

“Pak pak pak pak…”

The bone joints of Feng Lei gave off those sounds. On the back of his head, the ancient looking ferocious demonic beast appeared and his body started emitting a faint red light.


The Furious Thunder Bull called out.

It was at this time…

The Furious Thunder Bull who was like a small hill, its legs suddenly left the ground and its entire body started tilting. Feng Lei’s legs were now entrenched deep into the mud and his face was completely red. He once again roared out: “Ahhhh…”

His arms went behind his back while the Furious Thunder Bull was slammed behind him. Its legs were now flailing in the air while crying out in pain.

“Oh shit!”

“What a terrifying strength!” Luo Tian was in a complete daze.

Is this guy still human?

The Furious Thunder Bull was about 10,000 – 20,000 pounds and it was slammed to the ground? This was too motherf*cking crazy.

Li Xue’er was also completely stunned. Her eyes narrowed and could only give off a faint laugh.

When Luo Tian thought that was the end of it, Fatty Lei once again roared out. He once again raised the Furious Thunder Bull above his head before slamming down once again.


It was raised up again, and then slammed down again.


Raised up again, slammed down again!

The earth was shaking violently and the scene was like chaos.

Luo Tian was staring at Fatty Lei for a while before he managed to spit out: “Perverted…!”

“Hurry it up, we don’t have much time.”

After half an hour of attacking, the Furious Thunder Bull’s health bar was left with about 10,000 points. One cannot deny this thing’s defense was simply too strong.

It just stood there allowing Luo Tian and the other two to keep attacking it and it still wasn’t dead yet.

If it weren’t under the control of Luo Tian, the consequences of facing it normally would be unimaginable.

Luo Tian was thinking to himself that 4th rank demonic beasts were truly too terrifying and he would have to watch out in the future when encountering one.



Another series of attacks landed. Now the Furious Thunder Bull only had about 100 points of health left and another strike would kill it.

It was at this time that Luo Tian yelled out: “Stop the attacks!”


The Furious Thunder Bull’s eyes changed, and its original bloodthirsty and vicious aura burst forth. Sparks came out of its nostrils as it pawed the ground. A heavy pressure then rolled past all three making it difficult for them to breathe.

The Furious Thunder Bull had reverted back to normal!

Once it reverted to normal, the Myriad Thunder Roar started to activate. Storm clouds started gathering above and within a few seconds, tens of thousands of lightning strikes would descend. By that time, even if they had a few hundred lives to spare, it still wouldn’t be enough!

Luo Tian’s eyes tightened and yelled out: “You two quickly retreat!”

“Boss, if we have to die, we’ll die together. There’s no way I’m retreating.”

“Big brother Luo Tian, I’m not leaving either.”

Those two almost said that at the same time.

Luo Tian didn’t have time to explain or else all three of them will deliver their lives at this moment. He glanced up at the storm clouds gathering before he roared internally: “Berserk!”

Power infused into him as his attributes were raised to the maximum. Before the Furious Thunder Bull was able to release its Myriad Thunder Roar, Luo Tian’s pair of fists slammed out like thunder.


With about 100 points of health left, the Furious Thunder Bull shuddered once before falling over.

Upon hearing the System’s alert tone, Luo Tian calmed his breathing. He was acting as if he was awaiting the verdict from the court of law.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing the Furious Thunder Bull. You have gained 15000 experience points, 150 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for gaining the blood essence of the Furious Thunder Bull. Do you wish to fuse with it?”

“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for gaining Myriad Thunder Roar. Do you wish to cultivate it?”



There was a glow of happiness around Luo Tian as he laughed out in joy: “It came, it actually exploded out! This is too awesome, way too awesome!”

Myriad Thunder Roar was a crowd attack skill. For Luo Tian who required killing monsters in order to level up, this was basically a godly skill to him.

He immediately opened up the System to view the information.

Martial Skill: Myriad Thunder Roar

Grade: Grade 4

Proficiency: 0/1000

Consumption: 1000 profound energy

Skill description: The beginning range is 5 meters with 100 lightning strikes. A single level increase will double the output. At the great perfection level, the range will be 10 kilometers with 10,000 lightning strikes. As the skill increases, the amount of profound energy also increases. At the last great perfection level, each use will consume 1 million profound energy.

“Shit, the consumption is too much… 1000 profound energy? This daddy has been killing for so long and I still haven’t reached 4000 profound energy yet.” Luo Tian was unhappy about this, but upon seeing that at the range for the last great perfection level, he couldn’t help starting to drool. He then obscenely said: “First I would activate the last great perfection level of Berserk and gain 1000 times the strength, and then I’ll release the Myriad Thunder Roar. All the demonic beasts a 10 kilometer radius around me would die so my experience points would be flying up like crazy! Awesome, just thinking about it makes me super excited!”

It was at this time…

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

These six consecutive sounds were heard as if lightning had descended from the nine heavens.

These sounds were coming from inside Feng Lei. Luo Tian looked up and noticed the bloody red light surrounding Feng Lei was getting brighter until he looked like he was inside a blood mist.

Too ferocious, making anyone shudder from the sight.

Feng Lei was also exuding a powerful peerless aura.

The moment the Furious Thunder Bull died, Feng Lei rushed up and started absorbing its blood essence. He then underwent a rapid transformation where a small portion of his dantian was stimulated and exploded forth its true potential.

It was this small portion of potential that allowed Feng Lei to breakthrough 6 times in a row!

This was an unprecedented breakthrough speed!

The crucial thing was Feng Lei managed to devour the thunder infused demon core as well. Upon entering Feng Lei’s body, the thunder demon core was like a pebble being thrown to the center of a lake. It started with small ripples before eventually becoming a huge wave causing a chaotic upheaval.

With the demon core entering his body, the bloody veins on his head became even more ferocious looking while exuding a terrifying aura.

Feng Lei clenched his fists and roared out, causing the bloody mist around his body to burst apart. He then grinned, “Hey boss, this one managed to breakthrough 6 times.”

“Six times?”

“Breaking through at light speeds? Six times, this…” Luo Tian had always thought his own leveling speeds were fast, but when compared to Feng Lei now, he had an urge to go kill himself.


For Feng Lei to become stronger, Luo Tian was of course the happiest out of all.

They could finally get rid of the Two Man Trash group nickname.

For many years during their youth, they were bullied by the Luo family and ridiculed by other family disciples. Now it was about time to pay them back.

“Cut off the Furious Thunder Bull’s head.” There was a glimmer in Luo Tian’s eyes as he looked at the direction of the Jade Mountain City. He then said with a sinister smile, “Let’s go, we’re going back to the Jade Mountain City to beat up the last boss!”

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