Undefeatable – Ch40

Chapter 40 – Level 3 Puppet Technique

The hunting contest came to an end and the results were beyond everyone’s expectations.

What happened last night in the martial training grounds were quickly spread throughout Jade Mountain City. Now everyone on main street or small alleyways was discussing this topic.

The genius in the past has returned to the peak?

The majority of the people had the “haha” reaction.

A person shouldn’t even think of cultivating with a crippled dantian. Now he returned to the peak? This was simply a big joke!

As for the hunting results?

The lowest demonic beast was at the 2nd rank; there was a large pile of 3rd rank demonic beasts; and there was even the head of a super 4th rank demonic beast? Who the hell would believe someone at the Profound Pupil realm could kill them?

Even if one used their toes to think, they knew that it would be impossible for Luo Tian to kill them. Only a tiny bit of people knew the true story while most didn’t even believe it.

But where did these demonic beasts come from?

Killing their own clan brothers, stealing their space plaques, and taking the deceased disciple’s results as their own!

An ultimate cruel person, Luo family’s number 1 sinner!

The entire Jade Mountain City looked down on Luo Tian and considered him a complete disgrace. Some people even considered Luo Tian to be the most wicked person in Jade Mountain City. There were even some youths that were filled with machismo with nowhere to release, declaring: Don’t let me see Luo Tian or else I’ll beat the shit out of him!

In a single night, the negatives image of Luo Tian had been spread throughout the Jade Mountain City.

The reason was very simple – it was all orchestrated by Luo Jianshan.

Add that with Zhu Mei spreading her sorrow, her grievance, and wobbling her twin secret weapons, Luo Tian had quickly become the most evil and vile person ever.

Luo Tian had no clue this was going on.

He was currently leveling the Puppet Technique’s proficiency like mad.

There were many materials the puppets could be created from – one could use wood, metals, or even stones. Basically, countless things could used to create puppets. One could use many different materials but the puppet’s defensive properties and attacking power will be based on the materials used.

That’s why selecting materials for the puppet soldiers was extremely important.

After choosing good materials, activating the skill, then pouring profound energy into it, the profound energy will string the materials together to form the puppet’s heart and its attributes.

At that time, a miniature model of the puppet soldier would appear in Luo Tian’s mind and this will be considered its completion.

He would use his thoughts to manipulate it and the puppets would listen to his commands.

But controlling puppet soldiers required a lot of spiritual focus, and controlling three puppet soldiers at the same time would definitely challenge his spiritual strength.

Back mountains of the Luo family.

Luo Tian closed his eyes as profound energy rose out of his right hand. After circulating it for a while, his right hand heavily slapped down. “Boom…!”

“Profound energy value has been reduced by 100 points.”

After that loud sound, the pile of rocks on the ground started merging together.

The nose, the eyes, the face, and then all four limbs appeared.

Half a second later, a puppet soldier made of stone stood up reaching only half a meter tall. It stood beside Luo Tian like a statue.


“Puppet production was a success, proficiency +1.”

Stone Puppet Soldier

Level: 0

Health: 600 (This is an issue with the materials. The better the materials, the higher the health bar)

The Stone Puppet Soldier’s attributes appeared in Luo Tian’s mind. Luo Tian glanced at it and made a thought, and the stones crumbled turning back into a pile of ordinary stones.


Luo Tian activated his skill again and the pile of stones started merging together creating a new Stone Puppet Soldier.

The simpler the materials, the easier it was for his practice. Luo Tian only wanted to increase his skill proficiency so that he could level it. As for the properties of the puppet soldier, he didn’t really care about it one bit.

This was the limit of a Level 0 puppet soldier, and the 1st rank demonic beasts could easily kill them off.

In order for the puppet soldiers to kill demonic beasts, one can only level up the skill. That’s why Luo Tian was going crazy activating his Puppet Technique.

“Puppet creation was a success, proficiency +1.”


Roared Luo Tian through his clenched teeth. His spirit was fatigued and his body tired, but he couldn’t stop because time was running out.

A 4th rank demonic beast was too strong. The power that the Furious Thunder Bull possessed was too shocking, leaving an image in his heart that will never be forgotten. Feng Lei and he was not the opponent of a 4th rank demonic beast, especially when they had to kill it without using any tricks. Moreover, the moment Feng Lei steps up to the arena, he’ll go crazy trying to protect Luo Tian without caring for his own life. There’s a possibility that Feng Lei will lose his life!

This outcome was something Luo Tian would definitely not allow to happen.

In a short 15 days of time, the only thing he can do is to level up and the puppet soldiers were going to be his weapon for leveling. That’s why he had to quickly level up the puppet technique as soon as possible.

“Within half a month, I have to break through into the Profound Master realm!”

“You just wait Luo Jianshan, this daddy will kill a 4th rank demonic beast in front of you and we’ll see how you’re going to take out that xuan stone! I wanna see how you’ll walk away when you can’t take it out!”

“Just wait until this daddy kills a 4th rank demonic beast, the next one will be you!”

Recalling that golden light around Luo Jianshan, Luo Tian couldn’t help swallow back down his drool. The thought of a last boss was simply too enticing!

There’ll definitely be no shortage of good stuff when the boss is killed the first time by someone.

Luo Tian was really looking forward to the loot explosion of Luo Jianshan!


“Puppet soldier creation was a success, proficiency +1.”


“Puppet soldier creation was a success, proficiency +1.”


“Puppet soldier creation was a success, proficiency +1.”

These alerts repeatedly sounded off in his mind.

Luo Tian was completely focused on cultivating the Puppet Technique and didn’t do anything else.

His profound energy was depleting like crazy and all the profound energy he had gained at the Ghostly Mountain Range from killing demonic beasts was rapidly being used up.

One day…

Two days…

On the seventh day, all the profound energy he had saved was used up. Even the pills that exploded out of the people he killed were almost gone.

But it was also at the evening of the seventh night…


“Puppet soldier creation was a success, proficiency +1.”


“Congratulations for leveling the Puppet Technique. The current level is 3, and the number of puppet soldiers +1.”

“Motherf*cker, it’s finally level 3.”

“If I keep cultivating like this, this daddy is gonna lose my wits!” Luo Tian exhaled and his spirit trembled. These past 7 days, he was living like a wild man. He was mentally exhausted, his body was dirty, smelly and fatigued, while his entire image made him seem like he was some lunatic escaped from the mental ward.

Martial Skill: Puppet Technique

Level: 3 (Puppet soldier amount – 4)

Strength: Equivalent to a 3rd rank demonic beast.

“The strength of a 3rd rank demonic beast… once I create four puppet soldiers, that’s equal to having four 3rd rank demonic beasts under my command. If I released them at the outer periphery of the Ghostly Mountain Range to kill those 1st and 2nd rank demonic beasts, won’t my experience rise up like it was flying?” Luo Tian was excited as he stared at the skill description.

Luo Tian didn’t bother going home and went straight towards the main streets of Jade Mountain City.

He currently needed some good material to create those puppet soldiers and he had already decided on them early on – fine iron!

For his current needs, fine iron was the best material he could attain.

It was hard which increased its defense, thus it will ensure the puppet soldiers can survive longer battles.

He was trying to make it tough. If it wasn’t tough enough, how the hell can it kill demonic beasts? Puppet soldiers needed a high health bar, high defense just like a tank, and the attack power of it will naturally follow.

With 3rd rank demonic beast like powers, taking on 1st and 2nd rank demonic beasts should be pretty easy and wouldn’t require too much attack power.

A dozen or so minutes later, Luo Tian was rushing along the main street towards the Jade Mountain City’s biggest equipment refining store.

In the corner of the street.

“Young master, that kid Luo Tian just entered the Song family’s equipment refining hall. Do you want me to send some brothers in to drag him out here?”

“No need!”

“I will go myself!”

Zhou Yixiao was dressed all in white waving a fan in front of him. He looked like a refined piece of scum who gently smiled towards Zhu Mei: “Little sister Zhu Mei, your words will count right? If I can beat the crap out of Luo Tian, tonight you will…”

Zhu Mei smiled charmingly as she lightly touched Zhou Yixiao’s chest. In a tender voice: “Noble Zhou¹, of course this one’s words count. As long as you flatten Luo Tian to the ground, tonight this one will do whatever you want.”

After saying that, she gave a girlish giggle that caused Zhou Yixiao’s crotch area to immediately rise up.

Zhou Yixiao closed his fan and roared out: “Go and attack!”

He couldn’t wait any longer!


¹ – The Chinese words are similar to Mister, but not quite. It’s more geared towards a more formal polite greeting towards a gentleman that’s refined, scholarly, or of high rank.

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