Undefeatable – Ch585

Chapter 585 – Soul Sovereign

“Everyone needs to die!”

The voice exploded in the sky!

The blood-colored wave was floating in the air a meter off the ground.

Along with the voice blasting out…

The blood-colored wave exploded at the same time.




Fresh blood splattered all over and Blood Sea City had turned into a real blood sea!

Everywhere was dyed the color of blood.

Way too tragic!

Out of the ten thousand plus dragon warriors that rushed into Blood Sea City, over half of them were instantly killed. Frost Dragon King took the brunt of the attack and was smashed flying into the city wall. A portion of the wall collapsed and he was buried under a large pile of debris.

Half of his head was exposed.

Blood stained the corner of his mouth and he looked like he was on his last breath.



Little Xie rushed over like mad.

In order to protect Little Xie, Frost Dragon King blocked a large brunt of the attack.

The moment Little Xie rushed over…

A blood-colored figure flew out from the blood pillar and instantly appeared with his foot on top of Frost Dragon King’s head.

His ferocious looking face was covered in blood and he looked no different to a demonic being. He stared sinisterly at Frost Dragon King in the rubble before putting strength into his right foot.


Frost Dragon King’s head exploded from the stomp.



“Frost Dragon King!’

Frost Dragon King was instantly killed!

He didn’t have any strength to resist. He was not even comparable to an ant in front of Tai Long! From beginning to end, Tai Long didn’t even look at him. Tai Long had completely ignored Frost Dragon King because he didn’t put him in his eyes at all.

Little Xie’s face went pale white.

His body was trembling.

He started running over like crazy upon seeing his father drenched in blood.

Kai Lun tried to drag him back, “Young master, don’t go there! You aren’t his opponent!”

“I have to kill him.”

“I have to kill him.”

“I have to kill him!” Little Xie gave a heart-wrenching scream. Tears streamed down his cheeks but he wasn’t able to cry. His heart felt so much pain that his body was shaking. It was similar to being tossed down a never-ending ice cave.

Tai Long turned around and looked at the people still alive in the city. The corner of his mouth curved up while he revealed a cruel smile. “Just based on a bunch of trash and you want to attack my Blood Sea City? You guys are a bunch of reckless idiots.”

As his voice was heard…

Tai Long’s voice slowly turned distorted.

His figure turned into a beam of blood-colored light before landing next to another Dragon race Chief. He extended his right hand and grasped that person’s head. He put some strength into his arm, furrowed his brows, and said softly: “Absorb for me…”




In three seconds, that Dragon race Chief had turned into a dried up corpse.

The body slowly collapsed to the ground.

Tai Long stomped down, and the dried up corpse turned into tiny powder that floated up into the surrounding environment.

Two moves had killed two of their strongest Chiefs!

This kind of strength was too strong!

Tai Long started laughing coldly, “Hahaha… hahaha… Profound God powers. This is the power of a Profound God! Absolute suppression and overbearing to the extreme! Hahaha… Sky Palace, Dragon race, Angel race; who will dare stop me?”

“The Lord is mighty!”

“The Lord is mighty!”

“The Lord is mighty!”

The voices inside Blood Sea City shook the sky!

Everyone from the Dragon race allied forces had pale faces and their bodies trembling. They were so scared that they didn’t dare to move. This kind of strength and this kind of aura suppressed them to the point of being unable to breathe. They were not his opponent!

Absolutely not his opponent at all!

At this time…

Tai Long flew to the air and his eyes turned blood-red. His lips faintly moved as he chanted something incomprehensible. His eyes then widened before he yelled out: “Deceased souls, wake up for me! Come out and sweep the world!”

A streak of blood-colored light burst out from his palm.

The streak of light then transformed into a huge dark figure. The figure looked similar to a phantom image of a grim reaper but not exactly.

This was the Soul Sovereign!

Tai Long became respectful and kneeled down. “Soul Sovereign, I am your most faithful servant. These deceased souls are my gift to you.”

The dark shadow’s large head looked over.

It then made a motion of taking a deep breath in.


The souls of those dead Dragon race warriors were being pulled out of their corpses. Even those dragon warriors that were only injured had a ferocious expression on their faces. Their faces were pale white while they struggled with all their might. Eventually, a blurry image was then pulled out of their bodies.

Very painful!

When your soul was being ripped out of your body, the feeling was similar to someone trying to carve a hole inside your head with extreme cruelty.


“Save me! Save me!”

“Just kill me!”

The dark phantom absorbed like crazy.

Frost Dragon King’s corpse shook and a huge phantom image of him was slowly peeled out from his body.

At this time…

Little Xie gave a heart-wrenching wail. His eyes were bloodshot as he charged towards the dark phantom image and cursed: “Let go of my father’s soul! You damn monster! You damn pervert! I’m going to f*ck all eighteen generations of your ancestors! Let go of my father!”

Tai Long closed his eyes and his figure blurred.

He descended from high up in the air and landed next to Little Xie. His mouth had a cold sneer before he said in disdain: “You’re courting death!”

His left palm started moving.

A dark red energy shot out and headed straight for Little Xie’s head.

Also at this time, Kai Lun charged over with all his strength and blocked in front of Little Xie.



Kai Lun quickly turned into a dried corpse.

He died!

“Uncle Kai Lun!”

Little Xie’s body sank down and almost cracked his teeth from clenching them so hard. He was like a little kid that was jumping towards Tai Long before his hands started smacking like crazy. His heart was in so much pain that he had already lost all sanity.

Tai Long flung his left hand and the slap sent Little Xie flying out.


Little Xie flew until colliding into the city wall and knocking a large portion over. Little Xie kept throwing up blood but his eyes still glared at Tai Long. “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you. I’m…”

The siblings’ Ai Lun and Ai Xi transformed into Frost Dragons. Ai Xi lifted Little Xie up while Ai Lun guarded the rear.


At this moment, all the dragon warriors finally woke up. They realized if they stayed any longer, they would all end up dying here.

They started running away like crazy.

Tai Long started laughing like mad into the air. He swept his gaze and then said: “You bunch of reckless idiots want to escape? Since you’ve all come here today, none of you can dream of running away. Everyone can obediently die here for me and your souls will be gifted to the Soul Sovereign. You will be thrust into an abyss of eternal darkness and forever become slaves for the Soul Sovereign.”

“Deceased Souls, Blood Sacrifice!”

“Come out for me!”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~…”

The blood-colored wave sprayed out once more.

Everything in the area was enshrouded by it.

There was no hesitation.

Tai Long’s ferocious expression was like a demon as his hand grasped out ruthlessly, “Die for me!”



Just like cabbages being cut up, dragon warriors fell one after another.

Ai Lun blocked an attack for Little Xie and died.

Ai Xi blocked the next one and died.

Out of the ten thousand plus allied forces, only Little Xie remained.

Little Xie knelt on the ground with tears streaming out of his eyes. He then gave a heart-wrenching scream: “Big brother Luo Tian, where are you?! Quickly come save us!”

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