Undefeatable – Ch587

Chapter 587 – A Duel Between Ancient Powers

“Level 8 Berserk!”


A violent explosive sound came from inside Luo Tian’s body.


Luo Tian’s whole body turned crimson red as the powers inside him increased like crazy. His fleshly body had instantly reached its limit!

This was the explosion of 256 times his base attributes!

His strength increased by 256 times.

His speed increased by 256 times.

His defense increased by 256 times.

All his other stats instantly increased by 256 times!

A violent power was completely aroused within him.

Steam mixed with a raging power was coming out of Luo Tian’s body in an unrestrained manner. It was similar to a misty flame and looked extremely domineering. His eyes looked up at Tai Long who was charging to the center of the city. His mouth then curved into a cold sneer, “Stay here for me!”


His figure left behind a crimson red afterimage.

“Titan God’s Might!”

“Activate for me!”


The pure physical attack power of the Titan race stacked on top of Luo Tian’s body. When Luo Tian thrust out his fist, it was similar to an attack by a heavy artillery shell.

“Lie down for me!”


Tai Long furrowed his brows, “Power that has suddenly increased by hundreds of times? What kind of martial skill did this human cultivate? This is a bit too weird. He only has a Profound Saint cultivation yet his powers are so robust… how can his fleshly body sustain it?”

Immediately after…

Tai Long turned around and said with a cold smile: “Trash, even though you’ve managed to increase your strength and your speed, you couldn’t increase your cultivation realm. You are still at the Profound Saint realm while I’m at the supreme Profound God 1st rank. Do you think I’m someone you can defeat with just martial skills?”

“What a joke!”

“If that’s the case, then it means you really don’t understand the supreme Profound God realm.”

In an instant…

Tai Long furrowed his brows and his hands turned to claws. He then yelled out: “Profound God powers, come out for me!”


“Ommm~, ommm~, ommm~…”

The clouds started forming a vortex above the nine heavens before a form of power crushed downwards like crazy. That power condensed into Tai Long’s palms before he started grinning. He chuckled in disdain before saying: “I will let you see my powers.”

“Profound God’s Defense!”



After Tai Long’s shout, the Profound God powers instantly formed a defensive wall around him. The formless defensive wall directly layered over the surface of his skin. It was similar to a halo that gave off a continuous faint purple glow.

The glow of a divine artifact!

Tai Long’s whole body was giving off a dazzling purple glow.

Not only was he a divine level boss, but even the powers he used had also become like divine artifacts.

Luo Tian’s eyes revealed his extreme excitement, “Explode him! I have to explode him! If I don’t explode him, I will be unworthy of my ancestors, my big sister Sola Aoi, big sister Maria Ozawa, and my left and right hands from my previous life. And I will definitely be unworthy of all the years I’ve played games.”

When Luo Tian played his games back then…

There was no such a thing as not killing a boss you encountered.

If you encountered a boss that you couldn’t kill, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night and you will have no motivation to do anything in life. This included doing thrusting exercises with your hands. So Luo Tian definitely had to explode him since he has never played a game in his previous life where there’s a boss that you couldn’t kill.

“I have to kill him!”

Seeing how Tai Long was floating there unmoving, Luo Tian showed no fear as he stimulated all his powers and smashed forth!




The strike created a powerful shockwave as it rippled outwards. The scene looked like a mushroom cloud created from the explosion of a nuclear bomb. Everything in the surrounding area was blasted outwards and a huge tree was uprooted and sent flying. Even the city wall made of thick slabs of stone was obliterated.

Too strong!


Luo Tian’s expression changed for the worst.

Not to mention his arms turning numb but a clear red “MISS” appeared over Tai Long’s head.

What the hell is going on?

The attack didn’t do any damage.

In other words, Luo Tian’s attack couldn’t break past Tai Long’s defense.

Profound God realm powers were too strong!


Even though Tai Long didn’t suffer any damage, his expression still showed some signs of being surprised. He was saying to himself: “It’s fortunate that I activated Profound God’s Defense. I didn’t expect this piece of trash’s powers had been increased to such a level.”

At this moment…

Tai Long focused his thoughts and came up with an idea. He made up his mind and said to himself: “This human cannot be left alive, he has to be killed today!”

Everything actually happened in an instant.

Luo Tian struck out, Tai Long received the heavy attack, and his eyes widened before saying fiercely: “You damn trash, you have made this daddy very unhappy. You can now go and die for me!”

“Profound God’s Strike!”

“Blood Sea Divine Palms, smash for me!”

Tai Long’s palms were blood red and when he injected his Profound God powers into them, the strength behind it became even stronger. In front of him, the powers of a Profound Saint ranker was similar to a muscular man facing off against a three year old child – they weren’t even comparable!

“Oh crap!”

Luo Tian’s brows were locked together as he shouted: “Not good!”

“Titan’s Defensive Form!”

“Golden Bell Shield, level 7!”


Luo Tian had released his skills with the greatest defense.

At this moment, he had no other choice but to activate the strongest defensive skills he had. Whether he could survive or not, even he didn’t know the answer to it.


Tai Long started laughing coldly before saying: “No matter how strong your defenses are, they are merely decoration before my Profound God powers. They are absolutely of no use! You damn trash, just go down to hell for me and enjoy your torture in the eternal dark abyss!”


The blood sea looked boundless as it crushed down from the entire sky.

Luo Tian couldn’t evade the pair of palms before it smashed into him.


Luo Tian was wrapped up by some type of blood sea powers. His body was wracked in pain as if he was being ripped apart. “This kind of power seems completely different from the powers of the Tianxuan Continent. And it doesn’t seem to be a power from the Profound God realm.”

At this moment…

Shock bloomed inside Luo Tian’s heart.

His body was still wracked with pain as his figure was smashed flying for over ten thousand meters. He just kept flying backward without stopping.

“Ancient Kings!”

“Didn’t you want me to become your disciple?”

“Didn’t you leave a trace of spiritual intent inside my sea of consciousness?”

“Help me break through this power!” Luo Tian roared out.

Something started moving inside his sea of consciousness before the intent of the Ancient Kings exploded forth with power. The power was like a vast ocean as it burst forth from Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness. Similar to a dam bursting, the power directly shattered the blood sea energy wrapping around his body.

Luo Tian finally fell down from the air.

“Fuuu~, fuuu~, fuuu~…”


“Healing Art! Healing Art…”

Luo Tian cast continuously before his body finally improved. He stood up and glared at Tai Long off to a distance. He then roared out: “So what if it’s the Ancient World’s powers?! Do you think you’re the only one that has it?!”

“This daddy has it too!”


Tai Long’s gaze turned ferocious as his teeth started cracking from clenching so hard.

At this time…

The Soul Sovereign was once more struck back by the Grim Reaper’s phantom image. Countless souls in the air started falling back down to their original bodies.

Tai Long gave Luo Tian a vicious glance before charging back towards Blood Sea City’s center like crazy.

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