Undefeatable – Ch59

Chapter 59 – Just A Tiny Bit More

Luo Tian was completely unprepared.

He thought that Luo Jianshan was going to bla bla bla some more words afterwards and never imagined Luo Jianshan would perform a sneak attack; this guy was simply too shameless!

The most shocking thing to Luo Tian was that Luo Jianshan had attacked when he had pretty much exhausted his profound energy. Was this purely coincidence or did he somehow see through it?

At this time…

Luo Tian didn’t have time to think about it. His mind focused and his sea of consciousness sank as he used all his strength to defend.

Luo Jianshan’s grasp of timing was perfect as both his palms looked like they could split mountains or cleave the seas. “Boundless Divine Palms!”

Without hindrance, both palms struck straight onto Luo Tian’s chest.

Luo Tian’s chest almost cracked on the impact. The organs under his chest bones trembled and his face immediately paled. His entire body was sent flying out the main hall in an arc before heavily descending towards the ground outside. A pungent scent of blood came up his throat before he involuntarily sprayed out a mouthful of it.





Flying more than a dozen meters away before landing outside the main hall and into the courtyard. The thick bluestone tiling on the ground was then smashed into pieces.


Extremely uncomfortable. His sternum and ribs felt like it had cracked while all his internal organs were in severe pain. It was because of the pain that Luo Tian started gasping for air to control himself. It was already fortunate for him that he didn’t directly faint from the strike.


“The strength at the peak Profound Master 9th rank is too crazy!”

“A boss is truly a boss. His first move was already a special skill and he had to be so shameless to sneak attack as well.” Luo Tian’s started internally cursing out Luo Jianshan’s eighteen generation of ancestors.

The surrounding Luo family disciples all stared with a dumbfounded expression. Seeing Luo Tian with a pale face, they currently didn’t know how to react.


“Damn trash!” Luo Jianshan coldly humphed. His expression was filled with contempt as he eyes were filled with disdain.


Feng Lei’s eyes widened in anger. Veins popped out of his forehead as his current expression was beyond ferocious. He basically looked like a demonic beast at this point. Power exploded from his pair of fists giving off crackling sounds of lightning. He then punched out…


A whistling wind noise like piercing through the void.

There was an illusory dragline of lightning on his fist as it travelled towards the target filled with a terrifying amount of power.

Luo Jianshan narrowed his eyes as he coldly humphed, “You’re courting death!”

“Watch out fatty!”

Luo Tian cried out, but it was too late.

Feng Lei was enraged as he disregarded everything while striking out.

He was merely at the Profound Pupil 7th rank. Even though he had consumed the thunder attributed demon core of the Furious Thunder Bull and his abilities could match the early stages of a Profound Master realm, he was nonetheless dealing with Luo Jianshan who was at the peak of the Profound Master 9th rank!

The strength disparity was too big.

Luo Jianshan’s body shifted to the side as he struck out a palm. He had dodged from Feng Lei’s punch and his palm landed right onto Feng Lei’s chin.


Feng Lei with a body weight of 250 jins was sent flying into the air. His body flew in an arc before smashing heavily onto the ground.

A dull thud was heard as his entire body hit the ground. The tiles on the floor were sent flying all over the area as a mouthful of blood gurgled out.

It only took one strike for each person!

They were both sent flying and were now seriously injured!

Luo Jianshan’s strength was too powerful.

Luo Jianshan walked towards the entrance of the main hall and coldly laughed. “You want to fight with me? Even your father was not my opponent and a lowlife like you wants to challenge me?”

Too proud!

Luo Jianshan was acting way too proud.

Immediately after…

Luo Jianshan coldly laughed again and cried out: “Someone come and search for the demon core on his body. Then just beat him to death!”

“We obey!”

Upon the command, over a dozen elite core disciples came rushing forth from the surrounding.

First it was the Law Enforcement Hall, now it was the elite core disciples.

Everything was controlled by the palms of Luo Jianshan.

The combined strength of these dozens of core disciples was even stronger than the eight Law Enforcement Hall members.

“Protect the boss and big brother fatty!”

It was unknown who suddenly yelled this out but those outer sect disciples who were scared silly immediately felt a change in their eyes. Another person then cried out: “Protect the young master! Who dares to approach him and this daddy will fight with his life on the line!”

“Whoever dares to touch a hair of the young master, this daddy will kill him!”

“Luo Ming, you dare to f*cking touch my young master, I’ll immediately tell my little sister to break up with you!”


Dozens of Luo family outer sect disciples made a circle protecting Luo Tian and Feng Lei in the middle.

These were the people who agreed to follow Luo Tian while they were participating in the hunting contest.

They believed that Luo Tian will bring them a better tomorrow, and his rapid growth had made them even more convinced.

These guys believed in Luo Tian and even worshipped him. That’s why they were using their life to protect him!

They were all hot blooded youths around seventeen or eighteen years old. With a single promise in the hunting contest, they didn’t compromise their integrity when even facing the possible persecution of Luo Jianshan.

At this time…

Apart from them having to deal with the acting Patriarch at the peak Profound Master 9th rank, they also had to deal with the Luo family elite disciples who were all above them in strength.

Once the battle starts, there will only be one outcome – they will all die!

Their young tender faces were all serious looking as they didn’t retreat a single step. They all had facial expressions that depicted a momentum – If you dare approach, this daddy will fight you with his life on the line!

Luo Tian was moved.

With one side of his face still plastered on the ground, Feng Lei managed a foolish grin.

Luo Jianshan’s eyes narrowed as his killing intent increased. “You all want to rebel? Good, good, very good!”

“Kill them all and don’t leave a single one behind!”

Luo Jianshan coldly yelled out.

The faces on many of the elite disciples darkened. There were many of them who had relatives in the outer sect; there were even some who had biological siblings. Wanting them to kill their own family…

They hesitated for a short time…

Luo Jianshan roared out in anger: “Didn’t you hear me? I said to kill them all!”

The eyes of the elite disciples all sank as they drew out their swords. They all took a step forward.

They didn’t dare to disobey the words of the Patriarch!

Moreover, these elite disciples were pretty much single-handedly groomed by Luo Jianshan.

For all these years, the acting Patriarch Luo Jianshan was in control of the entire Luo family. Naturally that included the Law Enforcement Hall and the core disciples.

As for the outer sect disciples…

For those that he didn’t place any importance in his eyes, of course he didn’t bother with them.

“Who dares to touch my brothers? Die!”


Luo Tian struggled to stand up and immediately consumed a medicinal pill. Once the pill was ingested, his injuries lightened up and his pain was eased by several notches. He coldly swept his eyes around, “If you don’t believe me, go ahead and give it a try!”

Also around this time…

Feng Lei struggled to stand up before protecting one side of Luo Tian. He eyes was locked onto Luo Jianshan afraid that he would make another sneak attack.

He wasn’t prepared before but this time, he wouldn’t let Luo Jianshan succeed!


“Still so stubborn when you’re close to death?” Luo Jianshan faintly sneered before continuing: “Luo Tian, you’ve exhausted your profound energy and you’re seriously injured. What are you going to use to fight with me now?”

He seemed to have seen through everything about Luo Tian.

He activated the level 2 Berserk in the battle arena already. Now in the Luo family, he activated it a second time. Ten thousand points of profound energy was too great of a consumption.


The profound energy Luo Tian had was pretty much all gone.

There was no way he could activate another level 2 Berserk.

Luo Tian’s mind was startled as he never imagined Luo Jianshan was able to see through how much profound energy he had. He then asked in astonishment: “Luo Jianshan, it looks like my death is certain today?”

“That’s right!” Luo Jianshan laughed out conceitedly.

Luo Tian asked again: “Since it’s like this, can I see Li Xue’er one last time?”

“Since you’re going to die anyway, hand over the demon core and I’ll let you two see each other.” Luo Jianshan smiled.

Luo Tian took out the demon core and bitterly smiled. “Once I see her, I will immediately hand this demon core over.”

Seeing the demon core in Luo Tian’s hand, Luo Jianshan’s eyes brightened. He then pointed at someone, “Bring her out!”

Luo Chen looked enraged with a sword trained on Li Xue’er’s neck. He then crazily roared out: “Luo Tian!”

“Big brother Luo Tian!”

Li Xue’er’s face looked haggard as if she still hadn’t fully recovered her senses. Upon seeing Luo Tian’s pale face, she was so worried that she quickly blurted out: “Big brother Luo Tian, don’t worry about me, nothing will happen to me.”

With the sharp blade of the sword resting on her jugular vein, there was not a hint of fear on her face.

She was only worried about Luo Tian.

Luo Jianshan smiled, “Now that you’ve seen her, you can hand over the demon core now right?”

Luo Tian was opening up the system in his mind and looking up his experience bar. He then put the demon core back inside his person and coldly smiled, “If you have the guts, come get it yourself!”

Luo Jianshan’s face darkened as he angrily shouted: “Kill him for me!”

“Only missing 0.01%.”

“Just a tiny bit more to go…”

Luo Tian was anxiously waiting for it…

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