Undefeatable – Ch827

Chapter 827 – The Tragic Daoist Lie Yang

The miracle descended.

It was caused by the fusion of the true dragon and phoenix blood.

It was like a drawing force that attracted the energy from a higher realm.

At this time, everyone was looking up at the thirteen beams of energy coming from the sky. Each pillar was from a higher realm so it clearly gave off a very powerful feeling.

If these guys managed to get their hands on this power…

Luo Tian had a sinking feeling in his heart but he didn’t give the order to start fighting just yet.

He had a feeling that these energy pillars from a higher realm weren’t that simple.


“Luo Tian, just wait for your death!” Murong Wanjian laughed with a ferocious expression on his face.

Luo Tian didn’t bother looking at him.

He was only paying attention to Li Xue’er.

Cang Tianlong suddenly moved at this time.

The Soul King also followed.

The supreme experts from the ten great immortal sects moved as well.

The four supreme experts from the devil sect moved too.

There were only thirteen energy pillars and the number of people present exceeded that. They had to fight for them!

Suddenly, a figure moved toward the heaven worshiping altar faster than the rest. It was Daoist Lie Yang!

“Mwahaha… hahaha….” Daoist Lie Yang had a fierce look as he laughed like crazy. “It’s mine! All the power belongs to me! Hahaha… Cang Tianlong, you damn old undying bastard! Always hitting me and insulting me! Wait until this daddy gets all the higher realm powers, I will then give you a good show. Hahaha…”

Daoist Lie Yang’s gaze then landed on Luo Tian, “Damn dog thing, the second person I’m going to take care of is you! If it wasn’t for you, this daddy wouldn’t have been put in so many embarrassing situations! I will completely kill off all your brothers and women, hahaha…”

No one expected Daoist Lie Yang would suddenly rush out of nowhere.

He had a ferocious expression mixed with elation. He then looked up at the energy pillars coming from the sky and shouted: “Come! Make me the strongest expert in the entire Tianxuan Continent! Let me trample on top of everyone! Hahaha…”

He had been secretly waiting for this opportunity.

Now, it was right before his eyes.

He originally thought he would have no chance today, but Luo Tian changed everything!

Luo Tian’s appearance had created a perfect opportunity for him!

His heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was going to jump out of his chest.

Cang Tianlong was dumbstruck.

All the other supreme Profound God Sovereign experts were dumbstruck.

Cang Tianlong had planned for thousands of years just for today, yet his eldest disciple was about to pick the fruit of victory right out of his grasp. Hatred surged up inside him!

But it was too late.

Even though they were only a hundred meters away, it was too late. They couldn’t reach it in time. All the Profound God Sovereign experts froze temporarily from shock with ugly looks on their faces. Their eyes were spewing out flames as they stared at Daoist Lie Yang standing on the heaven worshiping altar.


Extreme hatred!

“Aggghhh~! Damn animal, I am not going to spare you!” Cang Tianlong roared out like mad.

At this moment, eleven energy pillars filled with power from a higher realm landed. Daoist Lie Yang opened his arms wide and said with excitement: “Miracle, please bestow me with your power!”




With the descent of eleven energy pillars, explosions rang out in everyone’s ears. The heaven worshiping altar curved downward from the powerful force.

A storm of dust blocked the vision of everyone.

No one could see anything clearly for a brief moment.



Suddenly, the sound of someone laughing like crazy was heard. The laughter actually contained a sense of endless power that seemed to have surpassed the Profound God Sovereign realm. It was Daoist Lie Yang who was laughing like crazy!

The dust settled.

Profound God Sovereign powers were surging into Daoist Lie Yang’s body.

He had instantly broken through to the Profound God Sovereign realm!


“Such power! This is the power of the miracle! Hahaha… I, Daoist Lie Yang, instantly broke through to the Profound God Sovereign realm! All you ants can now tremble before my might! Hahaha…” Daoist Lie Yang’s hair bun had scattered and he looked like someone who had messed up and entered cultivation deviation.

His fleshly body kept expanding while his face turned redder and redder.

Luo Tian’s expression changed as he shouted: “Watch out!”

After shouting that, Luo Tian yelled internally: “Golden Bell Shield, great perfection realm, activate!”

“Four divine beast bloodlines, defensive shield, come out!”

“Ommm~, ommm~…”

The two different powers enveloped Luo Tian and the people behind him.

Ke Long’s huge titan body stepped in front of Luo Tian with a smile, “Boss Luo Tian, let me block in front of you. This kind of power won’t do much to me.”

Qin Changtian immediately ordered: “Start the Dragon race’s defensive formation!”

The old man from Dark Mountain grinned, “Why do we need to use you guys to block this power? Undead squad, move out!”

Fan Zhangjian didn’t want to be left out and shouted: “Activate the Defensive Array!”

In just a brief moment, many people rushed in front of Luo Tian.

For these people trying to block a bullet for Luo Tian, they would be classified as true brothers in his previous life.

Luo Tian was moved by this. He looked at each one of them and said: “Be careful.”

At this time, Daoist Lie Yang’s fleshly body couldn’t endure anymore.

He was in the process of breaking through to the Profound God Sovereign realm so he was technically still at the Profound God 9th rank. His fleshly body was unable to endure the powerful energy charging into his body. And now, his body had reached the limit and couldn’t hold on anymore.

When Luo Tian saw how Daoist Lie Yang’s body was turning redder by the second, he had a feeling that the guy was about to explode.

This kind of explosion was going to be stronger than when someone self-destructs their soul.

Moreover, the power from a higher realm far surpassed the quality of his own power. Since he wasn’t able to harness this power, the explosion of this power will definitely be on a catastrophic level.



Daoist Lie Yang had an unwilling and ferocious look on his face as he struggled to say: “My power… my power… this all belongs to me…”


His body exploded like a balloon.

Heaven and earth shook like a magnitude 10 earthquake. A shockwave surged out and blasted the allied army of the ten great immortal sects flying. They were unable to resist it! And the faces of those Profound God Sovereign experts paled due to it.

At this time, Murong Wanjian’s expression changed but he didn’t try to escape from it. He watched the shockwave get closer before shouting: “True dragon’s transformation!”


Murong Wanjian transformed into a huge true dragon.

His dragon head stretched forward to receive the energy shockwave. He then shouted: “I’m not Daoist Lie Yang! I am the son of a true dragon! I possess supreme power! Miracle energy, fuse with me!”


An energy pillar struck down like lightning, straight into the center of Murong Wanjian’s dragon head.

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