9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch325 – Ch326B

So the author screwed up and made two chapter 326, so I’ve split them up to A and B. I remember reading he was going through some problems with family members so that’s probably why there was a lot of mistakes I had to fix.

Chapter 325 – Getting along together
Chapter 326A – The dark room
Chapter 326B – Energy source

September ad earnings was $38.24, minus hosting = $29.99
October ad earnings was $34.78, minus hosting = $26.53
November ad earnings was $64.81, minus hosting = $56.56

$113.08 has been added so the bank now stands at $113.94. Two bonus Undefeatable chapters will come out probably tomorrow? The ad views were about the same for all 3 months so most likely the companies paid more in November for holiday advertising?

I’m also trying to monetize my youtube channel and money earned will also be directed to bonus chapters in Undefeatable. I have to get over 10k views in the channel before I can apply, so if you guys have time, help me out! It’s a child friendly channel about my kids playing with toys! You will get a glimpse of the mysterious omgitsaray in the future lol.

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