9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch342 – Ch344

Hey guys, here’s your monthly dose of 9HTM!

Chapter 342 – A very generous gift
Chapter 343 – Jade revolving
Chapter 344 – White scaled giant crocodile

I only get about 250 readers for 9HTM each month but I will struggle onwards and try to complete the novel!

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2 Responses to 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch342 – Ch344

  1. Luke Breton says:

    I feel really bad, man, and I’d love to help, but I have neither the time nor money. I believe it started going downhill after it left GT, because that was where I read it first. Even if you don’t go with GT, I recommend WW or Volare, because doing it on your own is a painful thing. Of course, do it at your own pace and this is just my own opinion, you still have the all-important final say. I just hope you don’t end up like another translator who overworked himself into the hospital.


    • omgitsaray says:

      Thanks for reading! Just letting the ads load is more than enough support for me. I can’t go any big sites because I’m technically unauthorized to translate this since it doesn’t have a license (costs too much).


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