9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch365 – Ch368

Sorry for the slow release! When my in-laws visit and can take care of my kids, I will increase the rate.

Chapter 365 – Healing someone for the first time
Chapter 366 – I’ll take care of it
Chapter 367 – Demolish the old and build the new
Chapter 368 – Within the court

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2 Responses to 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch365 – Ch368

  1. Tj Pot says:

    Hey this may be presumptuous of me but I really enjoy the Heavenly Thunder story and was really hoping to see more chapters released soon. If it’s a matter of funding I would be willing to support this endeavor. Hoping to see some more chapters soon.


    • omgitsaray says:

      Hi TJ, I appreciate your support! Heavenly Thunder only has 30+ readers each release so I focused my effort on Undefeatable instead. I will have more time in April to focus on it and I will do a release at the end of this month for some chaps.


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